30 Mason Jar Ideas for Christmas That Are A Sure-Shot Festive Winner

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Pops up the subject of homemade crafts, decorations as well as festive presents and mason jars grab the top seat for themselves in the list of everything awesome that can get those projects going. How could Christmas be left behind when it comes to working out simply awe-inspiring X’mas decorating ideas that flaunt that lovely festive spirit at its best. Apart from mason jar crafts that look a complete work of art smothered in Christmas essence, these adorable glass jars work wonders as homemade gifts which can outperform just about any store-bought present that otherwise cost you heaps of dollars. Plus, a lovely gift worked out at home makes it so much more appreciated and special. And mason jars allow you to make unique personalized gifts for your friends and family, that too with utmost ease and just a few minutes.

11. Snowman Mason Gift Jar

  Snowman Mason Gift Jar

DIY Source : craftymorning

12. Glitter Candle Gift Idea

  Glitter Candle Gift Idea

DIY Source : alittletipsy

13. Mason Jar Holiday Luminaria

  Mason Jar Holiday Luminaria

DIY Source : thebudgetdecorator

14. Santa Painted Mason Jar

  Santa Painted Mason Jar

DIY Source : theribbonretreat

15. Snowman Mason Jar

  Snowman Mason Jar

DIY Source : yesterdayontuesday

16. Mason Jar Christmas Candles

Mason Jar Christmas Candles

DIY Source : lovepastatoolbelt

17. DIY Mason Jar Snowglobe

  DIY Mason Jar Snowglobe

DIY Source : classyclutter

18. Homemade Winter Candle

  Homemade Winter Candle

DIY Source : theitaliandishblog

19. Painted Snowy Mason Jars

  Painted Snowy Mason Jars

DIY Source : tinybitzofme

20. Snowman Mason Jar Vase

  Snowman Mason Jar Vase

DIY Source : weekendcraft

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