15 Super Trendy Baby Boy Haircuts Charming Your Little One’s Personality

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Being an integral part of one’s overall appearance, haircuts and hairstyles have reached all new heights of creativity when it comes to working out your little boy’s tresses too. While some of the haircuts make the kiddos look oh so adorable, others might be a younger version of a super trendy men’s hairstyle. Take a look at these 15 Awesome Baby Boy Haircuts and figure out what looks best on your kiddo!

11. Side Swept Bangs with Varying Length

Side Swept Bangs with Varying Length A few tweaks added to the traditional idea of side swept hair, this one goes for fine trims on the sides as well as the back of the head. The middle bangs are swept to one side, and gradual variation in the length of the middle hair can surely be called the star element of this cool baby boy haircut. Style Details : pin.it

12. Wild Crown and Short Sides


Yes of course, he is a little boy, but this super gorgeous of a hairstyle instantly transforms him into a stunning man, specially when you dress him up in that all grown-up yet adorable fashion. A fine part separates the full crown area from the perfectly trimmed tresses on the side.

Style Details : instagram

13. Combover and Side Stripes

5 Star Cuts BarberShop (@5starcutsbarbershop) által megosztott bejegyzés,

Innocence reaches all new heights when your little one sports this combover in is finely swept silky hair. The sides are kept short and trim, but what totally steals the show here is those two little stripes worked out on one of the sides. One heck of a truly versatile baby boy haircut.

Style Details : instagram

14. Brush up Quiff

Brush up Quiff

Looking absolutely splendid on a baby boy with short to medium hair length, the brushed up quiff stands out with the voluminous and thick hair element is flaunts. Relaxed and messy, this one makes the hair look like they have been brushed straight up, while the short sides add a dash of variation.

Style Details : haircutinspiration

15. Cute Afro Flat Top

Cute Afro Flat Top

Specially designed for curly and thick afro hair, this style comes with a fine shape and definition on the crown, having a skin fade at the back. Although, there’s no clear parting, the hair on the sides have been tapered to the skin, beginning right from the bottom edge of the afro flat top and advancing towards the ears.

Style Details : haircutinspiration

The kind of haircut you choose for your little one’s tresses brings out a whole new character to their personality. However, at the end of the day, what matters the most is to go for a cut that not only makes them look adorable and stylish, but also make them feel comfortable. And, all of the above baby boy haircuts do just that, with utmost cuteness!

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