26 Awe-Inspiring Christmas Nail Tutorials To Bedazzle The Festival!

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Getting all set for the special, grand Christmas celebrations not only involves putting together lovely decors and treats, but also looking great and attractive enough to send some flashes to all eyes. Let your fingertips do all the talking this X’Mas with some manicures that are totally inspired by Christmas and make the day even more stunning. Here is a collection of 26 Awe-Inspiring and Effortless Christmas Nail Tutorials to help you add that lovely dazzle of the X’Mas essence to your look and make all others wonder over your creativity!

1. Candy Cane Nail Art

Candy Cane Nail Art

Adorn your tips with a delectable Christmas treat that’s not only delicious when savoured, but also looks equally pretty when put on your nails. A little bit of cute candy cane texture on some nails accompanied by mini candy canes painted on the others can work wonders when it comes to making your fingertips glow with unforgettable holiday cheer. What’s great is that it doesn’t take more than six steps to bring this design to life. All you need is some striping tape, a small brush, a nice top coat, and nail paints in red and white to recreate these Candy Cane Nails, explained with detailed steps by One Nail To Rule The Mall.

Design Details : onenailtorulethemall

2. Santa Nails

Santa Nails

A Santa Mani flaunting a great combination of a bright red Santa hat and cute pearl white beard can be rightly termed as “Evergreen” when it comes to Christmas nail art inspirations. You just need a handful of nail art tools, including a dotting tool, some nail art pens, and a few nail enamels to get going with making these winsome nails, worthy of standing out among all others. Although it seems a bit difficult to pull off this design, there’s actually nothing intricate about this one. Check out this quick tutorial by One Nail To Rule The Mall that will guide you through the process and help you forge the design effortlessly.

Design Details : onenailtorulethemall

3. Christmas Snowman Nail Art

Christmas Snowman Nail Art

Are you madly in love with snowmen and think they are a pretty magical inspiration to craft a cool Christmas nail art? If yes, then these Snowman Nails are more than a perfect pick to pull of for this year’s X’Mas party. Set on a sparkling blue background, this adorable snowman sitting on your ring finger looks immensely adorable with the rest of the nails flaunting lovely white snowflakes. Take a look at this short picture guide PShiiit on how you can recreate the design on your fingernails all by yourself, and take the charm of the winter season to an all new level with your pretty mani that can impress everyone who gets a glimpse of it.

Design Details : pshiiit

4. Black and Red Plaid Print Nail Tutorial

Black and Red Plaid Print Nail Tutorial

If you are more of a glam and shine person, this classy union of black and red with a touch of glittery gold might make your eyes sparkle just the way you love it. A stunning red backdrop that’s charmed with strips of black, and a golden stripe reflects the spirit of Christmas in the easiest ways ever. Just three nail paints and a striper used creativity can help you put together this magnificently beautiful manicure in just a matter of few minutes. To gain a deeper insight into the materials needed and the steps for achieving these splendid Black and Red Plain Nails for this holiday season, take a look at the below tutorial by Lulus.

Design Details : blog.lulus

5. Christmas Tree Nail Art

Christmas Tree Nail Art

Thinking of X’Mas makes us think of a Christmas tree. In fact, just a plain sight of a nicely decorated Christmas tree brings up a precious smile on our faces. So, why not try a nail art inspired by the same for this year’s celebrations? To enchant your nails, here is a gorgeous tree with a pinch of abstractness painted on a shiny black background. This quick picture tutorial by PShiiit takes you through the simple steps you need to follow to introduce a shiny Christmas tree decorated with little ornaments, gracefully topped with a star right to your fingertips.

Design Details : pshiiit

6. Tutorial : How to Paint Penguin Nails

Tutorial : How to Paint Penguin Nails

This mani steals all the marks when it comes to cuteness, while being an amazing way to dress up your fingertips for the chilly season as penguins are perhaps, the most adorable creatures coming to mind in those days of snowfall. Taking just a handful of supplies, including a tiny paint brush, a dotting tool, along with black, orange and white nail paints, these Penguin Nails are definitely a must-try option for the winters, making Christmas an even more beautiful event. She Who Does Nails shows how to paint Penguin Nails with the help of detailed, easy-to-follow steps and pictures in the below tutorial.

Design Details : shewhodoesnails

7. Christmas Lights Nail Art

Christmas Lights Nail Art

Want to opt for something subtle and elegant to brighten up your nails for Christmas? This minimal yet perfectly festive design to flaunt on your tips is all you need. To make this lovely nail art happen, you’ll need a white base coat, a black nail art pen, red and green polish, and some white acrylic paint. You can pull off these string Lights in bright colors synonymous with Christmas quite easily on your fingertips. With a great step-by-step guide, One Nail To Rule The Mall shows you how to recreate Christmas Lights Nail Art bringing some glow to your holiday look.

