60+ Awesome Ombre Hair Color Ideas To Try At Home!

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The Ombre hair has become extremely popular over the past several years, not just amongst women but also amongst men – Jared Leto was one of the most prominent male figured that rocked the Ombre style! However, if you have decided to dye your hair Ombre, here you will find more than 60 Different Ombre Hair Color ideas and techniques:

60+ Awesome Ombre Hair Color Ideas To Try At Home!

A Short History Of The Ombre Hair

The Ombre technique is widely used not just in hairstyling, but across a variety of other industries as well – for instance, it is used in painting, nail art, fashion and even in cooking or graphic design. The first one who actually got the Ombre hairstyle was Gisele Bundchen back in 2007, and the style has become extremely popular soon after that.

Some of the most renowned celebrities that went Ombre all the way were Nicole Kidman, Lauren Conrad, Katy Perry, Victoria Beckham and even Beyonce. The reason why the Ombre style is still on trend eight years after it was popularized for the first time is because it requires very little upkeep and there are tens of different shades and techniques that can be used in order to achieve that exquisite fading effect of the natural color.

A Short History Of The Ombre Hair

Have you noticed that some people end up with a very “harsh” ombre, and there is no smooth effect between the darker shade and the lighter shade? That does not look good, and instead of complimenting your overall attire and face, it actually has the opposite effect.  Check out The Ultimate Roundup Of Ombre Hair Color Inspiration:

1. Straight Ombre

Straight Ombre

One of the many advantages of dyeing your hair Ombre style is the fact that this color is extremely volatile: it can be used for bob haircuts, long layered hairstyles, long and straight hairstyles and even on short hair, if you are skilled enough. Here is a picture that shows you just how wonderful it can be to dye your hair Ombre, if you have a perfectly straight haircut. A major benefit of cutting your hair straight like that is that it leaves the impression of fullness and volume (which is great for women with thin hair!)

Source – jonathanandgeorgeblog

2. The Architecture Of Highlighted Hair

The Architecture Of Highlighted Hair

Ombre hair is great! You can use it only for the split ends of your hair, or you can use it to highlight your bouncy curls. Here is an example of how you can use the Ombre hairstyle to emphasize on your upper and lower curls, while still making sure that your overall hairstyle is very light and airy.

Source – modernsalon

3. Cute DIY Ombre Style

Cute DIY Ombre Style

Nowadays, when people hear about the Ombre style, they automatically think about dyeing the ends of their hair blonde – truth be told, Ombre comes in absolutely every shade! Some people choose to dye their ends pink, others red, others blue. It is entirely up to you to decide which shade best meets your overall style – and this photo shows you just how creative you can get with different colors!

Source – ootdfash

4. Bohemian Blonde Ombre Style

Bohemian Blonde Ombre Style

This is the perfect hairstyle for women who have very light hair, preferably Bohemian blonde, ash blonde or even platinum blonde. You must be extremely careful when going Ombre if your hair is already extremely light, as otherwise you risk to accidentally darken the ends of your hair instead of lightening them up even more, and that certainly does not look good.

Source – etsy

5. Long And Wavy Beach Hair

Long And Wavy Beach Hair

Summer is only a few months away, and there is nothing more beautiful than a woman with a long, wavy beach hair! Careless yet still incredibly chic at the same time, this hairstyle can truly compliment you – not to mention that you only need two or three minutes to style it before you leave the house! Here is an example of how easy it is to incorporate the Ombre style in your wavy beach hair.

Source – pinterest

6. Dark Ombre Idea

Dark Ombre Idea

As mentioned above, the Ombre hairstyle is not exclusively reserved for light shades – you can easily try it with a slightly darker tone as well, and this picture is the perfect example of what an outstanding result you can get, if you are careful when applying the dye!

Source – pinterest

7. Chic Ombre Inspiration

Chic Ombre Inspiration

If you have medium, shoulder-length hair, then you certainly know that the styling possibilities are somehow limited, as opposed to having longer hair. Here is a lovely and super chic Ombre inspiration that will show you how gorgeous your hair can look – especially if you opt for big, bouncy, loose curls to go with it!

Source – howtochic

8. Ombre For Short Hair

Ombre For Short Hair

Dyeing your hair Ombre-style when you have short hair can be very challenging, as you need to carefully apply the dye mixture on several centimeters only, otherwise you end up looking like a mess. Here is some inspiration for you that should get the “creative juice” flowing! Make the best of your short hair and let it take your looks to a whole new level!

Source – byrdie

9. Multicolor Ombre

Multicolor Ombre

If you are feeling courageous and creative today, then you should definitely consider trying the multicolor Ombre style, instead of resorting solely to one shade. This is a lot of fun, especially if you have an eye for combining different colors – have a look at this picture and see for yourself!

Source – misteranhcotran

10. Summer Ombre Style Hairstyle

Summer Ombre Style

It is a known fact that the hair tends to become one to two shades lighter during the summer, mainly because of the sun and the water – having said that, here is a great Ombre hair idea that should get you going throughout the entire summer, without too much effort!

