She Brushes Activated Charcoal Onto Her Teeth. The Results? Your Smile Will Sparkle!

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Nothing can work better than a great smile when it comes to brightening up someone’s day and making a long-lasting impression. That’s the reason we spend heaps of money on the appearance and color of our teeth. Here is an all natural, affordable and simple solution to whiten your teeth that brushes them with something you’d never expect – charcoal!

Bright, white teeth are not only charming and attractive, but also work as a symbol of good health, whereas stained, dull teeth are the last thing you want to smile with. The list of stuff available out there to whiten your teeth is almost endless. However, most professional treatments are quite over the top when it comes to the costs, the affordable solutions such as at-home trays or strips are rich in harmful chemicals.

She Brushes Activated Charcoal Onto Her Teeth. The Results? Your Smile Will Sparkle!

But did you know that a simple product kicking around your home can work wonders when it comes to giving you a pearly smile? Brushing with a black powdered substance that’s available out there in less than 10 dollars, Activated Charcoal, you can get brighter teeth, worthy enough of letting you smile with pride!

Take a look at the below YouTube video by Mama Natural to learn how you can get rid of all those stains on your teeth and flaunt a whiter, shinier smile by brushing them with some activated charcoal powder.

Activated Charcoal – Weird Way to Whiten Teeth

Activated charcoal is actually carbon that has been treated with oxygen and it is great in keeping poison from being absorbed into the body if it is digested. It absorbs all the bacteria and stains that are found on the teeth, working even better than the store-bought teeth whitening stuff.

To witness immediate whitening of your teeth, all you have to do is scrub some activated charcoal onto your teeth using a toothbrush for about 3–5 minutes and rinse out all the black. Voila – Instant Shine!

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