50 Gel Nails Designs That Are All Your Fingertips Need To Steal The Show

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That amazing power to last super long makes gel polish manicures a sure-shot winner when it comes to gorgeous nail arts that are going to keep your fingertips dazzling for days! Not only are those long-lasting, but gel manicures open up a whole world of possibilities to transform your nails from plain to absolutely enchanting. Whether it’s getting a 3rd dimension to your tips, working out acrylics, creating intricate patterns and prints or simply adorning them with layers of glitter, gel nail paints have got you covered. To prove the statement even better, below are 50 Gel Nails Designs That Are All Your Fingertips Need To Steal The Show.

16. White Glittery Tips

White Glittery Tips

Now you can make a lovely statement that won’t be missed for sure – introduce this next to prepossessing one of gel nails designs to your fingertips and let yourself dazzle with that much needed shine for a special occasion. However, that white background for the cleverly painted glitter tips makes things absolutely calming for the eyes, while that little embellishment near the bottom brings out a little more splendor to the manicure on a larger level. Take a look at the below inspiration and get going to recreate your own versions!

Design Details : pin

17. Nude and Silver Acrylic Nails

Nude and Silver Acrylic Nails

No matter how ironical does the title sound, the actual manicure has got each of the elements complimenting each other with utmost perfection. Paint all your tips in a dark coat of nude pink, finally choosing one of the nails for the lovely silver glitter accent work. And that square oval shape of the nails surely deserves a special mention when it comes to pulling off an elegant, girly appeal to your look. All you need is a nude polish, a top coat, and a glitter nail gel to put the design together in just a few minutes.

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18. Simple Stripe Gel Nail Art

Simple Stripe Gel Nail Art

Speaking of nail arts that are ready to be brought to life at home, stripey nails can never go out of trend – all thanks to the ease with which they can be done as well as the creativity they add to one’s persona with their geometrical look and sharp differentiation of colors. What this one does is to make three silver striping tape divisions on the tips, while having each of the blocks coated in a different shade of purple, advancing from the lightest at the cuticles to the darkest hue on the top.

Design Details : renewed-style

19. White and Pink Ombre Gel Nail Polish

White and Pink Ombre Gel Nail Polish

Here’s an incredible inspiration for the novice as well as connoisseurs at nail art that celebrates ombre fingertips with unbeatable grace, making it all truly apt for a romantic time all set to steal your special one’s heart. And those subtle colors are a treat for the eyes. After all, who can reject the union of pink and white when it comes to romance. If you want a little luxury to the design, go for placing a few embellishments of your choice on some of the cuticles, and voila!

Design Details : pinterest

20. Cherry Red and Ivory

Cherry Red and Ivory

We all love to experiment with a huge variety of stylish gel nails designs on long tips. But you would be delighted to know that here’s an equally elegant and gorgeous one, whether you got square shaped extensions or small tips – a contrast of cherry red paint and ivory yellow gel polish! Paint all the fingers in a solid coat of cherry red, while working out an accent on the ring finger. All you need to do is to paint a triangle with a gold fringe and fill the sections on that nail in the two chief colors of the manicure.

Design Details : bestartnails

21. Nudes with White Gel Polish Accent

Nudes with White Gel Polish Accent

Pretty creamy nude, one of the most celebrated summery pastel shade, gets a chic update with this glossy finish nail art that has got one of the tips painted with white gel polish. Plus, that thing of white is accompanied by two stripes of golden tape going across the nail in a diagonal fashion. This mani is surely a complete work of art in its simplest yet most outstanding form. And even if you are trying to pull off a design the first time, nothing can be better than the idea of un-ornamented to begin with.

Design Details : instagram

22. 3D Gel Nails

3D Gel Nails

3D has got a complete another level of designing come to life with the dimension it adds to even the most simplest of forms – exactly like these stripes, lines and waves all coming together right on top of your fingertips. The showstopper of this mani is the ring finger which sports a solid shade of white hiding a layer of 3 dimensional drawing in the same shade, while the other tips are painted subtle pink with cute little embellishments in gold or even more of those white acrylic dots to compliment the background. Design Details : instagram

23. Striping Tape Patterns in Gold

Striping Tape Patterns in Gold  

Why go for just that one single stripe of tape placed on the tips when you can work out an absolutely lavish work of creativity ending up in an intricate pattern of contrasting colors. Putting lots of striping tape on the nail to draw an interesting design on a white backdrop, this one has got bright golden glitter gel polish playing the perfect foreground with utmost prettiness. For the rest of the tips, use your creative freedom and go for ombre glitter, solid gold or a subtle one of some more striping tape work.