Source – sincerelyjules

11. Subtle Dark Ombre Style

Subtle Dark Ombre Style

There are two types of Ombre style: the very subtle version (such as this one, which works best on darker shades) and the very obvious version (when you opt for blonde ends, although you are naturally a brunette). A subtle Ombre style can truly benefit you, especially if you only want a touch of freshness and originality to your hairstyle, without necessarily worrying about a hairstyle that changes your look radically!

Source – mychicadventure

12. Ombre Style For Your Bob Haircut

Ombre Style For Your Bob Haircut

Bob haircuts are great, especially if you are looking for a low maintenance style and you do not want to spend too much time styling yourself each morning, before going to work. Here is a lovely tutorial that will show you just how easy it is to combine your bob with the delightful Ombre style!

Source – trendsurvivor

13. Adorable Ombre Style Inspiration For Short And Straight Hair

Adorable Ombre Style Inspiration For Short And Straight Hair

If you have short and straight hair, then rest assured – there is an Ombre style for your haircut as well! Here is an example of how beautifully the Ombre style can emphasize on your most attractive facial features (your eyes and your lips).

Source – glamourista

14. Light Ombre Hairstyle

Light Ombre Hairstyle

If you are aiming for a truly radical change and you want a hairstyle that will change the way you look for the better, then you have come to the right place – here is an Ombre style inspiration for ladies who are daring enough to opt for the lightest shade available on the market!

Source – pophaircuts

15. Discrete Ombre Style For Dark Hair

Discrete Ombre Style For Dark Hair

The classic Ombre style can look a bit unnatural at times, especially if the difference between your natural color (the one at the roots) and the dye is very significant. If you want to opt for a more natural approach, then here is a lovely idea for you – it is perfect for spring, if you have decided to upgrade your look and to go for something more daring this year!

Source – elle

16. Caramel Ombre Balayage On Long Bob

Caramel Ombre Balayage On Long Bob

The Long Bob has become a very popular hairstyle lately, and just as the name suggests, this is basically the slightly longer version of the classic bob as we all know it. Here is an outstanding caramel Ombre balayage style for your long bob – dare to try something new, and you will definitely want to try it again later on!

Source – instagram

17. Be Bold And Daring With Ombre-Style Short Hair!

Be Bold And Daring With Ombre-Style Short Hair

Many A-list celebrities have opted for the Ombre hair, even if they have relatively short hair (10-12 inches), so why not do the same, if you want to keep up with the ever-changing trends in the hairstyling industry? Here is an example of how good the Ombre style looks on Kylie Jenner’s short hair!

Source – direitodevestir

18. Ombre Brown Hair

Ombre Brown Hair

Lily Aldridge is famous for her absolutely stunning balayage/brown Ombre style, as well as her thick and luscious curls running down her shoulders. If you like her style and you would like to adapt it to your very own, then here is a simple picture that you can use to draw your inspiration – the best thing about the Ombre hair is that there are countless possibilities and mixtures that you can opt for, you do not need to resort to just one style!

Source – photobucket

19. Sun Kissed Ombre Hair

Sun Kissed Ombre Hair

This is yet another perfect summer hairstyle idea that you should definitely try this year. Very soft and subtle at the same time, this type of Ombre style can last for three to four months before you have to worry about re-dyeing your ends again, just to make sure that the color remains fresh.

Source – instagram

20. Fresh Ombre Style

Fresh Ombre Style

This is a slightly different Ombre idea – although this style works beautifully for everybody, it is very useful for women with long yet thin hair, who use to straighten their hair a lot, as it creates the impression of fullness. Check out this picture, print it and go to your hairdresser requesting the same hairstyle, and you will definitely not regret it!

Source – pinterest

21. Lovely Mix Of Balayage And Ombre

Lovely Mix Of Balayage And Ombre

You can play with colors, and you can mix two or even three shades in any way you want – the results will definitely take you by surprise. Here is a lovely example that shows you just how beautiful the mix of balayage and Ombre style can look on your hair.

Source – blog.jexshop

22. Ariana Grande’s Lovely And Daring Ombre

Ariana Grande’s Lovely And Daring Ombre

If you love Ariana Grande, then you must have noticed that at a certain point she had a lovely and very daring Ombre style – and what was really impressive about the whole thing is that she was not afraid to push her hairstyle to the next level. Instead of making sure that only the ends of the hair are lightened up, she actually took the Ombre style all the way up, and the results are stunning. Check it out and see whether it meets your needs as well!

Source – weheartit

23. Ombre For Straight Hair

Ombre For Straight Hair

If you really want to make the best of the Ombre style, you must pay attention to several factors: your haircut, your hair density or your natural hair color are only some of these factors. Here is an exquisite Ombre idea for straight hair!

Source – guzelmodeller

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