25 Awesome Hairstyles For Little Girls Making Them Look Absolutely Stunning!

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Love for looking gorgeous and putting beautiful hairstyles together is something that comes naturally with girlhood, no matter what’s the age. And that’s why those little girls too deserve a good touch of styling sprucing up their tresses with elegance. Here are 25 Awesome Hairstyles For Little Girls Worthy Enough of Making Them Look Absolutely Stunning!

14. Easy Fold-Up Braids

Easy Fold-Up Braids

The authors calls these ultra-easy braids as back to school’ hairstyle for your little girls. Once you put two two Dutch Braids together, you simply cross them and fold them up on the sides.

Style Details : cutegirlshairstyles

15. Braid In A Braid

Braid In A Braid

As easy as making a 3-strand braid – this one is about integrating a thin braid into a thicker one having the former as one of its sections. What makes it even more attractive is pulling the edges out.

Style Details : princesshairstyles

16. Braided Flower Tieback

Braided Flower Tieback

What a wonderful take on the idea of braided tiebacks! Replace the regular tieback with a super-cute braided flower, beginning with simple braids and putting a few bobby pins to creativity.

Style Details : cutegirlshairstyles

17. Hair Wrapped Bubble Ponytail

Hair Wrapped Bubble Ponytail

Spruce up the most regular of ponytails, transforming them into a hair wrapped bubble beauty. Divide the tail into smaller vertical sections and cover each of the bands with a strand of hair.

Style Details : babesinhairland

18. Ribbon Braid Wrapped Sock Bun

Ribbon Braid Wrapped Sock Bun

Once you have got the pretty lady a glamorous bun centred around a donut-like bun maker, add a lot more oomph factor to the look by wrapping the bun with a braid while hiding the gap between bun and the head.

Style Details : babesinhairland

19. Short Hair Pig Tails

Short Hair Pig Tails

Two pigtails wherein one is made half the hair down and the other half the hair up take just a few steps to be disguised into super adorable bows using some bobby pins and elastics.

Style Details : girlydohairstyles

20. Knotted Side Part

Knotted Side Part

Why not add a touch of style to regular pixie cut hair that are just worn down, when all it takes is to divide the side parted tresses into smaller sections and add a clever knot in each.

Style Details : girlydohairstyles

21. Rosette Headband

Rosette Headband

As the title suggests, this hairdo features bunch of roses forming a lovely headband on your little beauty’s head! Twist the hair into flat buns and adorn them with mini crystals.

Style Details : princesspiggies

22. Woven Braids and Twists

Woven Braids and Twists

If she loves all things a little dramatic and edgy, then these woven braids and twists are surely going to delight her. Begin with a few simple braids, adding clever twists and turns when it comes to combining them with each other.

Style Details : babesinhairland

23. Swedish Piggies

Swedish Piggies

Pulling groups of hair from smaller sections of a pony tail on one of the side, followed by adding those pull outs to another ponytail on the other side is the key to this one-of-a-kind hairstyle.

Style Details : princesspiggies

24. Double Braided Headband

Double Braided Headband

That double braided headband on the top is sheer cuteness, while bunches of hair pulled out from either sides and twisted only to be joined with a pretty flower at the back are utterly charming.

Style Details : babesinhairland

25. Cool Braided Hairdo

Cool Braided Hairdo

Straight out from the pages of a fantasy, this one is an ultra-innovative hairstyle pulled off on the tresses of your little girl. Lots of mini braids from the side couple up with the one in the middle in an unearthly fashion!

Style source : pin.it

Just a few twists, turns and a little super quick braiding is all it takes to transform those lovely locks from regular to extraordinary. So why not try your hands on one or more of the above hairstyles for little girls to let that young beauty charm one and all?

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