How to Knit – 45 Free and Easy Knitting Patterns

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For the knitting newbie, there is something magical about how those needles go flying through the string and somehow make amazing patterns which in turn create whole garments. It’s sheer genius! Knitting is not as hard as it looks and with a bit of practice, you could get just as good… and you won’t even be looking half the time.

How to Knit - 45 Free and Easy Knitting Patterns

How to Begin

That said, there is still some skill required for knitting. Happily, this isn’t too hard to learn so you can do it yourself. The only things you’ll need are knitting needles and yarn and you are ready to begin. There are several basic knitting stitches that you will need to learn. Once you have these down, all you have to do is connect them and keep at it.

Of course this could take a while to pick up if you worry about the length of the project. However, if you stick with it, knitting could provide you with hours of entertainment and/or peace and quiet to gather your thoughts – plus you get something handmade to wear or gift to someone.

Once you have picked up the pace a bit and gotten your basic stitches down, here are 45 new patterns and designs you could try:


1. Double Crochet Infinity Scarf

Double Crochet Infinity Scarf
Once you have made a double chain stitch, combine with more double stitches, slip stitch the ends and voila! Tutorial here: link

2. Knitted Baby Booties (Mary-Jane Booties)

Knitted Baby Booties
These use a basic knit stitch for the booties with a vintage button for the strap for a bit of added flair. Tutorial here: link

3. Knitted Baby Booties

Use both the knit and slip stitch with the lazy daisy stitch for decoration and a ribbon to finish it. Tutorial here: link

4. Crochet Cuffed Baby Booties

Crochet Cuffed Baby Booties
Two colors of thread, a couple of big decorative buttons and creativity can have these booties ready for baby’s feet. Tutorial here: link

5. Knitted Baby Uggs

Knitted Baby Uggs
They are knit in one piece meaning they are much easier to make. Use wither cotton or wool. Tutorial here: link

6. Epipa Baby Booties

Epipa Baby Booties
These baby booties are made with merino wool and can be made to fit new-born babies up to 3-6 months. Tutorial here: link

7. Easy Knit Baby Booties

Easy Knit Baby Booties
These little fold-over booties are made by joining three squares of knitting – simple to make and very pretty. Tutorial here: link

8. Bitty Baby Booties

Bitty Baby Booties
Made pretty much like the easy-knit baby booties, you can add cute little buttons to give an added something. Tutorial here: link

9. Knitting or Crochet Coffee Cozy

Knitting or Crochet Coffee Cozy
This item uses a crochet or knitting pattern for the cozy and button holes. Add stylish buttons and you’re done. Tutorial here: link

10. Cowl Sweater Shrug Wrap

Knit Slouch Flowered Hat
Tutorial here: link

11. Knit Baby Booties

Knit Baby Booties
These baby booties are moderately easy to make. They fit feet of a new born baby up to 6 months. Tutorial here: link

12. Striped Cowl

Striped Cowl
Use size 13 circular needles for this item and a darning needle for the ends to keep warm this winter. Tutorial here: link

13. Seed Stitch Cowl

 Seed Stitch Cowl
Using this easy stitch, you knit all around – no seams. Make a nice cowl to keep you warm and toasty. Tutorial here: link

14. Crochet Hot Water Bottle

Crochet Hot Water Bottle
Using a chain stitch and more than one color of yarn for the cover and chain, create this beautiful masterpiece. Tutorial here: link

15. Baby Bib

Baby Bib
This item uses the stockinette stitch to create a soft and smooth pattern for a colorful and efficient baby bib. Tutorial here: link

16. Berry Baby Hat

Berry Baby Hat
This pretty accessory uses two colors of wool for the berry and leaves of the hat for a cute finish. Tutorial here: link

17. Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket
This simple and cute baby blanket is made with the garter stitch and as many color yarns as you desire. Tutorial here: link

18. Baby Monster

Baby Monster
Made with crochet stitching in a little tube, a bit of stuffing and creative buttons your little monster is ready. Tutorial here: link

19. DIY Fingerless Gloves

Very quick and easy to make gloves (especially once you get your stitches down); use the slip knot for this item. Tutorial here: link

20. Finger-Knit Wreath

finger knit wreath

This is the perfect handmade decoration for inside and outside your home. Add a festive ribbon and wreath solved!

Tutorial here: link


21. Twisted Coffee Cozy

Twisted Coffee Cozy
This pretty twisty pattern is perfect for your coffee cup. Use various colors for a better outcome. Tutorial here: link

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