25 Beautiful & Stunningly Gorgeous Snow Globe Ideas For Your Home

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Looking for some fun, easy & pretty craft ideas? Well, if yes, then give these snowglobes a try! These snow globes will really make your home an absolute winter wonderland. Plus, crafting snow globes are too easy and simple.

If you’re a newbie crafter, then you will be surely amazed by discovering endless possibilities of crafting a magnificent & lovely snow globe. Whereas, experienced crafters will have more fun as they can use various advanced techniques. In fact, the snow globe is a brilliant craft that will surely please your kids too. Your kids will definitely have fun designing a sumptuous snowglobe, tipping it over, decorate it, and shaking it in order to see how the snow and glitter swirl around.


25 Beautiful & Stunningly Gorgeous Snow Globe Ideas For Your Home

Are you now looking for some unique snow globe ideas? If yes, then take a quick look at these 25 fanciful, incredibly beautiful, and insanely easy “snow globe ideas” that will make this winter even more festive. Now celebrate a festive winter wonderland by crafting these fantastic snow globes at your home. Also, you can even gift these beautiful crafts to your family and friends too. So, what are you waiting for? Start crafting a perfect snow globe!

1. DIY Winter Snow Globe

DIY Winter Snow Globe

Now prepare your very own DIY winter snow-globe for the upcoming holidays and Christmas (just by using very few supplies). Simply follow the 4 incredibly easy steps as mentioned in this tutorial.

DIY Details : sewwoodsy

2. Baby Food Jar Snow Globe

Baby Food Jar Snow Globe

Do you have a bunch of baby food jars in your home? You can now apply a great upcycle idea and utilize these cute little jars in order to craft mini snow globes just using few household items. Follow this tutorial; it’s easy to create & it’s a fantastic gift idea too.

DIY Details : craftaholicsanonymous

3. Family Portrait Snow Globe

Family Portrait Snow Globe

If you really love Christmas and crafting, then you can prepare these little-personalized family portrait snow globes at your home. Obviously, it will be a great reflection of your love & respect towards your family.

DIY Details : akailochiclife

4. DIY Snow Globe Necklace

DIY Snow Globe Necklace

If you have never made any jewelry before, then this unique craft will be a great project to start with as it requires few minimal tools & findings. Craft a snow globe following the quick tutorial and you’ll have a little winter wonderland within a jar!

DIY Details : the36thavenue

5. DIY Mason Jar Snowglobe

DIY Mason Jar Snowglobe

Preparing Mason jar crafts are always fun. Particularly, this major jar snowglobe craft is too easy to prepare, pretty inexpensive to make and it can be done so quickly at your home. Take a look at the below mentioned tutorial.

DIY Details : classyclutter

6. DIY Snow Globe Ornaments

DIY Snow Globe Ornaments

There is something magical about these snow globes. If you are actively looking for a way to bring that magic into your Christmas, then this tutorial will be just apt for you. These simple yet stunning DIY snow globe ornaments tutorial will help you to create beautiful craft additions to your home.

DIY Details : darice

7. DIY Mini Snow Globe Ornament

DIY Mini Snow Globe Ornament

Craft a unique and stunningly beautiful snow globe by following this tutorial. It just requires 4 – 5 inexpensive household items. In fact, you can also use the old-fashioned plastic Christmas light bulbs to craft this snow globe.

DIY Details : nobiggie

8. Easy Christmas Snow Globe Idea

Easy Christmas Snow Globe Idea

Looking for the quickest and easiest snow globe ideas? Well, you can now try this craft. Just gather all the supplies and it will hardly take 5 minutes from start to shake.

DIY Details : mollymoocrafts

9. DIY Waterless Snow Globes

DIY Waterless Snow Globes

Want to craft a one-of-a-kind Christmas snow globe that will be an inspiration for others? Prepare these waterless snow globe and you will surely make a great impression among your family members and friends. Additionally, you can even decorate this waterless snow globe with more expensive materials & extravagant styles.

DIY Details : goodshomedesign

10. Stemware Snow Globes

Stemware Snow Globes

Follow this short tutorial and convert inexpensive stemware into incredibly beautiful & interesting snow globes.

