Let someone mention ‘Halloween’ and our thoughts are instantly loaded with everything coming with a dash of spookiness, whether it’s the edgy costumes people flaunt at the Halloween parties or the yummy treats that are disguised as eerie characters or those adorable yet scary-looking decorations that can make one and all skip a heartbeat!

You have reached the one-stop destination to make your Halloween absolutely spooktacular with Cute DIY Project’s breathtaking round ups of home decorations immersed in the spirit of the occasion, gruesome makeup inspirations to nail arts, trick-or-treat goodies and drinks, and of course, party-perfect costumes to stand out with an unconventional avatar.

DIY Snapchat Halloween Costumes

These Halloween Looks Inspired By Snapchat Are a Definite Head-Turner

Halloween has almost arrived and it’s time to get your costumes and makeups ready! The list of creative DIY costumes adding to the spirit of the season is endless, but why not work out a look that’s inspired by the trending tech world of today…

nails skull

Get Some Fearsome Fingertips for Halloween With This Sugar Skull Nail Art

Being that one day of the year when you can get crazy with makeup, face paints and twisted wigs, it seems like Halloween was specially created for the beauty addicts. Halloween costumes aren’t something you can rock every day, but you can absolutely get into…

No-Machine Halloween Ice Cream

These No-Machine Halloween Ice Creams Are Frighteningly Delicious!

Halloween is the time to go creative with your homemade delicacies and celebrate the season with some one-of-a-kind treats. How about some chilled desserts that will have your kids’ taste buds jumping with fright? Here is an exclusive no-machine Halloween ice cream collection that has…

halloween nails

Flaunt a Spooky Sunset Landscape On Your Fingertips With This Halloween Mani!

An exquisite nail design dedicated to the Halloween theme can surely help you take your costume, hair and makeup to an all new level, grabbing all the attention to your look at the party ! Have you started getting creative on your Halloween manicure yet…

diy pumpkin disco ball

How a Screwdriver Transforms A Pumpkin Into an Exquisite Decoration is Unbelievable

With Halloween just around the corner, lovely, dazzling decorations are the first thing to welcome the onset of the festive spirit. How about sprucing your special day this year with stuff you make all by yourself, instead of splurging money on costly store-bought items. To…

30+ Delightful and Easy Halloween Crafts For Kids To Spruce Up this Festive Season

30+ Delightful and Easy Halloween Crafts For Kids To Spruce Up this Festive Season

What’s not to love about Halloween, with everything devoted to spookiness, delight and creativity, whether it’s the treats, the costumes or crafts – one of the most amazing ways to celebrate the spirit of the season, especially when those crafts are surprisingly easy to recreate…

Stitched Mouth Tutorial

This Quick Stitched Mouth Halloween Makeup Is Not Worth Missing

This Halloween, if you are not planning to put together or spend on some elaborate costumes, and rather looking out for still enjoying all the playfulness and excitement of the festival, you are free to thank that one little something called Halloween makeup. Wounds, cuts…

Chic Yet Spooky Stretched Lips Makeup For Halloween

Chic Yet Spooky Stretched Lips Makeup For Halloween

Thinking beyond gory and gruesome and sporting a blend of fashionable and spooky this Halloween is surely going to make you stand out. Here’s a real-girl makeup creation that can have all cringing in terror – The Stretched Lips Halloween Makeup. Freak the guests out…

Freak Out The Trick-or-Treaters With This Double Vision Halloween Makeup

Freak Out The Trick-or-Treaters With This Double Vision Halloween Makeup

When it comes to nailing the Halloween season, who doesn’t know about the power of makeup and the magical wonders it can do to your appearance. Make people doubtful of having a double vision by flaunting a fascinating yet freaky look that gives you an…

Make Your Own Juicy, Slimy Gummy Worms This Halloween

Make Your Own Juicy, Slimy Gummy Worms This Halloween

When it comes to Halloween treats this year, how about bringing some creepy looking, realistic worms made with Jello to your kid’s plate that are not just delicious, but can instantly enhance the spooky feel of the festival with their oogly-googly texture.