25 Delicate Flower Nail Designs Adding Lovely Blooms To Your Fingertips!

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Floral nails somehow, always seem to be in trend - all credit goes to the kind of elegance they bring to your fingertips, while celebrating the beauty of flowers in the most vibrant fashions possible. And the whole lot of possibilities to work out a variety of shapes and designs for the flowers, makes the concept an ideal choice of beginners as well as the experts. Not to forget, the spectrum of colors you can bring to life when painting flowers on your nails. Here are 25 delicate flower nail designs that are surely going to add some lovely blooms to your fingertips.

Flower Nail Designs

1. Nude Flower Manicure

Nude Flower Manicure

A subtle manicure that you can flaunt throughout the season, these floral nails done with pleasant nude shades keep things simple not only with the kind of colors they go for, but also the design that’s worked up on only one accent finger for each hand. Coat the thumb and the two first fingers with a pastel pink hue, while going for a dash of light shimmer in the same hue for the last tip. Speaking of the accent finger, allow pink to shape up as a gorgeous flower with thick white 3D outlines, And, place a gleaming rhinestone for the flower’s center to get that much-needed element of sparkle in the otherwise simple design. If you want to keep it monochromatic, you can coat the backdrop for the accent finger with pink as well, however, this inspiration uses a soft grey to add some contrast to the flower.

Design Details : pin.it

2. White on Turquoise Floral Nails

White on Turquoise Floral Nails

Vibrance is the word for this stunning petal design set on a turquoise background, apt and appropriate for the spring season. The use of gel lacquer instead of traditional nail paints makes the manicure much bright, while those super white flowers bring out a great contrast of colors. And what makes the blue tips shine even more is a layer of glossy top coat applied after painting the floral pattern on the base. Adding a few little silver rhinestones on the flowers are only going to amp up the overall appearance of your pretty fingertips. Pair the mani with an elegant outfit and a glamorous hairdo and you are all set for a memorable evening dinner or a happening party with friends. Get the pattern done on all the the nails, or simply adapt the idea of accent nails – this one’s going to hit all the right notes every single time.

Design Details : bestartnails

3. Dark Background Floral Mani

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Expressing it quite well how you can also incorporate dark tones into your mani, this eye-catchy nail design is uber-classy yet super easy to create. That deep maroon-plus-mauve in matte makes the design truly noticeable in itself, however, the white embossed flowers done on the glamorous backdrop add so much more charm to the look. And for the decorations, you can always place a few sparkling silver rhinestones along the lower edge of the nails for one of the tips. To forge the design, all you are going to need is a dark mauve-like nail enamel in matte finish, a base coat, a nice clear top coat, some rhinestones, a nail brush, and a white nail paint. Elena Lizunova takes you through the wonderful design through this lovely Instagram post that’s all about ‘ A picture is worth thousand words’. Design Details : instagram

4. Variety is the Game


How can a single mani blend so much variety together, that too with utmost grace? Each of the fingertips here comes with a different pattern, having a gorgeous floral tip work as the center of attraction for the overall design. You have a combination of grey and dark grey stripes on one, while another sports a solid shade of pastel pink. The thumb is coated with a dark matte grey, while one of the tips is decorated with loads of sparkles using a pink glitter nail enamel. Coming to the floral accents, you go for a dark grey background with roses done in two shades of pink coupled up with grey and light green leaves that add the perfect final touches to the flowers. Apply a matte top coat to keep the design intact, and voila! You have rightly forged this incredible idea shared by bad Girl Nails.

Design Details : instagram

5. 5-Petal Flower Nail Art

5-Petal Flower Nail Art

The traditional 5-petal flowers working as a reminiscent of your childhood drawings is the hero of this simple nail art design welcoming the spring in style. And the use of dotting tool to get the flowers done makes sure it takes doesn’t more than a few minutes to pull off the design. What pops out the flowers beautifully is a clever use of negative space for the background, finally coating the flowers with a nice matte top coat. Add silver rhinestones in the middle of the flowers to give them with an extra dose of volume, while the pale blue nail enamel worked up on the rest of the tips makes everything look so pleasing and fresh. Accent nails are good to go, but you can always make the design on all the tips for times when you are ready for a little over-the-top kinda manicure.

