20 Waterfall Braid Tutorials Adding Beautiful Twists and Turns to Your Hair!

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Braiding is no more limited to simply grabbing a few strands and locking them together – it has reached new heights of creativity, ending up in all sorts of glorious looks for your hair! One such braiding technique taking the world of hairstyles by a storm is the waterfall braid. Leaving some top strands fall down freely rather than being blended through the braid is the key to putting it together. And these 20 Waterfall Braid Tutorials bring out some amazing tweaks and twists to the technique!

11. Casual French Waterfall Braid

Casual French Waterfall Braid

A casual kinda appeal is flaunted by this loose French braid that beautifully wraps around the back of your head. Once, it reaches the back, you make a regular braid, finally fixing the end with a clear band or elastic.

Style Details : beauty-tutorial.blogspot

12. Four Strand Waterfall Braid

You are definitely going to fall head over heels in love with this perfection – a 4 stranded waterfall braid combining thin and thick sections of hair with unbeatable splendour. That sparkling clip makes it even more awesome.

Credit: youtuber –  Missy Sue

13. Braids from Free-Flowing Waterfall Strands

Braids from Free-Flowing Waterfall Strands

Why leave those free-flowing strands of a waterfall braid as it is when you can turn each of them into yet another of a gorgeous braid? Twisty smaller braids form the perfect accompaniments to the crown on top.

Style Details : pin.it

14. Pull Through/Scissor Waterfall Braid

Pull through or scissor braiding is an uber cool technique of working out the strands, wherein you wrap, split and combine different sections to form a repeating scissor-like pattern. And this one blends the technique into a waterfall braid.

Cedit : youtuber –  HairNailsInspiration

15. Waterfall Braid Short Hair

Who said that those luxuriously molded hairstyle, leaving free-flowing tresses resembling a waterfall were only meant for long hair? You can always integrate that braided crown into your short hair, as showcased in this tutorial.

Credit : youtuber – Milabu

16. Side-Swept Waterfall Braid

Side-Swept Waterfall Braid

Ditch the conventional idea of making a waterfall braid across the head in a horizontal fashion – instead bring it down vertically as you reach backwards. And of course, you go for a side-sweep for the unbraided tresses.

Style Details : pin.it

17. Cascading Waterfall Braid

Is a little drama every now and then is your cup of tea? This cascading waterfall braid gathers the free-flowing strands turned into smaller braids from the side and turns them into another tail braid at the back.

Credit : youtuber – Braidsandstyles12

18. Pull-Through Waterfall Braid with Back Ponytail

Little ponytails replace the hair sections that you pick to assemble the waterfall braid, while the strands can be braided in the pull-through fashion. Repeat for both the sides and combine them in one single ponytail at the back.

Style Details : youtube

19. Side Waterfall Braid

Side Waterfall Braid

Of course, you can pull off a waterfall braid in any direction you want, this tutorial takes you through doing it on the side of the head. Simply plait it when you get to the back, or combine it with another waterfall braid from the other side.

Style Details : violetlebeaux

20. Fancy Waterfall Braid Ponytail

Fancy Waterfall Braid Ponytail

Two waterfall braids on the same side of the head advance towards a ponytail at the back, further being tied with an elastic band. The hair that’s left is made into a french braid, and incorporated into the same ponytail.

Style Details : makeupwearables

Rushing to the office and are short on time? You have got a 5-minute waterfall braid! Planning for a memorable romantic date? Choose a yet another breathtaking style from the aforesaid waterfall braid tutorials, combining it with lovely buns or free-flowing curls! In a nutshell, waterfall braids are a thing of prettiness that won’t disappoint your tresses.

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