30 DIY Christmas Tree Ideas To Go A Little Unconventional This Year

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The 25th of December just can’t be complete with a gorgeous Christmas Tree brightening up the whole festive season, and this lovely tradition is perhaps, one of the most essential elements of making the day special. But yes, some of us may not live around a place which has got those huge real pine trees to put to decor, while the others may simply be out of space around the house to install a large X’mas tree. Why not go a little unusual this year and get going towards making your very own tree personalized with your very own style, materials, ornaments and color? Here are 30 DIY Christmas Tree Ideas to get totally unconventional!

30 DIY Christmas Tree Ideas To Go A Little Unconventional This Year

1. Greenery and Ornaments Christmas Tree

Greenery and Ornaments Christmas Tree

Saving such a huge deal of space, yet bringing out that perfect element of greenery, foliage as well as Christmas surprises disguised as a bunch of presents sitting at the bottom, this Greenery and Ornaments Christmas Tree is sheer innovation. What it has got is stacks of greenery arranged in a tree-like shape and lovely ornaments in shades of white, silver and grey adorning those bright branches. All you need is a table saw, a drill, a handsaw or miter saw, tape measure, Carpenter’s square, wire cutters, a medium-density fiberboard, poplar dowels, screw hooks, floral wire, a galvanized metal bucket, and some paint. Even if you are a true beginner at such crafts, you can get it done in no more than 8 steps.

DIY Details : lowes

2. Re-Purposed Bottle Tree

Re-Purposed Bottle Tree

If all those festivities, celebrations and great get togethers with the friends and family come associated with loads of beer bottles, specially in vibrant green and contrasting colors, you can make the best out of waste and transform those empty bottles into a complete work of art that goes just perfect with Christmas – A Re-Purposed Bottle Tree. Although, the tree doesn’t actually feature any natural greens, it’s the color of green beer bottles that makes it look wonderful when arranged in perfect tree form on different shelves Apart from the green bottles that work as the branches, brown ones go for the trunk of the tree, while a few crystal clear ones work wonders for those touches of snow or perhaps, lights on the tree.

DIY Details : thisgreenlife

3. Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile

Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile

Each of the ornaments on this mobile flaunt green with a unique twist – while some have got a lovely coat of glitter, the others sport a unique shine and a few of them come in matte finish as well. And of course, you can go for your very own personalized versions of these and install different types of silver ornaments, or colorful ones, green ornaments with different textures and sizes. or simply clear glass ones that would create an illusion of lots of pretty bubbles floating around. All the ornaments are suspended with the help of traditional ornament hooks connected to jewelry monofilament that have been further attached to crimp beads. Having the pretties hanging on clear threads, the mobile has got a steamer rack as the hanger on top.

DIY Details : notmartha

4. Newspaper Christmas Tree

Newspaper Christmas Tree

How magnificent and gorgeous this one looks won’t let anyone believe that it has all been constructed of nothing but an item as basic as lots of newspaper. Recycling has been taken to all new levels of creativity with this stunning Newspaper Christmas Tree that gets its finishing touches from a bright golden star on top, as well as a bundle of X’mas gifts resting at the bottom. You need a chicken wire, some nontoxic gold paint, a cut tree branch, terra cotta planter, shredded newspaper, wire cutters, needle nose pliers, utility gloves, scissors, glue, some wire and of course, newspapers. Mother Earth Living takes you the steps you need to follow to assemble newspaper cut-outs as this utterly beautiful tree.

DIY Details : motherearthliving

5. Rolled Paper Roses Christmas Tree

Rolled Paper Roses Christmas Tree

Luxurious is the word that strikes the mind when you get a glimpse of this gorgeous X’mas tree that has got lots and lots of roses coming into play to get it all done. Actually, the roses are nothing but creatively rolled strips of paper that look as pretty and true-to-life as a real rose flower. It’s all about rolling the paper to work out a lovely rose shape and keep on gluing the rolls around a cone shape made out of a red sheet of poster board from the Dollar Tree. Rolling the paper on a skewer and glueing it in a clever fashion, followed by assembling them on the cone is a time-taking process, but the end results are surely worth it all.

DIY Details : createandbabble

6. Bibliophile’s Christmas Tree

Bibliophile's Christmas Tree

If you are an avid reader or simply love to collect a whole lot of books to form that treasure library at home, you would love to integrate your love for reading into this year’s Christmas decor. Ditch the flora and fauna for making that special festive tree, and go for this Bibliophile’s Christmas Tree instead. Lots and lots of books sorted in terms of their size, thickness, width and height are arranged and stacked to achieve that perfect pine tree shape, which can further be decorated according to your own whims and choices. This version has got Crochet Christmas Balls and custom wall paper decorations, but you can always go for your unique decor ideas.

DIY Details : instructables

7. Pallet Christmas Tree

Pallet Christmas Tree

This one is surely an out-of-the-box concept of an X’mas tree, while being a super smart way to repurpose an old wooden pallet for the festive season. What’s the great thing about the project is that you don’t need to go for any complicated cutting jobs at all, you simply have to hammer some nails on the pallets, install a silver and gold foil star garland from nail to nail, arrange your favorite ornaments in a tree-like shape directly onto the pallet painted in white, finally adorning it with a huge glittery star on top, and lots of Christmas lights, while placing a piece of a log of wood to create the appearance of a tree trunk. It’s so easy, even the kids put it together!

