50 Awesome Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas You can Make Yourself

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A beautifully wrapped Christmas gift clearly shows your love and care towards them. These clever and easy do-it-own ideas are sure to impress each & everyone on your Christmas gift list without breaking your bank.

31. Gift Tag Stickers

Gift Tag Stickers

A wide majority of you must be looking for some last minute gift wrapping idea. This tutorial reveals a really easy & fun way to wrap Christmas gifts that are also completely customizable. You will need to spend only few seconds in order to prepare these gift stickers. You can also use some fabric posters (as an alternative) for some cute & unique gift wrapping.

DIY Details : homeyohmy

32. Creative Christmas Gift Wrap

Creative Christmas Gift Wrap

From a myriad of “Christmas gift wrapping ideas”, how can you find an ideal one for you? Well, don’t worry. This tutorial will definitely guide you to prepare some creative Christmas gift wraps that are both pleasing and decorative. The best part is – the tutorial is so easy for a novice too.

DIY Details : theidearoom

33. DIY Christmas Tree Gift Toppers

DIY Christmas Tree Gift Toppers

In the coming weeks, you will probably need to wrap a few gifts. Here’s a quick and easy tutorial which helps you to make the perfect toppers for any Christmas gift. The entire idea requires one stick, scissors, hot glue gun, regular craft glue, and an embroidery thread of any color. That’s it!

DIY Details : fellowfellow

34. Holly Jolly Reindeer Prints

Holly Jolly Reindeer Prints

These “Holly Jolly Reindeer Prints” is another great and brilliant gift wrapping idea that will make your Christmas gifts extra special. It looks too cute, pretty, and lovely. Use this tutorial and amaze your near and dear ones with this insanely easy gift wrapping idea.

DIY Details : splashofsomething

35. DIY Christmas Light Wrapping Paper

DIY Christmas Light Wrapping Paper

Prepare some artificial lights, decorate the Christmas gifts in an incredibly unique way, and impress your guests. In this tutorial, you will need to gather a few materials including Cricut explore air, kraft paper, twine, white card stock, tape & scissors, and a glue pen. Overall, it has just five simple steps. Follow the steps carefully and your guest will definitely love your idea and effort.

DIY Details : boxwoodavenue

36. Christmas Tree Treat Bag

Christmas Tree Treat Bag

If you are actively looking for an easy, quick and simple way to wrap up a gift card or simple treat, then this tutorial has something for you! The entire tutorial literally takes few seconds to make & it’s so cute! This will even be a fun way to gift any gift card – just put a card & note inside of the treat bag. It’s a great idea; so don’t miss it.

DIY Details : foodcraftsandfamily

37. DIY Holiday Gift Wrap

DIY Holiday Gift Wrap

Gifts are DIY’d, presents are purchased, and the last thing left to do is to wrapping! Beautiful wrapping is just as special as the gifts itself – after all, it can even set the much-deserved anticipation for an incredibly wonderful surprise waiting inside, isn’t it? Here, in this tutorial, you are going to use natural & organic elements and brown paper packages in order to prepare these holiday gift wraps.

DIY Details : honestlywtf

38. Ice Cream Cone Gift Wrap

Ice Cream Cone Gift Wrap

It’s a creative gift wrapping idea that uses only plain kraft paper. This special ice cream cone gift wrap is extremely fun & really easy to prepare. Again, your kids will be obsessed with this beautiful present. The tutorial requires you to collect six basic household items, like kraft wrapping paper, yarn, red pom pom or a button, brown paper, glue, and a double-sided tape.

DIY Details : letswrapstuff

39.Watercolor Printable Gift Tags

Watercolor Printable Gift Tags

This is another creative Christmas gift wrapping idea that will give you tons of fun and amazement. Just use a free printable tag and DIY it with watercolors; that’s it; you are now done. This is also a great activity to do it with your lovely kids! Keep your kids busy over this Holiday break.

DIY Details : bydawnnicole

40. Personalized Christmas Wrapping

Personalized Christmas Wrapping

Want to personalize the Christmas Wrapping? It will be sheer fun to personalize the Christmas gift wrapping with the German glitter alphabet ornaments. Make the Christmas gifts a little more exciting using this idea. The tutorial is mentioned below.

DIY Details : boxwoodclippings

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