56 DIY Christmas Gifts for Him Worthy Enough To Take His Breath Away

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Christmas is about to step right in front of our doors and the festive season is going to be all about preparations, decor and working out lovely gifts for everyone who means a lot to you. But, doesn’t it seem to be a really tough deal when it comes to finding the most perfect gifts for men? Not anymore, when a little DIY can help you present them with something that they not only admire in terms of appearance, but can also use in their day-to-day life. Here are 56 DIY Christmas Gifts for him worthy enough to take his breath away!

56 DIY Christmas Gifts for Him Worthy Enough To Take His Breath Away

1. DIY Graduation Balloon Superlatives

DIY Graduation Balloon Superlatives

Christmas comes associated with all colors and happiness – but what if you could integrate the decor with a little touch of memories that mean a lot to him, just like these yearbook superlatives. What’s the twist about these is that every lovely picture of your special man’s friends has been attached to a brightly colored balloon, paying a tribute to all those titles of ‘The Best Couple’, ‘Best Hair’, “Angel Eyes’ and much more grabbed by his buddies and graduation mates.

DIY Details : studiodiy

2. Sock Ninja Turtle Pattern

Sock Ninja Turtle Pattern

No matter how old he is, Ninja Turtles are an all-time favourite of just about any guy in the world. So, this x’mas, present him with these winsome Sock Ninja Turtles sporting cute button eyes crafted all by yourself. If you can indulge in a little bit of sewing and stitching, these turtles calling for some felt, cotton socks, stuffing material, threads, paper, pen, fabric marker, tweezers, buttons, scissors, white chalk pen, and a sewing machine are going to be a piece of cake.

DIY Details : craftpassion

3. How to Make a Sock Bouquet

How to Make a Sock Bouquet

It surely can’t be a more adorable take on DIY flower bouquets that this out-of-the-box bunch of pretties that are actually lots of socks folded and wrapped in a way that turns each of them into a DIY rose attached to skewers that play for the stems. Grab his socks and get going towards recreating these using a few safety pins, wooden dowels or skewers, a vase, and a ribbon. Put them all together and adorn the bunch with a ribbon bow and surprise him this X’mas.

DIY Details : howdoesshe

4. Cuddle Kit for Two

Cuddle Kit for Two

Here’s the most perfect gift for your man to make your Christmas a much more romantic and memorable day together. A cute little kit that has got anything and everything you will need to spend the evening cuddling with each other. And yes, it doesn’t need to go for any crafting or constructions at all. Simply load a basket with a soft fuzzy blanket, some bubbly, your favorite chocolates, candles and couple it all with some romantic music and a romantic movie.

DIY Details : thedatingdivas

5. Melted Crayon Art

Who said only the little kids love crayons and that amazing fragrance they bring along? If your special guy is fond of art and you are all set to introduce lots of color into his Christmas evening, this Melted Crayon Art is going to be the most perfect gift for him. And yes, it has also got an amazingly romantic silhoutte getting all wet in that colorful crayon rain. Whether you use a hot air gun, a candle or a hair dryer to create your masterpiece, it’s going to be delightful every time.

DIY Details : youtube

6. 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Planning to prepare a set of themed gifts for your boyfriend this Christmas, but can’t find things that go hand in hand with each other? Here’s an incredible bundle of 5 oh-so-romantic gifts for him that have been magically immersed in the essence of the festival. A box loaded with his favorite snacks; a picture-frame sporting you two; tickets to cuddle, cook and watch sports with you; a message in a bottle; and a picture book showcasing your life together.

DIY Details : youtube

7. Christmas Gift for Your Dad

Christmas Gift for Your Dad

If you dad simply adore crispy, nutty snacks or is totally in love with sweets and candies, here’s what you need to present him this Christmas and please the man’s sweet tooth in the most amazing ways ever. A basket filled with all the treats in the world that he loves! Innovative decor done to the basket using money bills transformed into fans, and a word search card letting him find all the words of appraisal you have got to call him make it even more special.

DIY Details : delightfulorder

8. Exploding Box Scrapbook

Nothing can work better than your pictures from the past when it comes to taking your sweetheart to a cute trip down the memory lane, and adding a little more romance to the day. And, a DIY scrapbook can do that like no other. But this one has got something much more to it that just pictures, it’s actually an Exploding Box Scrapbook that would make him skip a heartbeat when he opens the box assuming it to be a regular gift box.

DIY Details : youtube

9. I Love You Because Frame

I Love You Because Frame

Men often find it hard to express why they are so in love with you, and you don’t really need to ask him the reason as long as you have got this gorgeous homemade picture frame that would compell him to actually write the reasons down on the DIY gift. The lovely picture frame says “I Love You Because” followed by a blank which he has to fill by writing on the glass of the frame.

DIY Details : supersavingsblog

10. DIY Rocky Picture Frame

DIY Rocky Picture Frame

Things that flaunt a rustic and earthy appeal to them are the perfect elements to go for a man cave, and this DIY Rocky Picture Frame is the ideal gift to build for your nature lover sweetheart. This one is all about the concept of minimalism and has got lots of stones with vivid yet natural shades forming the charming border of the frame, adorned with a cute “You Rock” message sitting inside with grace.

DIY Details : morenascorner

11. DIY Wallet

DIY Wallet

Often topping the list of the best gifts for him, wallets can never fail to delight a man. Of course, a DIY wallet will surely make a huge smile jump onto his lips, making his X’mas so much more cherishing. Craft a wallet that would let him keep his banknotes in one section, while storing all his cards in another compartment. It’s so much comfortable and easy-to-carry when its thin, crisp yet purposeful.

DIY Details : mywhiteideadiy

12. Mustache Cup Cozy Tutorial

Mustache Cup Cozy Tutorial

Working as quite an integral part of their appearance for men who prefer to keep them, mustaches are a near-and-dear something to men. That’s what makes this Mustache Cup Cozy a marvellous gift for him, bringing a lot more comfort to his winter beverage affairs. Some yarn, felt in color desired for mustache, some embroidery floss, a sewing needle, scissors, and knitting needles are all you need.

DIY Details : veryshannon

13. Paracord Lanyard Project

Paracord Lanyard Project

Sporting an interesting lanyard pattern and pastel shades that were perhaps, specifically made keeping men in mind, these DIY Paracord Lanyards would make him go head over heels in love with his Christmas gift. Making it truly convenient to carry his keyrings, pen drives and other small utilities around, this gift is surely going to be by his side all the time, reminding him of you every single time.

DIY Details : stormdraneslanyard

14. Make Your Own Coffee Syrup

Make Your Own Coffee Syrup

This supe easy to put together present will take your special man’s coffee routines to all new levels of joy, specially when it comes with the fact that you have made it all by yourself. Deliciously coffee syrups featuring lovely flavours of vanilla, raspberry and caramel when labeled with gorgeous hand-drawn tags look a treat to-die-for at the very first sight, let alone their amazing taste and aroma.

DIY Details : abeautifulmess

15. DIY Lava Lamp

Costing heaps of dollars at the gift stores, Lava Lamps can cost you a fraction of that amount if you plan to get it all done at home, while working as a wonderful gift at the same time. A few things lying around the house including some vegetable oil, food coloring, empty water bottles, and a couple of Alka-Seltzer tablets to get the magic flowing. How stunning those colorful lava bubbles look!

DIY Details : youtube

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