DIY Details : cfabbridesigns

11. Homemade Snow Globe

Homemade Snow Globe

If you want to enjoy this winter with some fun, engaging & creative activities, then why don’t you craft a homemade snow globe? These snow globes are simply magical, whimsical, & fun. In fact, they are super easy to prepare at your home.

DIY Details : ourbestbites

12. Let It Snow

Let It Snow

This craft idea hardly takes ten minutes and you’ll be surely amazed to find the unique beauty within this single snowflake. This snow globe is tiny, gracious, uniquely different, and beautiful.

DIY Details : pinkpistachio

13. Car in Mason Jar Snow Globe

Car in Mason Jar Snow Globe

This is a completely different snow globe idea where you will place a vintage red Volkswagen car into your craft. Follow this tutorial carefully and present your home a lovely & completely unique snow globe.

DIY Details : masonjarcraftslove

14. DIY Mini Snow Globes

Mini Snow Globes

DIY Details : notquitesusie

15. DIY Waterless Snow Globes

DIY Waterless Snow Globes

These DIY Waterless Snow Globes are too easy and simple to make. Plus, they look really effective, specifically when grouped together. Why don’t you try it at your home? Here’re the DIY details.

DIY Details : littlehiccups

16. DIY Snow Globe Ring

DIY Snow Globe Ring

This snow globe is a stick, glue, & glitter DIY. Plus, these Etsy snow globe rings are really interesting and unique too.

DIY Details : truebluemeandyou

17. Snow Globe Magnets


This project is about of magnetic snowglobes! It is quick and easy; also, it costs almost nothing. Whether you want to keep your kids busy or you want to dress up your tiny apartment for winter, you can try this craft idea. It takes only a few minutes.

DIY Details : agirlandaboy

18. Etched Snow Globe

Etched Snow Globe

Ever wondered to craft an etched snow globe? Follow this quick & easy tutorial and craft a “Winter Wonderland” that reflects your own style.

DIY Details : apartmenttherapy

19. Silver And Gold Snow Globe

Silver And Gold Snow Globe

This is another extremely easy and incredibly beautiful snow globe idea. The entire project hardly requires 5 household items, for example, silver & gold luster dust, baby oil, water, glass jar, and hot glue.

DIY Details : rustandsunshine

20. DIY Glowing Snow Globe

DIY Glowing Snow Globe

Do you really love glowing sensory activities? Then, try this craft idea as it gives a fun twist to the conventional DIY snow globes. It’s a multifunctional snow globe that looks even good in normal light too.

DIY Details : funathomewithkids

21. Snowman Snow Globe

Snowman Snow Globe

If you love snowmen, then this craft idea will be both perfect and ideal for you. This craft is an easy & relatively mess-free way to add more sparkles to your winter decor. So, have sheer fun preparing this snowman craft with this short & easy tutorial.

DIY Details : notimeforflashcards

22. Light Bulb Snow Globes

Light Bulb Snow Globes

Recycle your old incandescent light bulbs with this snow globe craft idea. Plus, you’ll have enough flexibility to decorate your craft just the way you want.

DIY Details : instructables

23. DIY Gift Card Snow Globes

DIY Gift Card Snow Globes

These DIY gift card snow globes are too beautiful and great to be used as party favors. Just buy a Starbucks card, wrap it within a snow globe and give it to your special guests.

DIY Details : smartyhadaparty

24. Snow Globe Shadow Box

Snow Globe Shadow Box

This vintage snow globe craft is pretty, cute, and lovely. Honestly, there is absolutely nothing that you won’t love about this craft. Just follow the tutorial, gather the relevant supplies, and craft it from scratch.

DIY Details : spoolandspoonblog

25. Snow Globe Soap Dispensers

Snow Globe Soap Dispensers

Although, it may not be the height of creativity. However, when you combine two great ideas, you get another beautiful and excellent craft like this one – “Snow Globe Soap Dispensers”. Try this craft at your home as you can easily craft a few of these snow globes just spending few bucks!

DIY Details : madincrafts

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