Check Out This Life Hack And You Will Never Worry About Forgetting Your Clothes At Home Again!

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Be honest – how many times did you just pick up the clothes from your drawer, only to throw them carelessly in your suitcase whenever you went on a last-minute trip and you did not have enough time to pack them properly? You have been packing your belongings all wrong until now – this is the right way to do it!

Check Out This Life Hack And You Will Never Worry About Forgetting Your Clothes At Home Again!

Step 1: Grab Your Suitcase And Your Bag For Toiletries

The first thing you need to do before you start packing is making sure that you have everything you need – start with a generously sized suitcase and a transparent bag for your toiletries and other personal hygiene products.

Step 2: Pack Smart!

Pack like a true professional! Start with the thickest and heaviest clothes first, as these are the ones that usually take most space. Grab your jacket, place your collared shirts carefully (180 degrees from the jacket, with the collars facing upwards), then add your undergarment bundle right across the neck fold/collars of your shirts. The thumb rule is as follows: the shirts must be placed vertically, while the pants need to be placed horizontally – this is the trick to save as much space as possible! Check out the Video Tutorial below:

How to Pack a Carry-On like a Boss – Video Tutorial

(Video and pictures via Travel Noire)

Also, wrapping all your socks and undies in a T-shirt will help you save even more space. Start to carefully wrap everything up (start with the arms of your jackets and blouses, then the “body” of the clothes)

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