25 Ways How Burlap Decorations Can Beautify Your Home with A Dash of Rustic!

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That roughened up texture and the rustic essence of burlap are all thanks to the endless list of home decor and craft projects it’s associated with. Right from designing neutral-toned candle holders to organizing your space a bit better, from making festive gifts to putting together some faux flowers, burlap can make it all happen. Check out these 25 Ways How Burlap Decorations Can Beautify Your Home!

25 Ways How Burlap Decorations Can Beautify Your Home with A Dash of Rustic!

1. DIY Burlap and Lace Garland

DIY Burlap and Lace Garland

The striking contrast between the delicate appeal of lace and the rustic element of burlap makes this garland sporting a pattern of muslin, lace and burlap ribbons looks simply stunning.

DIY Details : carissamiss

2. DIY Burlap Table Runner with Tassels

DIY Burlap Table Runner with Tassels

Bring out a country cottage decor to your dining table with a burlap table runner having lovely tassels along its breadth. You also need scissors, fusible tape, iron and measuring tape.

DIY Details : onsuttonplace

3. DIY burlap Utensil Holder

DIY burlap Utensil Holder

A rectangular sheet of burlap folded from the bottom and having its sides glued yields this cutlery holder. A ‘Let’s Eat’ tag attached to the holder makes everything even more gorgeous.

DIY Details : iheartnaptime

4. DIY Burlap Candle Holders

DIY Burlap Candle Holders

Wrap and glue burlap on a glass candle holder and adorn it with your choice of embellishments. These lovely holders are decorated with a twine ribbon and acorns.

DIY Details : victorialenefors

5. Burlap Roses

Burlap Roses

3 same-sized 6-petal flowers cut out from a sheet of burlap pre-coated with Mod Podge end up in uber pretty faux roses when assembled with a simple technique.

DIY Details : diyjoy

6. DIY Burlap Ottoman

DIY Burlap Ottoman

Let’s add a rustic burlap twist to that little-legged ottoman lying in your living room. It’s wrapped in burlap, securing the fabric with a staple gun, further adding upholstery tacks.

DIY Details : lizmarieblog

7. Easy No Sew Burlap Table Runner

Easy No Sew Burlap Table Runner

This burlap runner doesn’t call for any sewing – each of the sides are fringed by pulling some strings out, while the ends are gathered together and adorned with rosemary sprigs.

DIY Details : onsuttonplace

8. Burlap Cork Board

Burlap Cork Board

A few staples or some glue attaches some burlap to the back of the board to form this adorable cork board. Gorgeous black flowers painted using floral stencils add the finishing touches!

DIY Details : uncommondesignsonline

9. Hula Fringe Flower Burlap Lamp Shade

Hula Fringe Flower Burlap Lamp Shade

Spruce up even the most ordinary of lampshade by wrapping it with loads of burlap strips sporting frayed edges. You also need rotary cutter and mat, spray glue, hot glue gun, Mod Podge, and jute twine.

DIY Details : madeinaday

10. Earring Holder DIY Tutorial

Earring Holder DIY Tutorial

Looking quite like a framed artwork, this one is actually a do-it-yourself earring holder. A burlap piece forms the backdrop, which itself is attached to a photo frame.

DIY Details : ideasfrommetoyou.wordpress

11. Easy Burlap Shades

Easy Burlap Shades

Allowing the sunlight to beautifully peek into the space, these burlap shades come for no more than 20 dollars per panel. And yes, they call for minimal sewing to get it done.

DIY Details : remodelista

12. DIY Stenciled Burlap Magnetic Board

DIY Stenciled Burlap Magnetic Board

Blend functionality, organization and a whimsical art piece together, this burlap magnetic board is charmed with a creative stencil pattern. Use a ribbon to hang!

DIY Details : domestically-speaking

13. DIY Burlap Pillow Stenciled with Fabric Markers

DIY Burlap Pillow Stenciled with Fabric Markers

Even the kiddos can decorate these burlap pillows with cute designs, all using some stencils and fabric markers. Instead of sewing, hot glue the burlap edges together after stuffing them with the pillow.

DIY Details : debbie-debbiedoos

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