Design Details : bestartnails

6. Peach Floral Nail Design

Peach Floral Nail Design

Peach very well establishes itself as a beloved springy pastel hue when it comes to floral nail designs. And this inspiration is another great example of the stated fact. The floral tips are perfectly paired with the solid-coated ones, getting the plain tips their much needed dose of glam with a few rhinestones added at the bottom. Go for a neutral hue to coat the fingertips where you plan to paint the flowers, further working up the design in a combination of pink and white with greens using a thin nail art brush. Those simple white lines bring out the pretty flowers without any need to strive for artistic perfection. Apply a clear top coat to keep the design secure and the rhinestones in perfect place, and you are all set to rock this one heck of a manicure with just about any costume you don.

Design Details : pin.it

7. Pink and White Flower Nail Tutorial

Pink and White Flower Nail Tutorial

You just can’t go wrong with pink and white coming together if it’s about screaming romance out loud with your fingertips. Plus, forging this design on your nails is a total child’s play, no matter if you are a novice or a true connoisseur at nail arts. That mesmerising floral pattern done in white sits atop a subtle blush pink coat of nail enamel, and all you have to do to paint the flowers is to make little round petals using a thick-tip dotting tool. For a touch of extra splendour, top the flowers with golden studs in the middle after applying a clear top coat, and get your fingers ready to steal all the hearts. Take a look at this incredible tutorial shared by Lulus to make your very own versions of the pink and white flower nails, that too with just a matter of few minutes, following the pictorial steps in the quick guide.

Design Details : lulus

8. Daisy Delight Inspired Spring Nail Art

Daisy Delight Inspired Spring Nail Art

Bright blossoms are undoubtedly, an ever-successful ingredient for putting beautiful spring manis together, just like these Daisy Delight inspired nails that are light, feminine and oh so delightful. The white background helps each of the colors of the flowers pop out, and once you have applied two coats of solid white nail enamel on the tips, grab a big and small dotting tool to paint the flowers. Accompany a larger pink 5-petal flower with smaller green and peach ones, lastly, making their centers with a gold polish and further sealing it all with a clear top coat. If you want to make things a little less bold, replace the bright colors with pastel ones. Head to the easy-to-follow step by step tutorial to work up the nails as shared by Sonailicious.

Design Details : sonailicious

9. Cath Kidston Nails

Cath Kidston Nails

A gorgeous twist on dotting tool flowers, this super elegant nail art adds little dots all around the chief flowers resting on all the fingertips, thereby making it a more fuller and charming piece of creativity. You begin by painting your nails blue throughout, followed by working up adorable cloud shapes in white nail enamel using a dotting tool. Now grab your thin brush and create light pink flower like shapes inside the clouds, painting little details of the rose in dark pink. Lovely green works wonders as the leaves of the flowers, while acrylic paint is used to make the dotted outlines. For a detailed pictorial tutorial of the Cath Kidston nails, take a look at the below inspiration by One Nail to Rule Them All.

Design Details : onenailtorulethemall

10. Vietnam Inspired Floral Nail Art Tutorial

Vietnam Inspired Floral Nail Art Tutorial

It seems quite unconventional of a concept to pair a design as delicate as florals with an edgy pattern like geometrical stripes, but this Vietnam inspired floral nail art does it in the coolest fashion ever. Although this design seems to be a little complicated, it’s actually so easy to put it together, while not calling for any expert drawing skills at all. What you are going to need is a white and bright pink nail polish, a base coat, a top coat, a striping tape, a middle sized nail art brush, and a dotting tool to get started with the design. Keeping white as the base for all the tips, you alternate the foreground, wherein beautiful pink flowers on two tips are alternated by subtle pink stripes on the remaining ones. Check out the details shared by Sonailicious.

Design Details : sonailicious

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