25 Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas Working as a Wonderful Reminder of Love!

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The most romantic time of the year is just around the corner as 14th of February, the day of Valentine's is approaching you with full spirits. When it comes to celebrating the day of love, it's time to bring some extra beauty, grace and glamour to everything, including that cute manicure your fingertips will flaunt. Transform your nails into a stunning work of art with these 25 Valentine's Day Nail Art Ideas that can work as a wonderful reminder of love.

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13. Valentine’s Day Nails Bundle – Hearts

Valentine's Day Nails Bundle - Hearts

Valentine’s Day is all about hearts, and we just can’t get enough of them. Ranging from polka dot hearts to ones full of glitter, from the cute embellishments to a key to my heart, from a romantic heartbeat to bright studded hearts, from a stamped design to bright creative stripes, and from colorful to classic combinations, the below guide bundles over 30 different heart-themed nail design celebrating the spirit of Valentine’s at its best. Now, you can flaunt one-of-a-kind nails with the most basic tools from your kit.

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14. Pastel Nails for Valentine’s Day

Pastel Nails for Valentine's Day

Pastels are perfect for the romantic mood, so the blend of some pastel stripes and some silver shine, charmed with a cute heart, makes this an ideal, on-trend nail art design for the day of Valentine’s. You don’t necessarily have to stick with just pinks and silvers, any pastels will look adorable when put together in this mani. Perfectly titled “Soulmate”, this nail art by nicoles_nails_ needs some tape, some striping tape, scissors, three enamels of your favorite pastel shades, a dotting tool, a top coat, and a base coat to work wonders on your tips.

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15. XoXo Valentine’s Nails

XoXo Valentine's Nails

If hearts alone don’t impress you, this Xs and Os inspired mani done using a nail art pen is simply brilliant, and you don’t need to strive for utmost perfection while pulling off this one, as the little imperfections of this pattern make it stand out with adorable grace. The dark pink hearts accompanied by black Xs and white Os look truly winsome while sitting on a backdrop of shocking pink to add that hint of girly glow to your nails. Take a look at this instagram shared by lexiejade to get inspired for forging the pattern.

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16. Message in a Heart Nail Art

Message in a Heart Nail Art

Sending cute love messages to your special one is nothing new to the day of Valentine’s, but letting your fingertips flaunt that message gorgeously wrapped up in some hearts is surely something extraordinary! Soft shades of pastel glitter forming the background for a heart shaped canvas on every fingertip of yours is perhaps, the more-than-perfect place to embed some words of love for your Valentine. Writing a message inside the hearts adds great meaning to this nail art and takes it a lot more ahead than being just a design.

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17. Simple Pink and Blue Valentine’s Day Nails

A few nails sporting pure white hearts on the tips in a blue backdrop, while your thumb and ring finger have got a super adorable pink heart filled with bright embellishments are worthy of making everybody fall in love with your look. You don’t need to be a connoisseur at nail designing to ace this marvellous pattern. All you need is some nail paints, some embellishments, a dotting tool, a base coat, a striper, and a top coat. This YouTube video tutorial by TotallyCoolNails will get you going to paint your Pink and Blue Valentine’s Day Nails.

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18. Valentine’s Day Ombre Heart Nail Art

Create a flawless ombre look on some pretty hearts resting on your fingertips to immerse in the mood for love this Valentine’s Day. All you need is a fine base coat, some tape, a pair of scissors, a makeup sponge, a top coat, and acrylic paints or nail polishes in red, pink and white. The key is to cut out a heart from a tape, paint it on your nails and add a gorgeous gradient inside. Check out the detailed step-by-step instructions to work this nail art all by yourself with this YouTube video tutorial by Simple Nail Art Designs

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19. Valentine’s Day Nail Art: 3 Easy Designs

Whether you are looking for a stunning design that features bright embellishments and hearts, or prefer a much subtle mani that has got the letters of LOVE, or simply looking out for a design that doesn’t require you to gather any manicure tools, this one has got you covered. Through this innovative YouTube tutorial, xoJahtna takes you through the process of pulling off 3 different Valentine’s Day Nail Arts with the help of some easy-to-follow instructions, as well as explaining the materials required in detail.

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20. Kissed Nail Art

Can it get any better than displaying some affection with your look when it comes to celebrating the magic of Valentine’s? Introduce some kisses to your tips with this exquisite, yet surprisingly easy nail art inspiration shared by cutepolish. You don’t need more than four supplies, along with just a handful of simple steps to add some life to your mani and let it house some lovely lips with an unmatchable charm and elegance. Just gather your favorite shades of pink, a dotting tool, and a striper.

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21. Konad Stamping Valentine’s Day Nails

This awesome manicure that covers almost everything associated with Valentine’s. While your thumb gracefully houses a huge lipstick kiss, the pointer flaunts cool gradient lines, the middle finger features an adorable heart print, the ring has got lots of pink glitter, and the pinky sports a mystical I Heart U stamp. You need four different shades of pink, Konad stamper and scraper set, a few stamping plates, a dotting tool, a synthetic brush, a base coat, and a top coat. Take a look at the detailed tutorial by Janelle Estep.

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22. Nail Art for Valentine’s Day: The Ultimate Guide!

Getting ready for Valentine’s date in the last minute and haven’t got time to browse through so many nail art inspirations to finish up your look? You don’t need to worry anymore! Here is the ultimate guide to Valentine’s Day Nail Art covering a total of 10 tutorials by cutepolish. Whether it’s bright red lips on a pink background, a cute cupcake, some romantic red roses, lots of ombre hearts, the ever-charming XoXo, an envelope hiding your love letter, leopard hearts, or some stripes, you have got it all.

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23. Pink and Purple Valentines Nail Art

This manicure is just perfect for all the ladies who love subtleness. This one lets you keep your nails a low key affair, but with a sweet touch of glamour. Grab a striper, a dotting tool, and shades of pink, purple and white nail polish, along with some purple glitter, a top coat, and a base coat to begin creating your very own versions of this gorgeous Pink and Purple Valentines Nail Art in just a matter of few simple, step-by-step instructions showcased by SelinasNailArt.

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24. Cute Heart French Tip Nails

French tips are an ever-beautiful idea. Add a touch of romance to that by accompanying them with a Valentine’s heart. Putting together these cute french tips with an exquisite black heart needs just four supplies from your manicurist kit, including baby pink and pink glitter polishes, some black paint and pink rhinestones. MyDesigns4You Nail Art demonstrates how you can bring this design to life in just a matter of few minutes following the steps shared in this video tutorial.

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25. LOVE Mix and Match Design

Let’s blend in the glam of golden with some simplicity of white and the romance of pink in one single nail art, inspiring enough to get you tempted to introduce the design to your nails the moment you look at it. Perfect for the last-minute procrastinators, this mani takes some studs, a top coat, a liquid vinyl, a white nail polish, a pink enamel, a black striper, a dotting tool, and a golden glitter paint, coupled with some steps showcased by cutepolish. Mixing and matching could never have been so much fun!

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No matter how you plan to celebrate your Valentine’s day – going for a romantic dinner together with your special one, or simply staying at home for some quality time, the aforesaid Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas are surely going to make you swoon and charm hearts, letting you celebrate the season of love in the most memorable ways.

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