20+ Amazing Patriotic Nail Designs For The 4th Of July

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For most Americans, 4th of July is not just about patriotism but also about celebrating the idea of togetherness with friends and family. While refreshments and party ideas are instrumental in bringing your 4th of July party alive, the other thing that most people scout for during this time are personal fashion tips and options. It is for this purpose that this article covers a few innovative 4th of July nails’ ideas so that you can look classy and yet funky at your backyard party.


The following is a list of ideas that one could implement while dressing up for the 4th of July party. As there are more general ideas, it might be a good idea to try a few basic prints on your nails the week before the party in order to look your very best.

1. Blanket Print Nails:


For all those looking for colour and texture in their nail art, this blanket print nail idea is perfect. Not only is it simple to do but also funky in a way that is still understated. The biggest advantage of this design is that the broad strokes and block colours are suitable for almost every one and can be carried off with ease. Pairing it with block coloured dresses and simple sandals is sure to be a hit and this is one of the best ways to shine at a 4th of July party.

Source: blanketprint

2. 4th of July Nails:

4th of July Nails

The other thing that one can try is this 4th of July nail idea. This design is primarily geared towards those who might find the overuse of blue in the nail art to be off-putting. The simple red and white or red and silver lines are sure to be a stunner especially when paired with something that is either white or a nice, soft blue. Overall, it is also an easy idea to execute for those who are inexperienced with nail art.

Source: nailside

3. Memorial Day Nails:

Memorial Day Nails

When it comes to 4th of July nails, what one can do in order to slightly differ from the everyday blue-white and red nail designs is play with different shades of blue. For those who like a deeper, more navy variant of blue; this is a perfect nail design as it incorporates navy, white and red in an innovative way that uses stars on a blocked background. The effect is sure to be mesmerising as it captures the night sky as well and makes for a perfect do for either a lunch or dinner engagement.

Source: spellboundnails

4. 4TH of July Nail Ideas:

4TH of July Nail Ideas

For a funky holiday idea, you could try this design by layering three coats of white before trying on the other colors in different designs. The half and half look, where the red is used in stripes and the blue in stars reflects the patriotic fever well and is a perfect day time nail-do.

Source: spellboundnails

5. Nail Art Idea for 4th of July:

Nail Art Idea for 4th of July

Those who have long nails might find that some of the nail art ideas for Memorial Day do not suit their nail shape. For those who suffer from this problem, it might be a good idea to try painting their nails in block colors. The stripes and block blue shades complement each other beautifully and is perfect for a 4th of July get-together with loved ones.

Source: instagram

6. Cinderella Hand on the 4th of July:

Cinderella Hand on the 4th of July

For bling and sparkly 4th of July nail art, this is one of the best ideas. Since the design incorporates glitters, it is perfect for those who have long nails and want to add a bit of spunk to their 4th of July personal fashion template. The one thing that has to be kept in mind with regard to this nail design is that the glitter has to be applied carefully and meticulously in order to avoid looking clumsy.

Source: instagram

7. 3-D Memorial Day Nail Art:

3-D Memorial Day Nail Art

In order to take your 4th of July nail art to the next level, you could incorporate this 3-D nail art technique into your fashion regime. In order to make this work, what one needs is some small white stars that are available easily at any fashion store. Painting an alternate blue and red base on different nails and decorating the blue ones with the stars and the red ones with white stripes is sure to reflect the patriotic spirit well.

Source: instagram

8. Simple Nail Art for the 4th:

Simple Nail Art for the 4th

For those who want to keep their overall look simple and classic, this one is a perfect choice. Simply painting the nails in deep shades of blue and white and accessorising slightly with painted stars or stripes can do wonders and transform simple color combinations into a patriotic statement. The only thing that one should keep in mind while doing this is that the coats need to be applied multiple times so that they stand out in perfect shades.

Source: twitter

9. Classic Stars and Stripes:


This is another simple idea that one could try for Memorial Day. The idea works especially well with those who have long and shapely nails. The art is easy to execute and can be applied in a short while. For those who want to look fabulous but do not have too much time to spend on nail art, this is a very feasible option and works wonders with classic A-line dresses.

Source: twitter

10. Understated and Elegant 4th of July Design:


Many might find that their efforts to find nail art for the 4th of July results in countless options that are far too difficult to execute or have too much bling. For those who prefer an understated and yet, a classy look; this is one of the most popular 4th of July nail designs. Since the red is dominant in this look, it might be a good idea to pair it with appropriate attire. This is one look that can be pulled off in every different party scenario- be it fun or semi-formal. On the whole, this is a very versatile and easy design for the occasion.

Source: twitter

11. Gold Sequined Nail Art:

Gold Sequined Nail Art

For those who are looking to take their fashion statement to the next level, this gold laden nail design is perfect. The design might be painstaking to execute and might also require some help from your friends or close ones. However, once it is carried out; it is sure to be a stunning show-stopper. The colors that the design uses are rich in their texture and if you want to try implementing them, it is advisable to use double coatings when possible. Overall, this is a definite must-try in order to shine at your 4th of July party.

