9 Different Eyeliner Styles That Will Give You The Hottest Look Ever!

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Both women and men have been using eyeliner for thousands of years in order to accentuate their eyes – and perhaps Queen Cleopatra is the most famous figure when it comes to popularizing this make-up style. Truth be told, there are tens of different eyeliner styles that you can use, but which ones will benefit you the most? Keep reading and you will find out!

9 Different Eyeliner Styles That Will Give You The Hottest Look Ever!

Regardless of which eyeliner style you aim for, it is essential to thoroughly cleanse and degrease your eyelids with a tonic solution that will make the eyeliner stay on for longer, without getting smudged. The next thing you need to do is applying the base/eye primer in order to prevent creasing throughout the day.

The first look, and the most appreciated one by ladies who want to stay natural, is just following the natural shape of your eyes – simply draw a thin black line along your eyelash line and you will get the ultimate look! Just check out the Video Tutorial below and see all Eyeliner Looks:

9 Different Eyeliner Looks – Video Tutorial

(Video and Pictures via naturallybellexo)

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