25+ Brilliant And Easy DIY Makeup Storage Ideas

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Don’t you just hate it when you can’t find favorite shade of lipstick or when you need it? Keeping all your beauty needs in one place is never an easy job because you don’t often need to use all of them at once. The time for spring cleaning may be gone, but it never hurts having all your important daily needs organized. These trendy DIY makeup organizer and storage kits will help you avoid being fashionably late every time.

11. Classy Magnet Makeup Board

Classy Magnet Makeup Board

Having all of your makeup items in the dresser can be a messy business. But with the trendy looking magnetic frame makeup board, you’ll be organized and glamorous too.
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12. Xmas Box Makeup Storage

Xmas Box Makeup Storage

With Christmas Season in its course, you’ll have loads of empty gift boxes lying around. This makeup storage makes perfect use of these otherwise discarded gift boxes.
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13. Elegant Cosmetic Organizers

Elegant Cosmetic Organizers

Keeping all your favorite lipsticks and nail polish shades can be a behemoth task. But these simplistic glass tumblers make perfect cosmetic organizer.
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14. IKEA Raskog Makeup Vanity

IKEA Raskog Makeup Vanity

If you have a sister that you share your makeup and cosmetic with, the IKEA Raskog hack vanity is perfect for the both of you. With enough section for all your cosmetics, you can roll it in an out of the rooms.
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15. Fashionable Roll-up Vanity

Fashionable Roll-up Vanity

If you love carrying your makeup with you and travel often, this is the perfect makeup organizer for you. With mediocre sewing skills and some productive time, you’ll have one of these ready in no time.
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16. Wood Log Makeup Brush Holder

Wood Log Makeup Brush Holder

Beauty is in simplicity and is clearly revealed in this artistic yet brilliantly simple makeup brush holder. All you need is a medium sized branch and drill holes in it to lay your brushes.
Project details : here

17. Floral Magnetic Makeup Board

Floral Magnetic Makeup Board

If you are the creative types loves to have a pinch of it in everything, this homemade makeup board will be a fun ride. You need an old frame, a metal sheet, some lovely floral fabric and a bunch of magnets.
Project details : here

18. Innovative Makeup Storage

Innovative Makeup Storage

You may have a mountain of makeup storage boxes piled up on each other that admittedly don’t look that great. Modify your beauty boxes and impart innovation into them with this cool project.
Project details : here

19. Recycled Makeup Organizer


The first time you look at these amazing storage jars, you won’t believe they’re recycled plastic bottles. Cutting them up in the right size and design an iron for the finishing touches, makes them stand out of the ordinary.
Project details : here

20. Stylish Beauty Box Makeup Organizer

Stylish Beauty Box Makeup Organizer

We all have those old velvet clad makeup boxes just lying around gathering dust. This project will give them a total makeover with ribbons and be a fine addition to your makeup storage.
Project details : here

21. Simple Candle Jar Makeup Storage

Simple Candle Jar Makeup Storage

Something as simple as a candle jar can make up for an incredible makeup storage solution. You can stick them up, use them as makeup brush holders and also for all the q tips and cotton balls in your makeup kit.
Project details : here

22. Painted Mason Jar Makeup Storage

Painted Mason Jar Makeup Storage

The huge mouth of the Mason Jars makes them perfect for storing anything, especially your favorite makeup items. Use tape and spray paints to give your Mason jar makeup storage shiny color and amazing patterns.
Project details : here

23. Chevron Vanity Tray

Chevron Vanity Tray

This chevron pattern makeup vanity tray is perfect for all those who don’t have too much time to get prim and pretty every morning. With a discarded shoe box, some mod podge and glitter this will save a lot of space.
Project details : here

24. White Wood Makeup Storage

White Wood Makeup Storage

If you’re planning to replace your old makeup storage with something new, this whitewood storage with all the glamour will give you the all-in-one vanity experience.
Project details : here

25. Ethnic Two Tier Organizer

Ethnic Two Tier Organizer

With the classy Victorian look that it sports, it’s almost unfair how easy it is to make. With two discarded plates a tin can and some hot glue gun, you’ll have this elegant two tier makeup organizer up in no time.
Project details : here

26. Glamorous Makeup Brush Storage

Glamorous Makeup Brush Storage

Almost any transparent vase, large jar or glass tumbler would be the perfect base for this homemade project. Whether it is glass beads, fillers or any other decoration you fill the jar with, this makeup brush storage will look amazing next to your dresser.
Project details : here

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