51 DIY Christmas Gifts For Her That Won’t Fail To Make Her Scream With Joy!

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46. DIY Jars with Decorative Crystal Knobs

DIY Jars with Decorative Crystal Knobs

A next-to-marvelous handmade gift that’s not only beautiful in terms of its appearance, but also exceptionally purposeful can never fail to make a lovely impression on a lady. With this mason jar flaunting a decorative crystal knob, she will find her storage affairs a thing worthy enough of flaunting to all – thanks to that matte finish paint and that thing on top!

DIY Details : consumercrafts

47. Magnetic Ribbon Bookmarks

Magnetic Ribbon Bookmarks

Her love for reading deserves a little pampering as nothing can match the feeling of a great book in hand while she relaxes on her way to sleep. To make her reading hours a moment where she can remember you every now and then, gift her a bundle of these pretty Magnetic Ribbon Bookmarks crafted using magnetic paper and a nice ribbon, making sure she never misses a page.

DIY Details : namebubbles

48. Herbal Eye Pillow For Relaxation and Headache Relief

Herbal Eye Pillow For Relaxation and Headache Relief

There’s no second thought to how much the lady of the house works throughout the day to take care of everyone else, and that’s why she must get a comfortable, cozy and relaxing good night’s sleep. You can contribute to her peaceful sleep by gifting her a herbal eye pillow filled with lavender and flax seeds to vanish all her stress and headache within minutes.

DIY Details : traditionalcookingschool

49. Minimalist Concrete Jewelery

Minimalist Concrete Jewelery

Oh yes, gems too can be made at home! Not out straight from the mines, these are rather, built with a homemade mixture of water and cement poured into gem-shaped silicon molds. Simply work out some Mod Podge on the gems once they cool down, followed by adorning them with gold leaf paint and stringing them all in a pretty chain, all set to delight the lady with.

DIY Details : darbysmart

50. Jump Ring Bracelet

Jump Ring Bracelet

Not calling for any chains or wires at all, this Jump Ring Bracelet has been called the easiest piece of jewelry by the author. All it takes is lots and lots of jump rings in two different sizes, colorful beads and clasps – all assembled together in a clever fashion wherein the jump rings themselves form the base chain too. Not just easy, but this one is surely something you wouldn’t find in the stores.

DIY Details : linmakingthings

51. Scrappy Key Fobs

Scrappy Key Fobs

You must be having lots of scrap fabric lying around the house that seems to be of no use anymore, unless you come across these winsome Scrappy Key Fobs that have all been crafted using little pieces of different fabrics. The idea is to put about 8-10 mini strips of fabric together to form one single fob – bringing a whole spectrum of colors to life to make your special lady’s Christmas all the way more colorful.

DIY Details : leighlaurelstudios

Looking at the aforesaid DIY Christmas Gifts for Her, it seems quite a tough deal to not make one or more of the incredible projects and brighten up her day with a present that has been made specially for her. And, when doing it all takes so little time and is so effortless to whip up, what can be better than going for a do-it-yourself gift instead of a store-bought one for celebrating this season of festivities.

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