25+ Make Up Tutorials To Take Your Beauty To The Next Level

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Make up has been around for centuries, as women have always searched for new ways to enhance their natural beauty. Regardless of whether you are the type of woman who prefers the “Au naturel” look and only applies foundation and mascara for a special event, or if you like to look flawless on a daily basis, here are several simple tutorials that will offer you a deeper insight into the art of make up:

25+ Make Up Tutorials To Take Your Beauty To The Next Level

1. Eyes Are The Mirror Of Your Soul

Eyes Are The Mirror Of Your Soul

If you are a fan of the glamorous smokey eyes and you want to learn the professional make-up tips that make-up artists use to contour and highlight the eyes, then this tutorial is everything you have ever wanted. Featuring detailed pictures and step by step instructions that will guide you through the entire process, from applying the base to drawing the outer contour of your eyes, this tutorial will help you look your best for New Year’s Eve or any other event, for that matter!

Source and tutorial: here

2. Super Sensual Lips With This Make-Up Tutorial

Super Sensual Lips With This Make-Up Tutorial

Your lips are amongst the most important and prominent parts of your face, this is why they deserve a “royal treatment”. One of the golden rules of make-up is to emphasize only on one structure at a time: having said that, if you decide to go for a soft eye and a strong lip, then this tutorial is everything you need.

Source and tutorial: here

3. Brown And Green Eyeshadow Tutorial

Brown And Green Eyeshadow Tutorial

This tutorial is specifically designed for the most daring women who are not afraid to use strong colors to make their eyes stand out. You can conquer people with your look, and all you need for that is a good color combination, some high-quality pigments and professional brushes. Check out this tutorial for a truly electric look!

Source and tutorial: here

4. Learn How To Create The Ultimate Eyeshadow

Learn How To Create The Ultimate Eyeshadow

This tutorial is a one of a kind tutorial that will teach you how to create a dual eyeshadow, or how to mimic a double eyelid. It is unique and it’s suitable for most formal events where you want to impress through impeccable make-up and flawless color-coding. Although this tutorial may seem as a complex one at first, the truth is that this look can be easily achieved both by professionals and by amateur make up enthusiasts.

Source and tutorial: here

5. Redefine Your Cat Eye!


The winged eye has been around ever since Cleopatra – and it will certainly not go out of fashion anytime soon. However, if you have tried to achieve the winged eye look in the past yet you never managed do, then this tutorial will certainly come in handy, as it is one of the easiest and most comprehensive ones on the Internet. Get your cat eye on with only a few strokes of the eyeliner!

Source and tutorial: here

6. Contouring Tutorial For Beginners

Contouring Tutorial For Beginners

Have you ever wondered how do Hollywood stars always manage to achieve that flawless look? If you want a perfectly straight and thin nose, bigger cheeks or a thinner forehead, then contouring is the answer. Contouring can be quite tricky, especially if you are not familiar with the concept, but this tutorial will make it easy for you to use highlighting and bronzer to define your face!

Source and tutorial: here

7. Fancy Holiday Make-up Ideas

Fancy Holiday Make-up Ideas

If you forgot to book an appointment with your make-up artist for the New Year’s Eve, then don’t panic – here you will find 11 great and glamorous make-up tutorials that will help you shine this season. And the best thing about them is that everybody can use them, regardless of their face shape or clothing style!

Source and tutorial: here

8. Intense Metallic Smokey Eye Tutorial

Intense Metallic Smokey Eye Tutorial

If you are a fan of metallic make-up and smokey eyes, then this tutorial certainly combines “the best of both worlds”. Easy, detailed and filled with useful tips and hints, this tutorial will turn you into a professional make-up artist for the evening!

Source and tutorial: here

9. Golden Smokey Eyeshadow

Golden Smokey Eyeshadow

Just like the metallic smokey eye mentioned above, the golden smokey eyeshadow is also very versatile and easy to adapt. This golden eyeshadow will add a touch of style and luxury to your overall outfit!

Source and tutorial: here

10. Contour Your Eyebrows Like A True Professional

Contour Your Eyebrows Like A True Professional

Eyebrow contouring is an art, and not everybody can do it. If you have naturally thin eyebrows, then you should know that thick eyebrows are particularly fashionable nowadays – the good news is that you can easily thicken them with the right eyebrow wax and pigment, and this tutorial will teach you how to do just that.

Source and tutorial: here

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