25 Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas Working as a Wonderful Reminder of Love!

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The most romantic time of the year is just around the corner as 14th of February, the day of Valentine’s is approaching you with full spirits. When it comes to celebrating the day of love, it’s time to bring some extra beauty, grace and glamour to everything, including that cute manicure your fingertips will flaunt. Transform your nails into a stunning work of art with these 25 Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas that can work as a wonderful reminder of love.

25 Valentine's Day Nail Art Ideas Working as a Wonderful Reminder of Love!

1. Elegant Pink Valentine’s Nails

Elegant Pink Valentine's Nails

Who doesn’t admire hearts when it’s the Valentine’s season? Introduce some hearts to your fingertips with this mani that looks so fresh, beautiful and loving. The pink glittery dust adds that perfect sparkle to a traditional girly heart mani, making it play up the romantic vibe of the day with the loveliest of colors. This design done using two different shades of pink and bright glitter, as showcased in this instagram by Ruthsnailart is simply perfect for a last minute manicure.

Design Details: instagram

2. Pretty Valentine Day-ish Love Nails

Pretty Valentine Day-ish Love Nails

While all the fingertips flaunt a subtle shade of pink covered in half by charming silver glitter, one of the tips spells out what’s on your mind. The bright pink alphabets stand out against the white background in a magical manner. This one is perfect for the ladies who want to be festive without going too over-the-top. Putting together this mani is so easy that just by taking a simple glance at this inspiration by sweetnshimmering, you would be all set to forge the design without the need of any instructions.

Design Details: instagram

3. Hearts and Stripes

Hearts and Stripes

If you are somewhat confident with the brush, this design is perfect to match with your Valentine’s Day suit. Create a heart and stripes pattern on your nails choosing paints in two contrasting shades that work best for you. Dip your brush into one of the colours and steadily draw horizontal lines across your nails, while drawing lovely flying hearts on the others. Gain a better insight into this utterly cute design for Valentine’s day with this quick instagram inspiration shared by nicoles_nails_.

Design Details: instagram

4. Romantic Scene Nails

Romantic Scene Nails

The magical spell that a romantic scene can cast on us is something absolutely unbeatable by almost anything in the world. Why not turn your fingertips into a canvas this Valentine and make them sport a super-romantic and brightly colorful scenery with just a little bit of creativity and patience. Blue soothing skies, green grass, as well as a lovely couple looking at each other while holding hands with a bunch of heart-shaped balloons, this manicure has got it all. Through her instagram, Simolive takes you through how amazing the design looks. Image via simolive

Design Details: instagram

5. Subtle Black and White Love Nails

Subtle Black and White Love Nails

Are you one of those who believe in going for the concept of minimalistic, yet something impactful? Perhaps, it can’t get any better than this nail art for you which brings a classic combination of black and white to life in the most beautiful ways ever. Featuring a milky white backdrop on all your nails, letting one of them be the resting place of the word “love” that you can either create with a nail brush or simply a sharpie pen from the drawer, these Subtle Black and White Love Nails are totally breathtaking.

Design Details: pinterest

6. Cute simple Valentine’s Day Nails

Cute simple Valentine's Day Nails

Create a feminine look that combines romantic and retro together. The white polka dots add the retro touch, while the heart painted by inverting the colors makes it totally romantic. A dotting tool is all you need when it comes to the mani tools to pull off this design, along with two shades of pink nail enamel, and a bright top coat. What’s great about the design is that it doesn’t require you to be a pro at manicuring, while looking no less than a professionally painted pattern.

Design Details: imgur

7. Heartbeat Nails

Heartbeat Nails

If you want to make your loved one’s heart skip a beat, go for this awesome heartbeat pattern for your nails this Valentine’s, offering a nice twist to the traditional heart design. Plus, you don’t need to be perfect as you can fix any bleeding or irregular lines with some black pen. Paint your nails with a cute soft pink color, get those tidy lines using a nail art pen or a striper and finish the design with a nice top coat. Through the pictorial representation, Nailstorming shares her amazing Heartbeat Nails with you.

Design Details: instagram

8. Glittery Valentine’s Day Nails

Glittery Valentine's Day Nails

Here’s a manicure that’s meant for all the glam and glitter lovers. It’s filled with silver micro glitters, neon pink, neon yellow, neon green, and neon blue glitters in different sizes. Plus, the gorgeous touch of black used to add some more definition to the design, as well as that element of love with a lovely little heart makes it just perfect for that day you are waiting for. This inspiration shared by reireishnailart, along with a few quick instructions is surely going to make all the eyes dazzle.

Design Details: instagram

9. Pearls and Studs Nail Mani

Pearls and Studs Nail Mani

How about bringing a twist to this classic concept of Valentine’s pearls and studs and turn it into a charming work of art sitting on your fingertips with a creative mani? A gorgeous light pink color working as a smooth and creamy base, along with the clever use of negative space, this one stands out beautifully with pretty pearls and some glitter. Choose one of the fingers as the odd one out, yet the most attention seeking one, sporting a heart stud on top of a white base adorned with pink stripes. Image via reireishnailart

Design Details: instagram

10. Owl Love Valentine’s Day Nails

Owl Love Valentine’s Day Nails

Find it challenging to pull off a design on your tips using the complicated mani tools, but still wish to make them pay a cute tribute to the festival of Valentine’s? Worry no more as water nail decals can come to your rescue, making everything seem like a piece of cake. This nail art by Andrea from Chickettes shows a clever and beautiful use of water decals to paint a lovely owl, the four letters of love patterned with hearts, and some free-flying hearts to your fingertips without getting you into any messing up of your nails.

Design Details: chickettes

11. Shimmery Love Nail Art

Shimmery Love Nail Art

Transform your nails from plain to enchanting, and let their tips do the talking this Valentine’s with this astonishing nail design. A great nail art inspiration for all the novices as well as the pros, these Shimmery Love Nails need just a few supplies – a base coat, a top coat, a glittery mauve polish, a black striper, a pink glitter striper, and a white enamel. You are definitely going to love how it turns out, perfect to win your special one’s heart as well as a lot of compliments from everyone who gets a glimpse of it.

Design Details: pinterest

12. Pink Heart Nails

Pink Heart Nails

As the name suggests, this nail inspiration is going to adorn your tips with bright pink hearts with exceptional cuteness. In the below tutorial, The Crafty Ninja showcases the steps you need to follow to put exquisite Pink Heart Nails together using a few readily available supplies, including some tape, a pair of scissors, nail enamels in two shades of pink, silver glitter nail paint, a small dotting tool, a top coat, and a base coat. Not only for Valentine’s, this is so girly and pretty perfect for almost any special day.

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