18 Special Occasion Hairstyles That Will Make You Enchant the Big Day!

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Getting ready for a party, an occasion or a romantic date seems to be impossible without getting a stunning hair updo. But, who has got time to hit the salon every time? If you want to rock the big day with beautifully done hair that complement your overall look with grace, here are 19 special occasion hairstyles that are all you need.  

10. Low Bun with Curly Strands and Golden Embellishment

Low Bun with Curly Strands and Golden Embellishment

We bet you just won’t go wrong with a hairstyle as charming as this one, bringing the best out of each and every strand of hair with the way they are tied up together. Standing out from a regular bun, this one creates an impression of individual curly bunches of hair being lined up together and twisted into a final bun. For added splendour, you add a bright sparkling hair clip in a golden hue looking like a branch of berries atop the bun. Turn your tresses into thick curls with a curling iron before you proceed with the steps to work up this style, making sure you leave down a few streaks flowing around the curve of your face, while tying the rest loosely to keep the curls intact.

Style Details : pinterest

11. Low Bun with Dutch Braid Crown

Low Bun with Dutch Braid Crown

One of the hottest trends of the decade, big fluffy Dutch braids never fail you when making a party-worthy hairstyle. And combining them with cute buns make it all absolutely unbeatable. Looking truly luxurious for the kind of simplicity that it comes with, the Dutch braid here is worked up to one side with a few tresses flowing down around the cheeks. Next, the braid is swept back and coupled up with the rest of the open hair only to be twisted into a beautiful back bun. Once you are done with the bun, you add the final icing on the cake with an adorable silver clip tucked into one side of your sleek bun. Head to the below pin to check out how glorious this updo is, being just perfect to steal some hearts on a date night.

Style Details : pinterest

12. Gorgeous Feminine Wedding Hairstyle

Gorgeous Feminine Wedding Hairstyle

Looking undone yet gorgeous in its own way, this wedding hairstyle makes its mark with the effortlessness it adds to your outlook. The texture it sports is a to-die-for something, adding a groovy touch to your hair that advance towards the back of the head and twist together into an endearing bun. Some extra volume is added to the hair by keeping them loosely tied, also letting some flow down on the face. Speaking of weddings, we must couple up the hairdo with a few decorative touches – adding a silver stone embellishment looking like a bunch of bright leaves is a good idea as the lustrous hue will complement your outfit no less than a miracle. Fab Mood shares the incredible hairstyle with you in this below link.

Style Details : fabmood

13. Twisted Full Hair Updo

Twisted Full Hair Updo

Grabbing strand by strand of your hair beginning from the forehead and advancing towards the back until all of them have been twisted and secured with an elastic or a tiny shining slip is the key to work up this full hair updo. Take small sections of your tresses and keep twisting them away from the face in a way that they all meet at the back of the head and are tucked together into a tiny bun in the most voluminous ways ever. Similar to braiding the hair, this look creates a rich texture for the styling. One of the coolest special occasion hairstyles, this updo is shared by Fab Mood in the below link, making each of the hair shine bright, specially if you have got blonde streaks. It’s time to keep your hair off your face in a way that grabs some eyeballs almost instantly.

Style Details : fabmood

14. Medium Length Bun

Medium Length Bun

If you have got medium length hair and often struggle to style them in an interesting hairdo, this one is going to come to your rescue. A twisted bun and beautiful highlights add volume to this styling that’s fancy enough to rock just about any occasion. Even better is the fact that this updo will go equally well with straight as well as curly hair, keeping them all loosely twisted into a low-bun that’s further decorated with a silver clip. Not to forget, this suits those who don’t want to go for all messy yet won’t prefer a totally sleek look for their tresses – it’s just the right balance of carefree and elegant. It’s all about twisting the hair back and securing them into a bun with the help of elastics or a few bobby pins.

Style Details : koees

15. Glorious Top Bun with Headband

Glorious Top Bun with Headband

Top buns often seem to be a regular phenomenon in the world of wedding hairstyles, but here’s a glorious version of the same that makes your tresses look all twisty and extraordinarily fluffy even if you haven’t got super long locks. A bun maker, a few bobby pins and a headband that can add final touches of decoration to your updo are all it takes to get started with the styling. The idea is to loosely comb hair from the front and the sides of the face upwards, further combing the back tresses too in the same direction so that all of them meet for a top bun. Once you have secured them together, you can place a headband sporting sparkling stones in silver and golden around the bun. Don’t pull back the hair too tight, so that the bun looks rightly messy, while leaving a few front flicks untied. Check out the below link by Koees to get your hands on this styling.

Style Details : koees

16. Fluffy Top Bun

Fluffy Top Bun

Your hair can never look ordinary or basic when you have turned them into a top bun holding loads of fluff. And this top bun is a must-add to your list of special hairdos. All you need to do is grab all the hair together and twist them into a bun, finally securing it in place with the help of some bobby pins. To bring out a little effortlessness, simply allow a few strands of hair fall down to one side of your face, and voila! If you can’t struggle making braids or working up intricately assembled hair, this one will let you cherish everything special about them in the most easy to pull off manners. Koees shares the incredible hairstyle in the below link, going for deep black hair with a few beautiful dark brown streaks.

Style Details : koees

17. Double Dutch Braids Twisted into Low Bun

Double Dutch Braids Twisted into Low Bun

Dutch braids having a tiny parting in the centre, running along both the sides of the face and braided towards the back look oh so marvellous with their pancaked texture and fluffy touch. But the double Dutch braids here get a few more touches of creativity and are turned into a low back bun that combines the braids alongwith the loose hair, ending up in a messy something yet again! The more fluffy this bun is, the more gorgeous your updo will look, so make sure you loosen up the braid as well as tuck the remaining hair into the bun loosely exactly as its showcased in the below Pin. The small free-flowing strands of hair all over the styling are all thanks to the true perfection this updo flaunts.

Style Details : pin.it

18. French Braid Half Updo

French Braid Half Updo

How could we leave French braids behind when talking about special occasion hairstyles – thanks to the huge possibilities these incredible braids leave for updos. Plus, this French braid half updo won’t cost you more than 5 minutes to get set, thereby being perfect for the last minute procrastinators. Simply start twisting and braiding hair on both the sides of your face gradually pulling backwards until the two braids connect at the back of the head. Further, you combine them into one single braid that beautifully flows down the remaining open tresses behind. Braiding only half the hair and leaving the rest undone makes this look stand out with complete magnificence. Check out the below Pin to get your hands on this thing of creativity.

Style Details : pinterest

Lovely messy buns to sleek braids that celebrate natural texture of your hair at its best, the above special occasion hairstyles have got you covered whether you have got short hair, medium or long tresses. How the list ranges from dramatic to subtle makes it suit each and every celebration or party to ever plan going to!

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