25 Outdoor Play Areas For Kids Transforming Regular Backyards Into Playtime Paradises

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Spending some time outdoors and engaging in those bike rides, building mud houses, or simply bringing those little backyard activities to life is surely an essential element of your child’s growth. And to make that happen, you need a great play-space that forces the kiddos to cherish those hours of entertainment in bright sunshine. Below are 25 Outdoor Play Area For Kids That Can Transform Regular Backyards Into a Playtime Paradise!

14. Outdoor Table From Pallets

Outdoor Table From Pallets

Glass tables are surely not a good idea when you have got kids, specially when you install one outdoors. Comes to your rescue, this yellow-coated table built using lumber and pallets that’s surprisingly cheap and durable.

DIY Details : littlebitfunky

15. DIY Outdoor Car Track

DIY Outdoor Car Track

Looking exactly like the roads outside, this outdoor car track can add that out-of-the-box factor to your yard with those grey bricks sinking into the sand. Lots of pebbles, plants and mini cars add to the final touches.

DIY Details : niccolaontuesday

16. Backyard Play Area Ideas

Backyard Play Area Ideas

Here’s a whole guide to personalising your backyard into a playtime paradise for your little ones. Whether it’s a custom chalkboard, a sandbox, mini playhouses, or a mysterious toy car tunnel, this one has you covered.

DIY Details : lowes

17. Pool Noodle Race Track

Pool Noodle Race Track

It perhaps, can’t get better than these DIY race tracks when it comes to making match-box cars seem absolutely cool! Simply cut large pool noodle into half, laying the pieces side by side and joining them with matchsticks.

DIY Details : ramblingsfromutopia

18. Backyard Race Car Track

Backyard Race Car Track

Once you have marked the race track and excavated it a little, all you need to do is create a smooth surface using sand, cement, some Black Oxide Powder, and bricktor with a few simple steps explained by The Whoot!

DIY Details : thewhoot

19. Beach in the Backyard

Beach in the Backyard

Who really needs to hit the beach when you can bring everything about that chilling experience right into your backyard? All it takes is this awesome sandbox with a lovely awning attached on a PVC pipe frame.

DIY Details : wraysist3rs

20. Kids Sand and Water Table

Kids Sand and Water Table

If you can’t find the perfect water table for your toddler, it’s time to repurpose an old sink into one using wooden boards, spray paint in lovely white and gorgeous minty blue, and some construction tools.

DIY Details : remodelaholic

21. Construction Site Gravel Pit

Construction Site Gravel Pit

This construction themed play area adds an imaginative element to your yard, while being so easy to put together. Create a small circle patch using some logs, large rocks and bricks, finally filling it aquarium gravel.

DIY Details : theimaginationtree

22. DIY Backyard Climbing Wall

DIY Backyard Climbing Wall

Combining daily exercise with great fun is what climbing walls do with utmost ease, specially if it stands in your very own yard. Colorful climbing holds and that wall paint are simply stunning!

DIY Details : impatientlycrafty

23. Backyard Ball Run

Backyard Ball Run

It’s surprise-worthy how a few simple plastic guttering and mounting brackets end up in a wonderful marble run when mounted to the garden fence after having been coated with bright colors of plastic spray paint.

DIY Details : learningthroughtheclutter

24. Giant Reclaimed Wooden Blocks

Giant Reclaimed Wooden Blocks

Arrange them to form an obstacle course or simply build towers and stepping stones – these giant reclaimed wooden blocks are a sureshot hit. These are basic chunks of wood sanded and painted with cuteness.

DIY Details : filthwizardry

25. Modern DIY Outdoor Playhouse

Modern DIY Outdoor Playhouse

Let your outdoor space make an ultra-chic and rustic statement with this DIY outdoor playhouse customized for your little sports stars! It features a climbing ladder, a folding table, a chalk board and windows.

DIY Details : sweetpotatopeachtree

No matter whether your little one loves arts and crafts, music, playing with sand, or simply getting a bit adventurous, the aforesaid outdoor play areas for kids help you bring their hidden talents out in the open with just a few steps of creativity!

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Outdoor Play Areas For Kids

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