60+ Awesome Ombre Hair Color Ideas To Try At Home!

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The Ombre hair has become extremely popular over the past several years, not just amongst women but also amongst men – Jared Leto was one of the most prominent male figured that rocked the Ombre style! However, if you have decided to dye your hair Ombre, here you will find more than 60 Different Ombre Hair Color ideas and techniques:

24. Fresh Ombre Style For Dark Hair

Fresh Ombre Style For Dark Hair

This is a very exquisite Ombre idea that you can try if you have very dark hair and you aim for a subtle change – subtle, yet one that everybody will notice, in the end! Very fresh and beautiful at the same time, this Ombre style requires minimal upkeeping and the color can easily maintain its intensity for the entire summer.

Source – pinterest

25. Gorgeous Dark-To-Light Ombre Style!

Gorgeous Dark-To-Light Ombre Style

Gradually switching from a naturally dark color to a lighter shade can be extremely tricky, this is why this delicate procedure must be done exclusively by a professional hair colors. However, if done right, the results can be breath-taking, and this picture certainly testifies to that! Here is a lovely dark to light ombre style that you should definitely try this summer.

Source – instagram

26. Pink Ombre Hairstyle Ends

Pink Ombre Ends

This is by far one of the most amazing Ombre style pictures you will find on the Internet! If you are the adventurous type and you love to stand out from other people through your unique style and personality, then this Ombre style idea is the perfect choice for you. Check out these beautiful pink Ombre hairstyle ends!

Source – instant-beauty-extensions

27. Red To Blonde Ombre Hair

Red To Blonde Ombre Hair

Redheads are very beautiful, and red will certainly not go out of fashion anytime soon! However, if you got bored of your old hairstyle and you want to try something new, then you can always opt for blonde ends on your red hair. This hairstyle works great for long hair, in particular!

Source – pophaircuts

28. Ombre Hair And Lob Cut

Ombre Hair And Lob Cut

This is another great Ombre hair idea for women who do not want to go for a bob haircut, but who do not want to get long hair either – for those of you, the lob cut is the answer! The Ombre style works great with that haircut, and there is no better proof than this picture right here.

Source – pinterest

29. Natural Balayage Highlights

Natural Balayage Highlights

This is not your average Ombre style tutorial, but it is a great choice for women who have Platinum blonde hair and who want to add some subtle and chic highlights to it. These natural balayage highlights will really bring out your eyes, and they will make your skin look a lot better during the summer – there is nothing more beautiful than a woman with tanned skin and beautiful, light hair!

Source – pinsta

30. Bold Pink Ombre Style

Bold Pink Ombre Style

As you may have noticed by now, pink is a particularly popular color for the Ombre style, and this picture shows a slightly more daring version of the Pink Ombre style, than the one mentioned above. If you are not afraid of “grabbing the bull by the horns” and you want a daring hairstyle that will turn heads on the street, then this is the best choice for you!

Source – beautytipsntricks

31. Honey Golden Brown Ombre

Honey Golden Brown Ombre

If you are looking for a low maintenance hairstyle, then look no further than this adorable honey golden brown Ombre style that will benefit your hair on many levels. You only need to trim the ends once every two months and maybe Dye Your Hair every 6 months, to maintain this lovely shade and glow!

Source – pophaircuts

32. Caramel Ombre

Caramel Ombre

The Caramel Ombre is definitely one of the most popular types of Ombre style at the moment, and for a good reason – it is one of the easiest styles to do, and even if the passing between the darker shade and the lighter shade is not gradual or smooth, it still looks very good! This is great for those who want to dye their hair Ombre at home.

Source – theultralinx

33. Electric Ombre Hair

Electric Ombre Hair

This is a very fairytale-inspired hairstyle that looks stunning on just about everybody. If you have long hair and you are tired of the same old color, then look no further than this great electric Ombre hair that will certainly redefine the way you look and the way you care for your hair.

Source – pinterest

34. Purple Ombre

Purple Ombre

If you are not concerned about looking natural and blending in, then the purple Ombre style is definitely the best choice for you. Purple is a very electric and radiant color that looks great in the sun, so if you are looking for creative ideas or for some inspiration this summer, look no further than the purple Ombre style.

Source – pinterest

35. Messy Long Ombre Bob

Messy Long Ombre Bob

If you love the look and feel of messy lobs, then this long Ombre bob style is a great choice for you. All you need is a curling iron and a few minutes at your disposal to create an outstanding look, and to make sure that the long locks flow beautifully on your shoulders. The gradually fading ombre style will definitely match your style and attire this summer!

Source – andreamillerhair

36. Beautiful Platinum Blonde Ombre Style

Beautiful Platinum Blonde Ombre Style

If you have long, thick and healthy hair and you are not afraid of going for a different shade, then the Platinum blonde Ombre style is definitely a great option. Just look how full, healthy and beautiful the blonde locks look in this picture, and try to replicate the same effect at your local hair coloring salon!

Source – fashionisers

37. Brown To Blonde Ombre Hairstyle

Brown To Blonde Ombre Style Brown hair is great, but for some women it can look a bit too.. plain and simple. If that is your case as well and you have decided to do something about your brown hair looks and feels, then you can always opt for this beautiful brown to blonde Ombre style that will add a lot of color and richness to your overall hairstyle. Besides, the color is very easy to maintain in the long run as well, therefore it requires little maintenance and money!