Design Details : onenailtorulethemall

8. A Bow Mani


Deciding what to wear for Christmas can’t be complete without finalizing the mani that’s going to add that finishing touch to your complete festive look. And this Bow Mani is just that perfectly pretty element. Since it’s Christmas, a red background is a must. Let’s make it stunning with a golden bow on top with this mani that’s not only exceptionally pretty, but is also a truly easy design to freehand yourself. To back that statement, the below tutorial by Kouture Kiss takes you through the three easy steps it takes to get it all done.

Design Details : kouturekiss

9. Nail Art How-To: Chic Champagne Nails

Nail Art How-To: Chic Champagne Nails

Champagne and celebrations almost go hand in hand, so allow your fingertips to celebrate with this ever successful drink. Charm the tips of the nails with lots of glitter, which elegantly fades toward the cuticles. From tiny air bubbles, that lovely fizz, to large silver bubbles, this mani has got it all, transforming your nails from plain to a mesmerizing mini glass of champagne. In the below guide by Cosmopolitan, nail artist Simcha Whitehill shows you how you can forge these Chic Champagne Nails with the help of detailed steps and pictures.

Design Details : cosmopolitan

10. Sequined Glittery Christmas Nails

Sequined Glittery Christmas Nails

Steal the attention with an exquisite manicure that has got a whole new dimension to it when it comes to getting some gorgeously painted nails, yet doesn’t need any nail art skills or mani tools. Achieved with Kringle All The Way by KBShimmer, this one takes almost no effort to bring an abstract design to your nails having lots of different-sized round silver, red and green sequins of different sizes, along with slightly iridescent micro-glitter. Get inspired by the below guide by Glitter and Nails to recreate your very own versions of Sequined Glittery Christmas Nails.

Design Details : glitterandnails

11. Santa and Rudolph Reindeer Nails

Santa and Rudolph Reindeer Nails

What can be more wonderful than flaunting a Christmas Manicure on your nails that’s inspired by Santa and Rudolph Reindeer, a perfect combination of affection and adorableness. The key to this super cute nail art is a clever and creative use of a dotting tool and a handful of colors associated with the festival. Take a look at this cool inspiration shared by The Crafty Ninja to gain a deeper insight into the supplies you need to collect, as well as witness how amazing these X’Mas nails look when finished, having Santa on one fingertip, while the other has got red-nosed Rudolph with antlers.

Design Details : thecraftyninja

12. Christmas Nails: Have a Holly Jolly Mani

Christmas Nails: Have a Holly Jolly Mani

A Christmas holly and red berries bring all the wishes and goodness to the day. Why not have a holly sit on your fingertips that’s a mani perfect to wear not just at the parties, but also the regular festive days when you are out to work? If you have a steady hand and a little patience, this nail art is truly easy to do. All you need to do is pick your favorite colors, a base coat, a topcoat, a large dotting tool, and a tiny brush for painting the little details to begin with this Holly Jolly Mani explained by Divine Caroline with detailed step-by-step instructions and photographs.

Design Details : divinecaroline

13. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Nails

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Nails

With the day of jingle bells on its way, look forward to doing a fully Christmas inspired nails and decorate your tips with fun colors for the season. Flaunt the adorable red-nosed reindeer, Rudolph and its funky antlers on your tips that are so easy to work out, all by using a few nail paints, dotting tools, a top coat, and a base coat. The best thing about this design is that it can be pulled off by almost anyone, irrespective of their manicure skills. Follow the instructions in the below tutorial from Nothing But A Nail Thing and work out this worth-a-try, charming nail art.

Design Details : nuthinbutanailthing

14. Snowflake Nails

Snowflake Nails

There’s nothing as beautiful as a fresh falling snowflake when it’s X’Mas. These red and white Konad Snowflake Nails are the perfect balance of festive imagery and abstract design, making that snowflake fall on your fingertips. What you need is a base coat, red nail polish, Konad special polish, quick dry top coat, a stamp plate, a stamper, and a scraper. Take a look at this tutorial by Syl and Sam to learn how you can bring the winter essence of Christmas to your tips. You are definitely going to love how it turns out with just a bit of smart stamping and painting.

Design Details : sylandsam

15. Christmas Nail Art Tutorial – Winter Wonderland

Christmas Nail Art Tutorial - Winter Wonderland

Add a little Winter charisma to your nails with a festive Winter Wonderland Mani that has got lots and lots of snow, pretty falling snowflakes, snow covered trees, and a gorgeous gradient sky at the backdrop. The supplies needed are base and top coat, three shades of blue creme polish – dark, medium and light, a white creme polish, a makeup sponge, a dotting tool, and a small nail art brush. Although it’s a bit time-consuming, with the steps shared in the below tutorial by Kayla Shevonne, you can pull of the manicure just like a piece of cake.

Design Details : kaylashevonne

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