20 Awesome Summer Nail Designs Complimenting The Season With Hues of Brightness

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Summers are here and you are all set to hit the beach, catch up with friends for a nice afternoon meal and head to those rocking parties. But, doesn’t getting dressed up for the same call for a little ‘fingertips doing the talking’ to compliment your look on a whole? To get that done with utmost simplicity, here are 20 Awesome Summer Nail Designs Complimenting The Season With Hues of Brightness!

11. Coral Nails with Heart

Coral Nails with Heart

Get going to play around a little with some creamy shades of gloss and paint your nails with this coral nail art sporting a sparkling silver accent and a winsome heart painted on top of a white base and black stripes.

Design Details : indulgy

12. Confetti Nails

Confetti Nails

Confetti is an ever-successful ingredients to putting mesmerizing designs together, that too without being great at manicures. A few bright colors and a few dotting tools of different sizes get all the magic going almost effortlessly.

Design Details : pin.it

13. Pink Palm Trees

Pink Palm Trees

Don’t take the conventional route with your summer mani and replace the green of trees with some pink this time! Paint the hot pink trees on white backdrop as accents, or simply bring out the pattern to all the tips.

Design Details : ink361

14. Matte Beach Nails

The kind of charm matte nails bring to your overall look is simply unbeatable. And that’s exactly what these nails do with solid matte coats of aqua and light brown, having an ombre of the two decorated with beach-themed embellishments.

Design Details : instagram

15. Pretty Chevron Nails

Pretty Chevron Nails

If you have got a few chevron vinyls, then getting this thing of prettiness is a true child’s play. Work out a lovely ombre of pink and orange on all the tips, painting white zig-zags as accents on two of the tips. Design Details : nailsmaster

16. Simple Blings

Simple Blings

All about utmost simplicity, these tips are more than perfect for just about any occasion or a regular day at work. Keep all the nails painted in solids, while adding some bling to just one of the special tips. Design Details : pin.it

17. Easy Palm Tree Nail Art

Easy Palm Tree Nail Art

Glitz up your fingertips this summer with lots of golden beauty sitting on one of the tips, while the others are coated in bright aquas. The accent nails here are charmed up with palm trees in green and gold on a white base. Design Details : pin.it

18. Bright Pastels

Bright Pastels

Bright pastels and white when combined together, bring out a stunning contrast of colors that’s apt and appropriate for a sunny summer afternoon. To introduce a few touches of splendour, glitters works wonders here! Design Details : pin.it

19. Feather Nail Art

Feather Nail Art

Allowing you the freedom to paint those feathers with intended imperfections, this mani looks absolutely refreshing with those bright ombre and solid coats. And of course, it has also got some glitter glamming up the overall look !

Design Details : pin.it

20. Pink Lemonade Nails


That glowing shade of lemon yellow has been rightly complimented by a bright pink hue going for the base. Little touches of white bring out the details in those lemon slices that seem to be randomly going out of those pretty tip frames!

Design Details : instagram

Right from a glass of lemonade to those gorgeous beach shells, everything that makes summers great has perhaps, perfectly been covered in the aforesaid summer nail designs. It’s time to pay a little tribute to the season with your gorgeous fingertips decorated in the essence of those sunny days!

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