Flaunt a Splash of Color on The Back of your Nails with this DIY Double Sided Mani!

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Do you find it no less than rocket science to create those floral patterns, intricate designs and that spectrum of colors flowing in neatly done curls on such a tiny of a surface that your nails are? Yet those breathtaking nail designs flaunted by your friends make you envy them even more? These easy-to-achieve yet out-of-the-box DIY Double Sided Nails are what you need!

DIY Double Sided Nails

Making your friends scream those ‘ohhhs’ and ‘wowws’ with a splash of gorgeous color on your fingertips as well as the other side of your nails would seem a piece of cake with this innovative idea, as here is something that perhaps, most of us haven’t seen before.

A simple application of some Vaseline petroleum jelly at the back of your fingers and a plain application of nail enamels on those little tips peeking out of your palms can make them stand out with unbeatable beauty.

What’s great is that you are going to need just a handful of supplies, including five of your favorite colors of nail enamel to work out a separate color on each nail, a white nail paint, a black nail polish, a base coat, a top coat, and some Vaseline petroleum jelly to get it all done.

And to keep things subtle yet catchy, simply let the front of your nails be painted in the classic combination of black and white that will complement the rest of the colors just like magic.

The below YouTube video tutorial by Rclbeauty101 takes you through the easy-to-follow process of pulling off the Double Sided Nails all by yourself. You will be surprised to see how effortless it is to recreate this manicure using the most basic of your nail art tools.

DIY Double Sided Nails!

Video and Pictures via Rclbeauty101

You really don’t need to be a pro at nail designing to make a mark with your stunning fingertips anymore!

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