This Quick and Trouble-Free Fan Bun Updo is All About Graceful Perfection!

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Speaking of graceful and versatile hairstyles, buns always hold a place on top of the list. However, it might get a bit challenging to achieve a perfectly done updo when you are in a hurry. This quick and trouble-free Fan Bun that looks simply amazing has always been around, and makes it so easy to have the styling of your dreams

This Quick and Trouble-Free Fan Bun Updo is All About Graceful Perfection!

The good news here is that putting together this effortless hair updo is an affair that takes just a little deal of time. And yes, you don’t need to use lot of accessories to get things done. Just gather a few bobby pins, a ponytail holder, a hairspray, brush, a spray bottle, and a rat-tail comb.

You actually begin with making a high ponytail and lowering down the ponytail holder a little. The key is to flip the ponytail over your head by making a gap between your head and the holder. This is where you create a small bump to achieve the voluminous look.

In the below YouTube tutorial, Cute Girls Hairstyles shows you how you can tie this elegant and fashionable Fan Bun with detailed step-by-step instructions to let you pull off the look in no more than 3-5 minutes, without the need to approach a hairstylist anymore.

How to Create a Fan Bun – Updo Hairstyles

Creating the fan is all about pulling the sides of that bump you just made, followed by making two divisions of the ponytail. Both the sections are then wrapped over the ponytail holder and pinned right below your fan bun. To give that perfect finish, you just pin the sides of your fan bun just in place, and voila ! You have got that chic and gorgeous hairstyle just like magic.

Watch the quick tutorial and go flaunt your beautiful updo with charm, no matter whether you are going for a romantic dinner, a party or a busy day at work!

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