Design Details : instagram

24. Solid and Subtle Matte Gel Nails

Solid and Subtle Matte Gel Nails

This delicate matte design is what you need with a pretty summery dress or even a luxurious party gown. Ditch all decorations, prints, patterns and designs – instead going for a solid shade of dark nude to cover the whole of your nails. Specially if you have got those long acrylic nails on, you wouldn’t fail to steal the show at the party, because at times, keeping things calm makes you stand out and catch a glimpse like no dramatic ideas ever can. Take a look and get inspired by the below Instagram!

Design Details : instagram

25. Bring Out Those Hidden Negative Spaces

Bring Out Those Hidden Negative Spaces

You simply can’t go wrong when it comes to coupling up black with that negative space of your fingertips! Nothing can go any better than the natural texture and beauty of your nails, if you combine it with a sleek and trendy geometric design that uses the negative spaces in the most artistic fashions. Pulling off a set of squares, triangles and stripes in black, you simply don’t need to grab any more colors for this one. Another great idea is to go for an added gloss, painting the base with a shiny nude or a clear base coat.

Design Details : pin

26. Champagne Glitter and Sparkles

Champagne Glitter and Sparkles

Ready to get over the moon with a glorious dash of glitters and sparkles ? Although, those tips painted in alternating solids of silver and golden glitter gel polish were alone awesome enough, our favorite part here is the gentle blending of the two shades on a single tip, that too in an overly soft ombre transition. All you need to gather is a nice gel base polish, a golden glitter gel polish, a silver gel polish, a makeup sponge, and lastly, a top coat to make sure your shines stay in perfect place.

Design Details : pin

27. Matte Gel Nails With Cute Embellishments

Matte Gel Nails With Cute Embellishments

Don’t keep yourself limited to the traditional colors of glossy paints like reds, pinks, and other neon – dull mattes are taking the world of manicures by a storm ! And yes, unexpected hues of brown, cream and mauve work just as well with little touches of embellishments that pop out on the otherwise dull backdrop. This is surely something that doesn’t call for any great nail art skills as it’s all about pulling off a few solid coats of your favorite matte, letting it dry and waiting for all its charm to take over.

Design Details : instagram

28. Forget Over-The-Top Glitters

Forget Over-The-Top Glitters

Most ladies find themselves getting a little intimidated by the idea of going for glitters as they don’t want to venture out too far with that element of glamour. If that’s exactly what you feel like, here’s what you need to create a look that’s not at all over-the-top. Right from fingertips coated in a solid matte of light pink to tips flaunting a pleasing glitter in silver, this one has you covered. The special part here is the ring finger that combines negative space, striping tapes, the glitters and the mattes together!

Design Details : pin

29. It’s All About Matte Pastels and Shimmer

Are you storing a special corner in your heart for subtle ultra-feminine pastels? If that’s what you can’t get enough of, there’s nothing more amazing than some solid dark purple or nude pink matte nails coupled up with a magical tip that contains an outrageous dose of silver shimmer. You can add a sparkling twist to even the pastel tips by putting curves of big and small rhinestones on those minimalistic delights. Who needs jewelry when you have turned your fingertips into a thing of jewels in themselves !

Design Details : instagram

30. Go For Variations in The Same Shade

Go For Variations in The Same Shade

While every mani you come across either sticks with exclusive matte or gloss for all the tips, this one is breaking the internet with it’s glossy tips on one of the hands going miraculously well with a matte coat of the very same shade for the second hand. What’s common for both is a special ring finger gorgeousness that goes for a thick coat of glittered gel polish in the same shade yet again. Who would wait to sample the trend on their very own tips the moment they take a look at it?

Design Details : instagram

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