This Technique for 5-Minute Curls Will Let You Get the Ringlets of Your Dreams!

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Beautiful beachy waves or those bold curls flaunted by your hair surely up-game the whole outlook and can add so much more glam quotient to even the simplest of attires. It's wonderful to have naturally curly hair, however, if you don't possess natural voluminous curls, you must be well-aware of how intensive of a task it is to curl up your tresses. Unless this 5-Minute Curls technique steps into your life!

5-Minute Curls

This cool hack to achieve lovely ringlets for your hair calls just for a handful of steps and gets it all done in just a deal of 5 minutes. Take a look at the steps to get the no time curls of your dreams :

– The first step towards effortless curls is to take all your hair and secure them into a ponytail in the middle of the head, specifically the crown area. If you are looking out for getting the curls right from the ear level, then go for a super high ponytail.

– Grab a good quality heat protectant hair spray and apply it on the ponytail – doing so will not only make sure the curling iron doesn’t harm the texture of your hair, but also boost their volume and bring a little extra shine to them. To enjoy the curls for longer, you can also apply a stylizing mousse next.

– Divide the tresses in the ponytail into two smaller sections.

– Pick one of the sections and wrap it around a curling wand after twisting it into a loose bunch of hair. Of course, as you are working on a thicker section of hair, you need to hold it wrapped around the wand for a little longer.

– Once you remove the curling wand, you must roll the section and clip it until it cools down. Simply letting the hair loose while they are still warm can lead to them getting straight again due to the natural weight of the hair, ending up in loosing the fresh-made curves.

5-Minute Curls

– Grab the second part of the ponytail and repeat the steps above, further allowing them to cool down.

– It’s time to let your hair loose by releasing the ponytail. Take the hair clips off and remove the hair tie to open the locks.

– Your gorgeous tresses are all set to cast a magical spell on the world, simply break the curls to get them perfectly merged with each other. A light finger brushing is all it takes to get that done, finally applying a nice hair spray on your curls to make sure they last longer.

We bet once you get your hands on this breakthrough technique to achieve the most stunning, natural-looking curves for your tresses, that too in no more than 5 minutes, getting all set for the party, for a romantic dinner, or just a casual day at work with a dash of style won’t seem to be a tough affair anymore.

Pair your twisty locks with just about any outfit suited for the day, and be the undoubted showstealer!

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