26 Awe-Inspiring Christmas Nail Tutorials To Bedazzle The Festival!

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Getting all set for the special, grand Christmas celebrations not only involves putting together lovely decors and treats, but also looking great and attractive enough to send some flashes to all eyes. Let your fingertips do all the talking this X’Mas with some manicures that are totally inspired by Christmas and make the day even more stunning. Here is a collection of 26 Awe-Inspiring and Effortless Christmas Nail Tutorials to help you add that lovely dazzle of the X’Mas essence to your look and make all others wonder over your creativity!

16. Easy Santa Hat Nail Art

As the name suggests, this nail inspiration is going to adorn your tips with bright red Santa hats having an unbeatable cuteness. What’s amazing about this design is that it’s so easy to pull off, even for the real beginners at nail decorating. You just need two shades of nail paint, a dotting tool and some scotch tape. Take a look at the steps explained in this video tutorial by Cutepolish to learn how you can make your very own Santa Hat Mani that will make you win some hearts at this year’s Christmas celebrations with your winsome fingertips.

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17. Matte Christmas Sweater Stiletto Nails

No matter if you could see some fresh snowfall from your window or not, you can easily add some festive vibes to your special day by wearing a warm sweater, but on your fingertips. In this YouTube video tutorial, Dazzle Glam Nails showcases the detailed steps you need to follow to put exquisite Matte Christmas Sweater Stiletto Nails together using readily available nail supplies, including some acrylic powders, acrylic paint, striping tape, thin nail art brush, small dotting tool, a Christmas themed stamping plate, Konad white polish, intense seal, and a matte paint.

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18. Christmas Nails : The Ultimate Guide

Christmas Nails : The Ultimate Guide

Ranging from candy canes to Christmas trees, from the cute reindeer Rudolph to a gingerbread man, from a gentle festive holly to bright ornaments, from a floral wreath to golden Christmas bells, and from Santa snit to shiny snowflakes, this video guide by Cutepolish bundles 10 different nail designs celebrating the spirit of Christmas. Whether you want to get some adorable nails, some glittery fingertips, or a truly gorgeous manicure, you can flaunt one-of-a-kind nails with the most basic tools from your manicurist kit. Try this out for this year’s holiday get-together, and undoubtedly, people will compliment your festive fingers.

Design Details : cutediyprojects

19. Christmas Nails: Matte Snowman

A few nails sporting bright silver glitter on the tips, while one has got a super adorable snowman and the other a charming heart on a white background are worthy of making everyone fall in love with your look. You don’t need to be a connoisseur at nail arts to ace the wonderful designs and do your very own versions of this marvellous manicure. All you need is some nail paints, nail glitter, a dotting tool, a pair of scissors, a tape, a base coat, and a top coat. Check out this video tutorial by Janelle Estep and get going towards crafting your Matte Snowman Christmas Nails.

Design Details : youtube

20. Christmas Nail Art Tutorial – Santa Suit

Christmas Nail Art Tutorial - Santa Suit

Transform your nails from simple to enchanting, and let your fingertips do the talking this holiday season with an astonishing nail design dedicated to Christmas. A great nail art inspiration for all the novices as well as the experts, these Santa Suit nails need just a few supplies – a base coat, a top coat, red creme polish, white creme polish, black creme polish, gold foil polish, some black rhinestones, and a small nail art brush. This Santa’s suit accompanied by a bold black belt, and a golden buckle is worth winning lots of attention and praises.

Design Details : kaylashevonne

21. Christmas Explosion Starts Here!

Christmas Explosion Starts Here

Perhaps, one of the easiest Christmas nail arts you would find for the season, the pudding nails features a delicious pudding topped with white icing, a cute holly and a bright red berry, all set on a neutral background. Some dotting tools, a top coat, a base coat, and a few different shades of nail polish is all you need to bring this Christmas pudding to life. Take a look at the below tutorial by Nuthin But A Nail Thing that takes you through the whole process in just a matter of six easy-to-follow steps.

