20 Waterfall Braid Tutorials Adding Beautiful Twists and Turns to Your Hair!

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Braiding is no more limited to simply grabbing a few strands and locking them together - it has reached new heights of creativity, ending up in all sorts of glorious looks for your hair! One such braiding technique taking the world of hairstyles by a storm is the waterfall braid. Leaving some top strands fall down freely rather than being blended through the braid is the key to putting it together. And these 20 Waterfall Braid Tutorials bring out some amazing tweaks and twists to the technique!

Waterfall Braid Tutorials

1. Half-Head Waterfall Braid

Half-Head Waterfall Braid

Adding all the prettiness of a waterfall braid to one single side of the head, this styling tutorial showcases how to work out the braid upto the middle of the back of the head, pinning it with 2 crossed bobby pins.
Style Details : popsugar

2. Side Part Waterfall Braid

Side Part Waterfall Braid

The key to this smooth-flowing waterfall look is to create a side part in the hair, further braiding the tresses beginning from the parting until you reach the temple and secure the hair in place.

Style Details : pin.it

3. Romantic French Waterfall Braid

Romantic French Waterfall Braid

Pick up 3 strands of hair beginning from the hairline to start a French braid. As you advance towards the back, pick up new sections of hair until you get behind the opposite ear, ending with a normal three-strand braid for an inch.

Style Details : seventeen

4. Curved Waterfall Braid

That stunning curved waterfall braid crown right from the forehead to the back of the other ear truly steals the show. SweetHearts Hair takes you through the whole styling with detailed visual steps.

Credit : youtuber – SweetHearts Hair

5. Waterfall Mermaid Braid

Waterfall Mermaid Braid

Nothing can spruce up long hair as gorgeous as this one. Instead of going for free-flowing strands that come out from regular waterfall braid, you actually tuck the strands away in another braid at the back.

Style Details : hairromance

6. Color Coordinated Waterfall Braid

Color Coordinated Waterfall Braid

The combination of chocolate brown and golden flaunted by the tresses makes every single strand of this waterfall braid stand out with a playful and chic look. This pictorial representation teaches how to manage the sections to forge the style.

Style Details : pin.it

7. Flower Bun Waterfall Braid

Flower Bun Waterfall Braid

An amazing twist to a waterfall braid – this hairstyle is adorned with a super cute flower bun at the back. Make a waterfall braid on each side for a boho, further wrapping their ends up into the bun.

Style Details : pin.it

8. Waterfall Braid with Curled Ends

Waterfall Braid with Curled Ends

Although, this subtle and authentic waterfall braid wrapped around the head to reach the opposite ear looks great with straight hair, going for curled ends is what makes the look oh so romantic.

Style Details : pin.it

9. Waterfall Plait

Waterfall Plait

Combine a crown braid and a waterfall braid together to bring this plaited hairstyle to life. You need to make two waterfall braids on each side of the head, working out a half crown by pinning them together.

Style Details : hairstyles-haircuts

10. Loop Waterfall Braid

Loop Waterfall Braid

Those loose strands or sections of hair that seem to accompany the soft flowing single-side waterfall braid are the undoubted star element here. To define your hair better, add in texture with dry shampoo o a light pomade.

Style Details : bloglovin

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