50 Awesome Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas You can Make Yourself

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A beautifully wrapped Christmas gift clearly shows your love and care towards them. These clever and easy do-it-own ideas are sure to impress each & everyone on your Christmas gift list without breaking your bank.

41. Gift Bow

Gift Bow

You must be in a full-on holiday spirit. Aren’t you? So, to make your holiday spirit even more special and creative, here’s a great tutorial for you. Needless to mention, this is an incredibly easy tutorial that helps to make your own gift bow out of any old magazine laying around your home. It’s surprisingly simple yet cute!

DIY Details : 100layercake

42. DIY Polka Dot Gift Paper

DIY Polka Dot Gift Paper

When the holidays are fast approaching, you must be looking around for some quick gift wrapping ideas. To spare your time, effort, and exertion, here’s a brilliant tutorial for you! It reveals a beautiful and creative way to wrap up your gifts. Just gather these materials beforehand – pencil, eraser, craft paper, white ink pad, scissors, tape, and ribbon.

DIY Details : stylecaster

43. DIY Chalkboard Gift Wrap

DIY Chalkboard Gift Wrap

The whole world seems to be quite obsessed with the chalkboard. So, celebrate this winter while preparing “DIY Chalkboard Gift Wrap” at your home. Use your creative & artistic mind and your very own art skill in order to make these gift wraps.

DIY Details : paperandcake

44. Printable Holiday Gift Wrap

Printable Holiday Gift Wrap

This is another lovely Christmas gift wrapping idea that is both beautiful and creative. You can use a colorful diamond pattern or any specific pattern of your choice in order to make this gift wraps at your home. Also, check the tutorial (as mentioned below) for more assistance.

DIY Details : liagriffith

45. DIY Pom pom

DIY Pom pom

This is an utterly cute, incredibly pretty, and stunning gorgeous gift wrapping idea. Just you will need a smooth and silky ribbon, cut it accordingly (following the steps mentioned in the tutorial), use a glue to make a beautiful pom pom.

DIY Details : oipaketti

46. DIY Gold Accented Holiday Gift Wrap

DIY Gold Accented Holiday Gift Wrap

Design, create & decorate these beautiful gift wraps and surprise your guests. Apply you own creative talent to add more twist into it. These are the cutest glitzy & modern gift wrapping inspiration which requires a plain white paper, kraft wrapping paper, twine, nylon string, paper streamers, and a bunch of gold fringe.

DIY Details : 100layercake

47. Beautiful Ways to Gift Wrap

Beautiful Ways to Gift Wrap

This tutorial will guide you through three different gift wrap, for example, white & aluminum snowflakes, squiggly hole punch stickers, and neon pink sticky note polka dots; each one is equally beautiful and lovely. It requires just kraft paper and few basic materials. That’s all!

DIY Details : popsugar

48. Christmas Treat Bags

Christmas Treat Bags

If you are looking for some fun Christmas projects, then this tutorial will be immensely great for you. Here, you will prepare beautiful Christmas treat bags that are both elegant and classy. Follow the tutorial for detailed steps.

DIY Details : ahomemadeliving

49. Homemade Gift Tags & Garlands

Homemade Gift Tags & Garlands

Looking for an easy idea for your Christmas gift wrap? If yes, then look no further! Here, you are going to use some edible gingerbread gift tags and garlands. The detailed instructions are described below.

DIY Details : decoratorsnotebook

50. Word Puzzle Wrapping Paper

Word Puzzle Wrapping Paper

Check out this easy and super cool wrapping paper concept, namely “Universal Wrapping Paper”. It’s a completely different idea where you are going to use crossword puzzles in order to make this festive season even more special.

DIY Details : thedieline

Summary : Well, with this article, you have now revealed a total of 50 different Christmas gift wrapping ideas. Needless to mention, each one is unique and beautiful in its own way. Depending on your time, budget, and creative skill, you can choose the best one for fulfilling your needs. Some easy tutorial may need you to spend few seconds, whereas, some complex tutorials may take even more time.

However, the best part is, each one has its own step-by-step guide which is detailed enough to assist you to complete the project on time. So, add your personal creative touch while wrapping Christmas gifts for your near and dear ones & make it extra special for them!

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