Source: instagram

12. Simple, Chic 4th of July Nails:

Simple, Chic 4th of July Nails

Those who want to experiment with a little glitter here and there but do not want their nails to be too over-the-top; this nail art design is a must have. All it needs is the three colors- red, white and blue and a little bit of glitter. Since the glitter is used sparingly, the overall look remains on the understated side while also providing just the right amount of oomph. Overall, this is perfect for fun 4th of July parties with friends or even a 4th of July girls night out.

Source: instagram

13. Fun 4th of July Nails:

Fun 4th of July Nails

Many nail design templates that float around on the Internet during the Memorial Day weekend focus on long and shapely nails. However, if you are someone who has short nails, this fun design should definitely be on your list of things to try. All one needs to make it work is some good quality nail polish in the three colors of the flag. The execution, as seen in the picture, is fairly simple and the result is spectacular.

Source: indulgy

14. Uniform 4th of July Nail Art:

Uniform 4th of July Nail Art

Some of you might find the need for uniformity when it comes to nail art. For those who gravitate towards uniform styles and an overall simplistic design, this template should be viewed. The overall execution is fairly simple as it requires only three colors and can be perfected with only a little patience. Since all the design has is a basic flag print, one does not need too much of an instruction to make it work. Overall, the design is simple, uniform and neat while simultaneously being fun.

Source: instagram

15. Mirroring Nail Art for the 4th of July:

Mirroring Nail Art for the 4th of July

In order to really live it up at your party, you could try implementing this nail design. The design is easy enough to execute but needs a little more than the standard white, blue and red colors. The key focus of the design is glitter with just the right proportion of solid colors. Those who want to give this a shot should prepare to accessorise the nails with an appropriate overall get-up in order to look their very best.

Source: instagram

16. American Flag Inspired Nails:

American Flag Inspired Nails

This design is funky and patriotic with a twist. The design is heavy on the blue and while it does incorporate the white and red stripes, the blue is dotted with an unusual black. For those who do not want to seem too obvious but still want to stick to the theme of Memorial Day, this design is a must consideration. The design is sharp and elegant and since the shades of the colors complement each other beautifully, it makes for a very soothing and charming look.

Source: alliray

17. Stars and Stripes for the 4th:

Stars and Stripes for the 4th

For those who are attending slightly semi-formal events, this design is one of the best as it is based on using the three colors only without any added glitter. The design is focused on bringing a classy look to the wearer and the fact that it is easy to execute makes it perfect for those of you who are working and do not have the time to go for a more elaborate look. While this does require multiple coating, it is easy to carry out and the resultant look is one that is chic and stylish.

Source: instagram

18. Funky 4th of July Nails:

Funky 4th of July Nails

The slight element of fun and glimmer in this design is sure to be a hit in parties amidst loved ones and friends. The best part of this design is that it uses a slightly glimmer-y nail paint without including too much of the glitter. On the whole, this is one of the more chic designs that is funky without being overpowering.

Source: pshiiit

19. Independence Day Nail Ideas:

Independence Day Nail Ideas

Many of you who are attending the usual 4th of July party might find the need to conform to the theme without being too much of a cliché. For them, this nail design is absolutely perfect as the asymmetric patterns are a deviation from the classic stars and stripes and yet fits into the overall theme. Furthermore, the shades of the colors being different; the resultant look is one that is stylish, elegant and classy.

Source: instagram

20. 4th of July Fireworks Nail Design:

4th of July Fireworks Nail Design

Opaque white polish is the prime requirement of this design and the fireworks at the centre provide a perfect colourful complement to the white. Since the entire design needs some time to bring to life, it is best to start a few hours earlier than you start prepping for the party. The one thing that should be kept in mind is that since the nail art is heavily based on white, it should be paired with an appropriately colored dress in order to look both elegant and funky.

Source: sheknows

21. Stars and Stripes Forever:

Stars and Stripes Forever

The patriotic white, blue and red outfit that you might have planned to put on during this day can be complemented perfectly with this nail art that is simple, elegant and fashionable. Since it involves the basic American flag design it is a great addition to the overall patriotic look that is a requirement for any party on this day.

Source: divinecaroline

22. Patriotic 4th of July Nails:

Patriotic 4th of July Nails

This is a must try for those who are short on time and want to look great. The design is easy to carry out and is great for any party- be it formal or fun. The best part about it is that it requires such little effort that it can be executed in a short time. Ultimately, this is a great idea for a 4th of July party and is great for those who want to look elegant and fashionable.

Source: divinecaroline

In this article, we have covered all different types of nail designs for the 4th of July that can be implemented by everyone. The various designs are a perfect addition to any party attire and can improve the look exponentially.

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