She Spray Paints Her Kids Old Toys Gold. The End Result? I Am So Doing This!

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Lamps have been around for thousands of years, as people have always been looking for something to meet their lighting needs. From the classic wax candles to the most futuristic solar-powered lamps, there are countless of different models available on the market, and yet the electrical lamps are still the most sought-after ones. Here’s how you can make your ultimate geeky lamp, on a budget!

She Spray Paints Her Kids Old Toys Gold. The End Result? I Am So Doing This!

The Action Figure Lamp is at least as awesome as it sounds – decorative, practical and fully functional at the same time, the Action Figure Lamp will definitely be a great addition to every proud geek’s room! Besides this, you can easily make your own lamp from scratch, as all you need is a few old action figures, one or two toy cars or trucks and some paint.

For starters, you will need to get a solid bar on which you will strategically pile all the toys: carefully place them one against another, just as you would pile up the fire wood to build a good old bonfire!

Check out the video below to see instructions:

(Video and pictures via Instructables)

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