DIY Details : redheadcandecorate

8. DIY Honeycomb Christmas Tree

DIY Honeycomb Christmas Tree

Sporting an insanely bright and vibrant coming together of so many colors, this DIY Honeycomb Christmas Tree has got the idea of colorful X’mas being put to life like no other. And thanks to its material of construction, it’s not only totally safe for children, but also equally suitable for a party for the kids, or simply for the kid’s room X’mas decorations. Beginning right from the very bottom of the tree, you place different colors of honeycomb on the wall using some painter’s tape or other non-permanent adhesive, slowly advancing towards the top while arranging them to get the desired width of the tree. The key is to place each honeycomb between two honeycombs sitting below it.

DIY Details : studiodiy

9. Ladder Christmas Tree

Ladder Christmas Tree

The title deserves quite a great deal of surprise. After all, can a ladder also work as a great Christmas tree? This clever idea is perhaps, the most suitable answer to the question. Having both its legs wrapped with lots of string lights, the ladder has been adorned with lovely glass votive candles placed on each rung. Vintage balls and snowflake ornaments look gorgeous while hanging throughout the ladder with mono filament, and can surely give an actual Christmas tree a run for its money. The final touches of glamour are brought by a capriz shell star that sits gracefully on the top of the ladder. And yes, beneath the ladder you have got huge space to keep those x’mas presents.

DIY Details : tatteredstyle

10. Rustic Christmas Tree

Rustic Christmas Tree

If you have got some weathered pallets lying with no use in a corner of your garage or the yard, or if you have got some barn wood, here is a stunning Christmas Tree with a great rustic feel to it that blends elegance with edginess together. It doesn’t take more than 5 supplies to get it going, and all you need to collect is a barn wood or pallet slats, lots of wood glue, and some brad nails. Although it looks complete by itself, you can always add hooks to hang those ornaments, advent counters, or simply drill holes in the wooden pieces for lights. The show stealer here is the lovely shape and the stacking of two layers of wood that brings out the whole pine tree appeal.

DIY Details : hertoolbelt

11. Chalkboard Christmas Tree

Chalkboard Christmas Tree

Coat a huge painters canvas drop cloth with lots of chalkboard paint and turn it into a wall Christmas Tree by putting your sketching skills to use and drawing a super artsy pine tree on the same. The lovely effect that this one brings to your decor is surely too good to be true for the minimal cost it comes for. Simply draw the prettiness on the cloth and hang it on the walls for the festive season, and once Christmas is over, you can always let the kiddos use the cloth as their very own creative canvas. No matter what’s the occasion, you can simply erase the existing drawing and bring an absolutely new artwork to life in just a matter of few minutes and a handful of chalk strokes.

DIY Details : simplyradiant

12. DIY Pallet Christmas Tree

DIY Pallet Christmas Tree

Here’s is a truly non-traditional Christmas tree which not only looks wonderful for the X’mas decorations, but also works as a great way to put those old wooden pallets to use for the festive season. And the rustic appearance of the homespun tree is gorgeous enough to make it give a tough competition to intricate trees designed with expensive decor and huge construction skills. You need to cut the pallets down into smaller planks and get all the nails removed. The pallets look perfect with their imperfections with a paint job done using the block painting technique. Finally, they are all screwed onto a longer pallet, and get all set to upstyle your space with real charm.

DIY Details : eastcoastcreativeblog

13. DIY Holiday: Craft Stick Trees

DIY Holiday: Craft Stick Trees

Ice cream stick crafts are an all-time favorite when it comes to putting together homemade decor projects – thanks to the great ease with which they can be assembled to form just about any shape or structure you can think of, as well as the super inexpensive affair they come for. Here’s yet another idea to use craft sticks as the chief building blocks for a huge Christmas Tree that is going to last for years to come. A large foam cone, loads and loads of craft sticks, a wood block that forms the tree trunk, a glue gun, and a small knife are all you need to get started with the construction. Place it on the holiday table or the mantel, making sure you steal all eyes to the decor every single time.

DIY Details : momtastic

14. Makedo Cardboard Christmas Tree

Makedo Cardboard Christmas Tree

Stacking pyramids made out of cardboard in ascending order of size, you get an innovative edition of a pine tree that suits Christmas just perfect, leaving a whole world of options to personalize the tree and add those touches of decor according to your whims and tastes – draw on the structure, or simply adorn it with homemade ornaments. All you need is some screws, a safe saw, a screwdriver, and of course, corrugated cardboard. Apart from the detailed steps of construction, the below Instructable also offers a downloadable template to help you create your very own Makedo Cardboard Christmas Tree for a memorable X’mas season much more easily.

DIY Details : instructables

15. Make a Feather Christmas Tree

Who said that Christmas must always be about green, bright ornaments, and glittery decor? Won’t the winter festival look even more amazing when it gets a complete winter makeover and turns all white? This Feather Christmas Tree does that miraculously well and can form a warm cozy corner just about anywhere you place it around the house. Constructed out of lots and lots of milky white features that are actually glued around a paper cone, this tree gets it elegant element of glamour with some crystal snow and a little sparkle added on some of the feathers. You can always integrate some contrasting embellishments and make the snow-covered trees even more stunning.

DIY Details : youtube

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