Source – le-happy

38. Red-Rose Ombre Style

Red-Rose Ombre Style

This hairstyle actually represents a combination of three lovely shades – rose, red and blonde. The trick is to make sure that you carefully blend all the three colors together, if you want a smooth and gradual result that does not look too harsh or unnatural. This tutorial is great for redheads who want to add a small twist to their regular hairstyle.

Source – fashion.ekstrax

39. Burgundy Ombre Hair

Burgundy Ombre Hair

If you want to make your presence noticed whenever you go out in public, then there is no better way to do that than with this outstanding Burgundy Ombre style, that will definitely make you be one of a kind! Check this out and see how great and versatile the hairstyle really is.

Source – pinterest

40. Rose Ombre Hair

Rose Ombre

Feel the summer and let the colors flow through your hair! Check out this beautiful Rose Ombre and see whether it meets your tastes and needs. Beautiful, subtle yet still very intense at the same time, the Rose Ombre is great for ladies who have a naturally dark hair color, and who have decided to do something about that.

Source – modernsalon

41. Reverse Ombre Hair – Brown to Black

Brown to Black Ombre Hair Design

This magnificent reversed ombre hairstyle is a real deal for a beautiful but strong woman. The blond colour on the top is reminding us on old, medieval beauties, which were able to seduce a prince or a knight but to remain innocent like a flower in the spring. Slight transition from blond to brown will give lightness around the woman’s face, but with a note of edginess that will turn heads at every corner. However, this hairstyle contains a slight note of rebellion since it is a reversed original idea. Soft and feminine, but still very sexy, this slight and smooth transition from lighter to darker notes will give a nice glamour note to the woman’s styling.

Source – pinterest

42. Gray Ombre Hair Color Idea for Dark Hair Girls

Black Ombre hair

A very unconventional ombre hair technique, where we have an interesting transfer from dark colors to gray and white ones. This is such a messy and sexy combination, but still a combination with a great note of elegance; it is a perfect hairstyle for independent woman that still keep that rebelious attitude. Starting with colors that can vary from black to dark blue, even with some greenish hues, and then progressing to lighter notes until reaching the light blond or white tips, this is a great solution if you have blond hair and you want to make it more exciting.

Source – pinterest

43. Mystical Ombre Hairstyle

Black to blonde ombre hair

A mystical ombre hairstyle with a slight gothic note, which is an easy DIY ombre hairstyle, and it is a real refreshment for your dark hue hair. You can light up your black hair with color gradation, lighting up those dark tones and turning them to light ones. In the end, as a final touch, you can add some warm, fine caramel undertones that will soften the contrast between color transitions. This ombre hairstyle is very elegant one, based on darker notes that will create an impression of a stable woman with a strong attitude, but still, with a rebellious note. It can create a balance between the dark notes which represent wild and untamed passion, and light ones, which establish order from all that chaos.

Source – styledavenue

44. Cute Blonde Ombre

Cute Ombre Hairstyle

This brunette to copper hair style will give you a laid back and sexy look. It can give a nice glow to the dull color, and it is best for medium complexions. The key to this hairstyle is the spontaneous addition of light notes to the end of your hair. The blonde note on the end is essential because it creates wonderful effect and softens strong facial features. However, creating this kind of transition with dominant blonde color gives a note of mystique that swirls around woman. It is a combination that reminds us on oriental beauties and easy going life. Have in mind, this ombre style is much easier to make if your hair is dark, while starting from lighter notes will take some time.

Source – Getty Images

45. Easy DIY Hairstyle

Cute DIY Hair Idea

This casual but dramatic transition is an easy DIY ombre hairstyle. Espresso brown hue gets more soften with smooth and sandy brown highlights, and an expressive blonde finishing. The essential part of this hairstyle is a soft caramelish transition from brown to honey gold. This combination will put out your green or brown eyes, and it will create an impression of easy going, sexy and independent woman who knows what she wants from life, and from the hairstylist. On the other hand, this style is probably a style that you can use when you don’t have time to think of something more complex, since it is an easy one, and it suits almost every face type.

Source – Getty Images

46.Ombre for Dark Hair

Dark Ombre Hairstyle

This ombre hairstyle is a really special one, covered in mystery and sensuality. It is a black ombre with a slight gradation, which goes from darkest notes and proceed to the subtle brown and mahogany moments at the end of the hair. You can even add some fine red or brown parts to decorate the black top, and to make the color transition evident but well-matched. Although on first sight, this hairstyle might look one-dimensional because of the dominant black, but it is a hairstyle that will make everybody turn heads just because of that mystical note which says “Hey, there is so much more behind this face and hair”.

Source – glamradar

+20 Great Ombre Styles

20 Great Ombre Styles

There is an Ombre style for every lady, regardless of her haircut or her natural hair color, and this mixture of no less than 20 different Ombre styles certainly prove just that! Check out this lovely compilation of Ombres and choose the one that best matches your personal taste and preferences.

Source – pophaircuts

+VIDEO TUTORIAL – Simple Ombre Style Tutorial To Try At Home

Having your hair professionally dyed at a hair salon can cost you quite a lot of money, but the good news is that with the right colors, tools and utensils, you can perfectly replicate a professional salon results, in your very own bathroom. Here is a tutorial designed for all the daring ladies who are not afraid of taking the problem into their own hands and going Ombre at home! Source – youtube

To summarize, the Ombre hairstyle will definitely keep on being popular and sought-after for a few more years, mainly because in addition to being very beautiful and unique it is also very low maintenance, and it saves people a lot of time and trouble.

Play with the colors, mix them in any way you want, but if you have decided to dye your hair at home, make sure to use aluminum foils and to gradually apply dye die, for a smooth and fading effect that will blow your mind!

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