51 DIY Christmas Gifts For Her That Won’t Fail To Make Her Scream With Joy!

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1. Miniature Book Necklace

Miniature Book Necklace

Add a wonderful twist to the idea of a necklace, the most-loved accessory for women and transform it into a mini book having her favorite lyrics, memories and love notes bound together. All you need is some PMC Clay, a supple leather swatch, a curved leather needle, waxed thread, a few interesting texture stamps that can be jewelry, brooches, or any other item from around the house, necklace chain, jump ring, and some Diamond Glaze.

DIY Details : diyready

2. DIY Delicate Silver Bee Pendant

DIY Delicate Silver Bee Pendant

Opening a whole world of possibilities to create just about anything you can imagine, ranging from cute little structures to intricate models, polymer clay comes into play once again to form this gorgeous Silver Bee Pendant that can get all done in just a matter of an hour. And yes, it goes perfectly well with any outfit you flaunt – thanks to that delicate appearance that keeps things subtle and truly appealing.

DIY Details : diyready

3. Tassled Party Animal Ornaments

Tassled Party Animal Ornaments

Speaking of Christmas decor, that luscious X’mas tree being the star of the day calls for the most stunning ornaments. But, who needs store-bought decor when you can gift your precious lady a bunch of animal shaped ornaments that flaunt a complete splash of glitter and sparkle, taking her into the happiest of her moods. That pretty crape paper thing-y topping the ornaments makes them so much more adorable.

DIY Details : papernstitchblog

4. How to Make a Mirror Tray

How to Make a Mirror Tray

It has been quite a well-known fact that women are truly fond of looking at themselves in the mirror and admiring they way they look. Gift your gorgeous lady an amazing mirror this Christmas and let her know how pretty she is with this DIY Mirror Tray that not only holds her makeup stuff but also works as a looking glass. All you need to pull off the tray is a frame, a mirror, drawer handles, rubber pads, some silver spray paint, a glue gun,a drill, and a screw driver.

DIY Details : diyready

5. How to Make a Leather Necklace

How to Make a Leather Necklace

Shaped just like a bunch of beautiful fall leaves, this Leather Necklace is the perfect gift for her to let her cherish the season even better. And crafting it takes only 15 minutes, putting some leather, a jewelry wire, small beads, chain, a clasp, a needle, scissors, and pliers to great use. That elegance coupled up with a charming texture and rustic appeal surely takes the cake when worn by the stunning special girl in your life.

DIY Details : diyready

6. ‘Open When’ Letters

'Open When' Letters

Express every single feeling of yours to the beautiful women in your life with this lovely take on sending hand-written messages. One of the most marvelous DIY Christmas gifts for her, this box full with ‘Open When’ Letters is something that will keep the curiosity and the surprise of getting a present alive for days, months and even years. The reason behind that is the condition to open an envelope only when the right situation falls.

DIY Details : onlyamamaknows

7. DIY Craft – Tiny Polaroid Magnets

DIY Craft - Tiny Polaroid Magnets

The present era of selfies and digital photographs has left the days of pretty Polaroids somewhere behind, and that’s exactly what makes these DIY Polaroid Magnets special. This Christmas, take her down the memory lane by sharing the most precious moments you spent with her, but in the form of pretty magnets, each of which has got a photograph attached to itself in an amazing Polaroid form.

DIY Details : dress-it-up-6

8. Dear Diary – Love Notes

Dear Diary - Love Notes

Looking at how romantically adorable and pretty this Diary looks, you wouldn’t even be able to make out that it’s actually a regular notebook from the Dollar Store that has been transformed into this gorgeous red beauty, apt and appropriate to be gifted to the one you love. Some red felt wrapped around the outer pages of the book makes it look exceptionally delicate and heartwarming – charmed with a pretty ribbon.

DIY Details : craftberrybush

9. Message In A Bottle Keychain

Message In A Bottle Keychain

Key chains in themselves are loved by women, let alone the thought how amazing things can get when she receives a personalized key chain that has been crafted specially for her. This one has got a cute little bottle housing your message for her, which is accompanied by a brass disc hanging freely from the ring and flaunting a nice ‘I Love You’ carving created with stamping and hammering technique.

DIY Details : shrimpsaladcircus

10. DIY Pixel Heart Necklace

DIY Pixel Heart Necklace

If you have got no time to rush to the store and get stuff for building a lavish DIY gift for her to make her X’mas memorable, this DIY Pixel Heart Necklace comes to your rescue. Some hearts cut out from card stock paper and glue are all it takes to work out that beautiful heart looking like a bunch of hundreds of pixels coming together to form the shape. The tutorial also includes a PDF template make the process easier for you.

DIY Details : howaboutorange

11. His + Her Sharpie Mug

His + Her Sharpie Mug

Sharpie mugs is taking the world of DIY gifts by storm, so why stay behind when it comes to making her feel special this Christmas. What’s so wonderful about these mugs is that they celebrate the relationship the two of you share at its best, explaining what’s that perfect flavour of coffee each one of you loves. And, the freehand text written in black on a pure white backdrop forms a classic combination of colors.

DIY Details : abeautifulmess

12. Tiny Tassel Bracelet DIY

Tiny Tassel Bracelet DIY

If colors and vibrance is your lady’s cup of tea, these tiny colorful tassels coming together to form an out-of-the-box DIY bracelet are going to be the new found love for her, specially when she gets to know that you have made it all at home. The lovely tassels attached to a chain using a ribbon connector not only look so cute, but also feel so light and comfortable when tied around her wrist.

DIY Details : maizehutton

13. Lace Belt Tutorial

Lace Belt Tutorial

Lace belts with their intricate designs and a delicate element are totally in nowadays – all thanks to their versatility that lets them go perfectly well everything, whether it’s denims or a summer outfit. You can pull off a lace belt with the most basic of sewing using some strips of plain fabric and some patterned fabric, a strip of mid-weight interfacing, some wide lace trim, and two wide D-rings.

DIY Details : versusmag

14. Easy DIY Checked Woolen Bag

Easy DIY Checked Woolen Bag

A simple yet attractive little bag like this DIY Checked woolen piece worthy of becoming her favorite accessory can compliment anything and everything that she plans to don. Gather a checked woolen fabric, lining, silver chain, quilted fabric, needle, thread, scissors, and a press stud to recreate that special version of the Woolen Bag that’s dedicated for the pretty lady you want to delight this Christmas.

DIY Details : mariajustdoit

15. DIY: Studded Sunglasses

DIY: Studded Sunglasses

Celebrate that edgy and funky side of hers by bringing it out this festive season. If you are wondering how, these DIY Studded Sunglasses are the answer you are looking for. Lots of hot-fix studs placed all along the band of a regular pair of sunglasses feature a glamorous shine with a touch of sportiness, making her crave to wear them every time she steps out, ready to bedazzle everyone around.

DIY Details : asplendidassemblage

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