30+ Short Hairstyles For That Perfect Look

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We love having short hair for all the right reasons; easier in the morning, convenient at work and feels comfortable too. Who says short hair doesn’t make for a killer hairdo? If every celebrity can sport a short hairstyle once in a while, you can too! These gorgeous hairstyles will gave you the perfect hairdo for every occasion.

16. Curly Locks

Curly Locks

This short hairdo is perfect for a date or any night out. Just comb your hair and pin them up, start by curling the locks and then move to the centre to get that gorgeously peppy look.
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17. Braided Short Hair


The reason we like long hair is for those beautiful braids, so why not make them with short hair? This easy yet elegant braid around your hair will definitely catch the eye.
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18. Twisted Romantic Hairdo

Twisted Romantic Hairdo

Start with some loose curls at the front and move behind for some braid locks. This hairdo is definitely what you need to turn some heads around.
Tutorial here: link

19. The Lower Curls Hairstyle

The Lower Curls Hairstyle

Start by pushing back your hair from the centre by straightening them out. Now curl up the left and right loose end to have that perfect hairstyle.
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20. The Long-Short Hairstyle

The Long-Short Hairstyle

If you love the effect of having long hair but can’t grow them out, then you’ll love this hairstyle. Curl your hair inwards and sport the look of having those long locks with the comfort of shor hair.
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21. Beach Waves

Beach Waves

This look is perfect to match your outfit when you go out to the coast this beach season. Start curling up your hair as waves from the right and then move to the left.
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22. The Classic Short Hairstyle

The Classic Short Hairstyle

This hairstyle is so easy; you’ll be amazed at how incredibly it compliments your short hair. Just spread them up and add some hair spray for volume and start braiding up from the back to form a round shape.
Tutorial here: link

23. The Top Knot

The Top Knot

If you don’t have that dense hair to try out the curling and rolling hairstyles, this one will fit you good. Two tails from the left and right side, round them up over your head to form a knot.
Tutorial here: link

24. Scarf Hairdo

Scarf Hairdo

Short hair is so convenient, but we still want those amazing long hairstyles. This hairstyle will do the job with lovely locks from the front and bulging look to top to imitate the long hairdo with the scarf.
Tutorial here: link

25. Elegant Loose Curls

Elegant Loose Curls

If queens wore short hair, this is what their hairstyle would look like. Use a curling iron for that front curls and roll up all your hair from behind to spice up your hairdo
Tutorial here: link

26. The Twisters

The Twisters

This is another amazing hairdo which takes no time at all. Start by pinning your side hair, piecing from another angle and twist it all back. Do the same on the other side and get ready to rock.
Video tutorial here: link

27. Short Wedding Hair

Short Wedding Hair

Short hair doesn’t always work for weddings, but this easy hairdo is perfect for the bridesmaids as well as the bride herself! Use some hair gel to curl up the hair behind the hair band and change the look until you like what you see.
Video tutorial here: link

28. The Pixie Hair Style

The Pixie Hair Style

Start with this quick hairdo and wash your hair wish some hair spray and concentration gel. All you need to do is get with a round brush and comb up in the way you like and finish with a blow dryer.
Video tutorial here: link

29. Bouncy Under Curled

Bouncy Under Curled

You can try this amazing hairstyle out with long or short hair and is perfect for every occasion, whether it is going on a date or meeting the President. Just start with some rollers for the under curls and with the hot iron, run it through your upper layers for the elegant look.
Tutorial here: link

30. The Chic Updo

The Chic Updo

Look presentable when you just don’t have the time to work on your hair. Start by grabbing your hair from the ears and grab from the upper back. Fix them up with a bobby pin and clip up the lower hair to have the classiest hair updo you can have in less than 2 minutes.
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