Design Details : nuthinbutanailthing

22. Christmas Lights Nail Tutorial!

Christmas Lights Nail Tutorial

Colorful lights are nothing new to the Christmas decor. But, how about bringing a twist to this classic concept of decor and turn it into a totally charming work of art sitting on your fingertips with an innovative mani? You will need a glittering base color, a striper, detailer, a flat end brush, and lots of bright colors of acrylic paint to make the gorgeous Christmas lights on your tips. This tutorial by Zoendout explains how you can recreate these Christmas Lights Nails all by yourself with the help of no more than four easy-to-follow steps.

Design Details : zoendout

23. Nail Art How-To: Christmas Cheer

Nail Art How-To: Christmas Cheer

It probably can’t get easier and quicker than this one. Perfect for those who love simplicity and want to keep their nails a low key affair, but with a little touch of glamour, this nail art inspiration paints your nails with a unique combination of green, red, and glittery golden. In the below tutorial by Marie Claire, nail artist Alicia Torello demonstrates how you can achieve this exquisite christmas cheer manicure. As the name suggests, this one is surely going to introduce the festive cheer to your look, that too with utmost simplicity and just a matter of few minutes.

Design Details : marieclaire

24. Christmas Nail Art : Polar Bear Wearing A Scarf

Let’s give some love to the lovable creature of snow, Polar Bear with this amazingly creative nail art design. Adorned on a neutral base, your adorable bear is going to be worth lots of affection, with its little facial features made with a small dotting tool and the scarf it wears round the neck, made with different colors of nail paints. Whether you’re celebrating at home or going for a grand party, your nails will be stealing all the eyes. Move ahead to this tutorial that shows you how you can bring this cute Polar Bear to your tips all by yourself.

Design Details : youtube

25. Easy Winter Wonderland Nails Tutorial

The association of winters with Christmas almost seems to be a unbreakable one. Making the festival even more beautiful, winters are surely worth given a nice tribute with the decor or your festive look. To make that happen, this tutorial by Nails By Jema takes you through doing your very own Winter Wonderland Nails for Christmas and make your fingertips feature lots of snow covered pine trees slowly blending into the horizons with gradually fading shades. This one looks quite complicated, but is actually so easy to put together that you will be tempted to rush for getting it the moment you end up watching the video.

Design Details : youtube

26. Disney Inspired : Frozen Nail Art

Talking of the festive season, one simply cannot forget to make a mention of the epic work of art by Disney, Frozen, that takes us through a whole new world of winter magic. Let’s catch that magic and bring the charm of Frozen to your nails this Christmas with this Disney Inspired Frozen Nail Art explained by SCSnails in this amazing YouTube tutorial, where she demonstrates how you can make Princess Elsa And Anna a part of your manicure. Plus, the glittery snowflakes sported by all the other nails makes the design even more magnificent and mystical.

Design Details : youtube

27. Christmas Sweater Nail Art

Christmas Sweater Nail Art

Taking the first look at this mani, you might find it pretty complicated to recreate that intricate sweater pattern on the nails, but a basic nail stamp makes it oh so effortless. The touch of the lovely winter accessory sported in a combination of red and white gets it all looking truly festive.

Design Details : glitterandnails

28. DIY Santa Hat Nail Art

DIY Santa Hat Nail Art

Wouldn’t a fluffy Santa hat sitting on those little tips add a dose of unbeatable cuteness to your Christmas look. And it only calls for a red nail polish, a white nail paint and a top coat to pull off the design with mini white dots and a triangle.

Design Details : fancyfrugallife

29. Christmas Nail Art With Santa Claus Design

Christmas Nail Art With Santa Claus Design

Nothing can be more adorable than painting Santa himself on your fingertips when it comes to working out an apt and appropriate Christmas nail art. For the rest of then ails, white french tips and the red backdrop go hand in hand with each other, while silver accents work as the cherry on the cake.

Design Details : nail2hair

30. Christmas Baubles Nail Design

Christmas Baubles Nail Design

Why put lots of gorgeous ornaments with glitters and lovely patterns on the Christmas tree alone when you can bring them right to your fingertips instead with this amazing Christmas baubles nail design. Painting a few simple circles and strips on the nails is the key, adorned with a few zigzags and dots.

Design Details : bloglovin

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