50 Awesome Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas You can Make Yourself

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A beautifully wrapped Christmas gift clearly shows your love and care towards them. These clever and easy do-it-own ideas are sure to impress each & everyone on your Christmas gift list without breaking your bank.

16. 5 pointed paper snowflakes

5 pointed paper snowflakes

Though you may no longer be in elementary school, however, these paper snowflake craft ideas are great, cute, and impressive. You can easily make these snowflake garlands from dental floss, origami paper, and a tape. To add more twist into it, try crafting the “5 pointed paper snowflakes”. These are both exquisite and beautiful. Directions are thoroughly mentioned in this tutorial.

DIY Details : howaboutorange

17. Christmas Gift – Styling Ideas

Christmas Gift - Styling Ideas

Imagine how excited your special guests would be when they will be sent home with this little treat! Most importantly, this craft idea is too easy which has only 4 steps. Additionally, using this idea, you can even represent your own styling sense and creative art.

DIY Details : thepartystudio

18. DIY Handwritten Wrapping Paper

DIY Handwritten Wrapping Paper

You are now about to kick off these DIY Christmas gift wrapping ideas today with DIY handwritten wrapping paper which will cost you almost nothing. Furthermore, you can use an upcycled shopping bag to make an excellent wrapping paper. The possibilities are actually endless! Check the tutorial below for additional information.

DIY Details : thesweetestoccasion

19. DIY Holiday Gift Wrap

DIY Holiday Gift Wrap

Everyone loves to celebrate Christmas. But, do you even love making the Christmas gifts extra special? Well, here’s an incredibly stunning Christmas gift wrapping idea which only requires kraft paper and few household items. It’s not that expensive; however, it’s surely cute and pretty!

DIY Details : apairofpears

20. Typographic Gift Wrap

Typographic Gift Wrap

Wrapping the Christmas gifts in a roll of commercial paper doesn’t really seem to make any sense. So, why don’t you try some handmade gift wrapping ideas? Add your own creativity, add little more effort, and prepare this “Typographic Gift Wrap” for your special ones. The entire idea is cool, trendy, and unique!

DIY Details :manmadediy

21. Kraft Gift Ideas

Kraft Gift Ideas

Are you really excited about the idea of personalizing & customizing each gift individually? Just by using classic red & white baker’s twine, ribbons, cardstock tags, hand-lettered names, a white marker, washi tape – each of your Christmas gifts can be well-decorated with love. Another huge perk of this entire project is its eco-friendliness. Plus, you can also use the recyclable kraft paper and homemade felt bows too. The tutorial will guide you through detailed steps.

DIY Details :paperandhoney

22. Grey and Gold

Grey and Gold

“Grey and Gold” – a unique and incredibly sophisticated combination. Isn’t it? Well, this craft idea also uses this gracious combination to prepare Christmas gift wraps. You can actually glam up your normal gold Christmas wrap by adding a little bit of grey!

DIY Details :boxwoodclippings

23. Inexpensive Gift Wrap Ideas Using Yarn

Inexpensive Gift Wrap Ideas Using Yarn

Do you want a perfect Christmas gift wrap inspiration? Well, this tutorial has enough punch to fulfill your crafting needs. Plus, it’s an inexpensive and affordable option which hardly requires few bucks. The major item (to-be-used) in this tutorial is yarn. With this, it gives you endless opportunities to craft beautiful designs to wrap your Christmas gifts.

DIY Details :theshadyacre

24. Santa Suit Gift Wrap

Santa Suit Gift Wrap

This is the “DIY Santa Suit Gift Wrap” idea which puts the ho-ho-ho feeling in the winter holidays. This gift box also resembles Santa’s classic red suit, along with his belt and collar. Undoubtedly, it will be one of the best-dressed gifts under the Christmas tree this season.

DIY Details :ehow

25. DIY Felt Gift Attachments

DIY Felt Gift Attachments

There’s absolutely nothing like giving your own handmade touch while making any gift even more special. In this context, this is another great and creative Christmas gift idea. Now, take a gander, also get inspired, and follow the step-by-step instructions in order to make your very own felt mistletoe.

DIY Details :thinkmakeshareblog

26. Gift Wrap – Ball Of Yarn

Gift Wrap - Ball Of Yarn

This ball of yarn gift wrap idea is such a cute & simple idea. It clearly has a great Christmas look into it, but you can even use it for any occasion from anniversaries, to Valentine’s Day, to birthdays. It will be especially cute for any knitters or crocheters in your life. The process requires just five items – Plain brown wrapping paper, Yarn, Scissors, Hot Glue Gun, and Elmer’s Dot Runner.

DIY Details :letswrapstuff

27. Gift Wrap Idea Using Old Clothes

Gift Wrap Idea Using Old Clothes

Ever wondered to use and recycle your old clothes in order to make some stunning and magnificent gifts wraps. If yes, then here’s the tutorial for your reference. As mentioned earlier, this craft idea basically needs old readymade clothes. It requires your little effort, not much time & practically no money!

DIY Details :creatingreallyawesomefunthings

28. Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

You can now wrap the special Christmas gifts in a fun, engaging and creative way! In order to help you make those presents look impeccably magical both on the outside and on the inside, you can follow this tutorial. This Christmas gift wrapping idea is such a breeze. It’s quick, hassle-free and completely unique.

DIY Details :kidscraftroom

29. Mini Boxwood Wreath Tutorial

Mini Boxwood Wreath Tutorial

This holiday season can be a peaceful time for you to reflect your own graceful style and celebrate the upcoming new year. So, enjoy it in a more creative and artistic way. Spare your time & little effort in order to wrap each gift using this tutorial. It will definitely make the gift-giving idea just a little more special.

DIY Details : aburstofbeautiful

30. DIY Star Garland Gift Wrap

DIY Star Garland Gift Wrap

Are you looking for an elegant and royal Christmas gift wrapping idea? This gift wrapping idea is simple, modern, easy, and fun to prepare. Plus, you can stick to the monochromatic color palette or you can also go wild with the colors of your choice – just be creative with it! It requires only four materials, such as card stock, string, scissors, and tacky glue.

DIY Details : potterybarn

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