How to contour your Chest Makeup Tutorial!

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The art of contouring is taking the world of makeup and beauty by quite a storm. You probably would have come across the sculpting technique to enhance the facial features while doing the makeup, specially for making the cheekbones more distinct. But, did you know you can add that element of sultriness and more dimension to your chest and neck too with contouring, thereby giving an impression of a fuller chest.

Using contouring and highlighting on the neck portion and your chest is a great technique for not only those who feel somewhat unsatisfied with the size of their breasts, but also for those who want to enhance their cleavage a little more.

How to contour your Chest Makeup Tutorial!

All you need is:

  • Contour Stick
  • Concealer stick
  • Powder Foundation
  • Contour
  • Highlight palette
  • Minerals Foundation
  • Contour Brushes to blend everything together.

Once your body is moisturized properly, you are set to work out the contouring and highlighting. You begin with adding the dark and light colors in a way to make a V between your breasts and moves to the collar bone. The key is to add the dark concealer in areas which need some shade to create more depth. Further, you blend in the colors together and voila! You will be surprised to see the amazing results.

Instant Cleavage (Makeup Magic)

To learn how you can make your contouring look totally natural and lovely, head towards this YouTube video by dope2111 that takes you through the pro technique to pull off the perfect chest contouring with detailed step-by-step visual instructions.

Planning for a romantic dinner or a pool party and want to look a little more plump and sensuous? It takes just minutes to create the illusion of a larger bust with subtle and natural results that flaunt a glow-finish, that too with utmost ease. Click for more Beauty Hack Ideas!

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