25+ Lovely DIY Valentine’s Day Cards and Gifts

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February 14 is a very important day on the Love Calendar’. This is the special day designated for loved ones to mark their continuing affection, and there is no better way of doing this than gracing the occasion with arty handmade valentine cards. Here are some of the best ideas on Valentine’s Day Cards:

14. DIY Lovely Valentine’s Designs

DIY Lovely Valentine’s Designs

Stacking pencils and silhouette software are two tools you need to make lovely heart cut outs with the most amazing valentine day message. Without the software, you can also make printable versions which you should cut to place the pencil.

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15. DIY 3D Hearts Valentine’s Day Card

DIY 3D Hearts Valentine’s Day Card

A 3d card will win you many points on this valentine. Learn how to make one and surprise your valentine with the hearts card as it makes a unique personal gift for all recipients. Take the time to learn and emerge the best lover this season.

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16. Valentine’s Love-Bug

Valentine’s Love-Bug

The name might have a girly ring to it but boys love it all the same. Help your son reward his classmates with love bugs this Valentine’s; and to mums, don’t be spooked as these are only plastic bugs!

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17. Gumball Machine

Gumball Machine

Gumballs look very cute placed on a colored paper stock card. Making them is easy if you have gentle hands and a drill. If you wish, it is possible to get blank gumball Valentine’s so you can write a personal message

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18. Happy Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

Happy Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

Printable cards, card stock paper, names and tic tac toes will make the best Valentine’s cards and favors you have ever given out. Help your kids with gifts for their classmates using this unique unforgettable idea.

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19. Valentine Sign

Valentine Sign

The Valentine’s sign will take some time and help but all that pays off when you come up with the most delightful sign. You can have your sign say anything this valentine and having the whole family participate makes it even more memorable.

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20. I-Only-Have-Eyes-For-You Monster

I-Only-Have-Eyes-For-You Monster

Monster figures make great kids’ playthings and what a perfect gift they’d make. Use the guide and free printable to help your children design these monsters that will certainly make them the star of valentine day celebrations.

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21. A Sweet, Simple DIY Valentine

Cupid’s Corner: A Sweet & Simple DIY Valentine

This diy gift is simply amazing and delightful for the crafts fan. A treat bag with a heart inscribed with a message of love is a gift for keeps. Learn the easy steps and impress the special people in your life.

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22. Free DIY Valentine’s Card

Free DIY Valentine’s Card

This diy gift is simply amazing and delightful for the crafts fan. A treat bag with a heart inscribed with a message of love is a gift for keeps. Learn the easy steps and impress the special people in your life.

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23. Printable DIY Valentine Cards

Printable DIY Valentine Cards

Make your special people happy this valentine using the free printable cards. Find the templates you like and print on card stock paper before choosing an envelope that suits your tastes. This is indeed a pleasant gift for young and old.

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24. Mail-To-Recipient Valentine’s Cards

Mail-To-Recipient Valentine’s Cards

Everyone appreciates something-not bills-in their mailbox. Surprise all your friends this Valentine’s with the little greeting cards with ribbons and lace. They make great keepsakes that will make them cherish you forever. These gifts are super easy to make so you can afford one for each friend.

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25. DIY Valentine Ideas for Card

DIY Valentine Ideas for Card

Borrow this great card design and recreate one with the lovely heart. The pop of color will definitely draw the attention of all you love and you can use another color apart from the usual red, or come up with several artistic blends.

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26. Valentine’s Photo Cards

Valentine’s Photo Cards

Showcase your creative side this season of love using photo cards. These are easy to make especially if you are short of time and making cards for many people. Add a clever touch to the photos and sign your name before gifting them.

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27.  “You’re One in a Minion” Twinkie Valentines Day Craft

“You’re One in a Minion” Twinkie Valentines Day Craft

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28. Lovely Exploding Photo Box

Lovely Exploding Photo Box

The base of this album is only 4 12×12 sheets of cardstock plus paper and embellishments as desired.

Tutorial here: mypapercrafting

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