25 Winter Crafts Preschool Kids and Toddlers Are Going To Fall in Love With

Nicole CuteDIYprojects Blogger

Winters are here, and it’s the holiday season of loads and loads of fluffy snow all over, gorgeous snowflakes falling from the sky, crystal-coated pine trees, and of course, those adorable winter buddies called snowmen! Doesn’t all of these sound perfect for letting toddlers and preschoolers create a set of pretty crafts celebrating the awesomeness of the season?


14. DIY Fingerprint Gingerbread Man Craft

  DIY Fingerprint Gingerbread Man Craft

Craft Source : craftymorning

15. Cotton Ball Snowman

  Cotton Ball Snowman

Craft Source : easypeasyandfun

16. Polar Bear Paper Craft

  Polar Bear Paper Craft

Craft Source : easypeasyandfun

17. Snowy Day Collage

  Snowy Day Collage

Craft Source : krokotak

18. Winter Snowflake Stamp Art

Winter Snowflake Stamp Art

Craft Source : sugaraunts

19. Polar Bear Handprint

Polar Bear Handprint

Craft Source : lovetosew

20. Paper Bag Snowman Puppe

  Paper Bag Snowman Puppe

Craft Source : iheartcraftythings

21. Snowman Winter Crafts for Kids

  Snowman Winter Crafts for Kids

Craft Source : craftymorning

22. Q-tip Painted Snowflake Crafts

  Q-tip Painted Snowflake Crafts

Craft Source : notimeforflashcards

23. Snowmen Feet

  Snowmen Feet

Craft Source : craftingforholidays

24. Popsicle Stick Hot Chocolate Mug

  Popsicle Stick Hot Chocolate Mug

Craft Source : gluedtomycraftsblog

25. Foam Cup Snowmen

Foam Cup Snowmen

Craft Source : craftsbyamanda

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