This One Simple Trick Will Turn Your Hair Soft, Shiny and Silky Smooth!

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Ready for a beauty hack that can change your hair the way you’ve only dreamed of? Imagine feeling those soft, smooth, nourished strands between your fingers. Soon you’ll see yourself in the mirror bestowed with the crowning glory you deserve. All because of something you’ve never thought could make it happen.

This One Simple Trick Will Turn Your Hair Soft, Shiny and Silky Smooth!

Ellko presents another edition of the much-awaited “Beauty Hacks: Fail or Holy Grail” wherein she test-drives the clever beauty approaches on herself. We never know what can take place, but what’s certain is she never fails to keep us fascinated as she unravels one discovery after the next. Now, she dives into the mayonnaise hair conditioner popular lore that many do not dare to try.

Beauty Hacks: Fail or Holy Grail? ♥ Mayo Conditioner

(Video and pictures via Ellko)

The point is, mayo has ample amounts of oils and protein that can render soft and nourished hair the way any conditioner would. If you come to think of it, this idea sure makes sense. Mayonnaise is comprised of soybean oil, whole eggs, egg yolks, water, sugar, salt, vinegar, lemon juice, and calcium disodium edta. Your typical kitchen ingredients definitely sound a lot better than potentially harmful substances commercial conditioners are manufactured with.

Did you know that some are even made richer and thicker to simply make them more appealing to consumers, yet possess the same compounds that lead to dryness, itchiness, dandruff, and other undesirable hair issues.

Knowing this, you’d probably be brave enough to go all-natural with mayonnaise, or maybe not. Well, Ellko sure is dauntless as she lathers her hair with an entire bottle of mayonnaise, for your eyes to see and find out how it all turned out! Are you willing to take the risk? There’s nothing to lose but a mere ingredient to that hamburger dressing, salad or side dish. Compared to the possibility of getting pretty nice hair that can make you glowing and feeling beautiful inside and out.

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