20 Christmas Table Settings Making your Meal as Gorgeous as It’s Delicious!

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The most awaited and special part about a Christmas celebration with friends and family is that delectable festive dinner made with love. And a great dinner just can’t be accomplished without a great table setting that goes with the spirit of the occasion. Here are 20 Spectacular Christmas Table Settings to make your delicious meal as gorgeous to look at as it’s awesome to relish.


11. A Winter Holiday Tablescape

A Winter Holiday Tablescape

The sure-shot star element of this tablescape is that centerpiece worked up with evergreen boughs and winterberries. The red towels and white table go hand in hand with the decor colors, while you attach even more fresh greens to a branch, layering evergreen boughs with cedar boughs and winterberries. Pinecones adorn the center of the assembly, adding aroma to the setting with maple scented candles.

DIY Details : poppytalk

12. Contrast Does Its Best

Contrast Does Its Best

It couldn’t get better an exhibition of contrast than this glorious Christmas table setting that celebrates the combination of white and green to the fullest. Everything ranging from the tablecloth, plates, cutlery, napkins, candles and decorative paper cutouts go for bright white, while the much needed element of color is brought by pine boughs placed along the table’s center.

DIY Details : unduetre-ilaria

13. Reindeer-Themed Dining Setting

Reindeer-Themed Dining Setting

Who said that the only association of reindeers with Christmas was to drag Santa’s sleigh to the town? Allow them to step onto your dinner table this season, wrapping the serving plates with lots of love, accompanied with red berry stems and black-white checkered napkins. Placing the elements on the plate, all you need to do is to tie it with a white string or ribbon.

DIY Details : unduetre-ilaria

14. Ornament-Turned-Place Cards

Ornament-Turned-Place Cards

Nothing steals the show as beautifully as the union of black and white. And this idea couples the colors with some music by wrapping an ornament with a paper that comes with a print having musical notes run through it. The ornament also serves the purpose of a cute place card and a mini vase, having some green branches inserted into it, while a name tag in black hangs down gracefully.

DIY Details : unduetre-ilaria

15. Christmas Tablescape

Christmas Tablescape

The best part about this tablescape is that it bids farewell to cloths for the table runner and keeps everything all natural, flaunting the texture of rustic wood with true charm. You have got stunning Christmas dishes in bright red, a lovely Xmas tree candle holder, a centerpiece made by placing a berry garland in circle, adding pinecones and green tree ornaments atop.

DIY Details : takesix

16. Pastels and Metallics

Pastels and Metallics

When everyone else goes for all glam and glitz to get the Christmas decorations done, you celebrate beautiful pastels and some metallics to allow some sparkle to enter into your home. Some sparkly baubles make all the difference here, along with lots of mini trees in silver and golden signifying the spirit of the day. The final touches include textures candles and fir sprigs.

DIY Details : redonline

17. Moody Grey Christmas Table Setting

Moody Grey Christmas Table Setting

Out of the box is the term for this unique tablescape that goes for all greys and dark hues, installing luxurious elements on the table. That grey linen tablecloth deserves a special mention, while the white serving plates and green leafy table runners amplify the appeal even more. There are super tall church-style candles and glass baubles on plates, along with velvet cushions on the seats.

DIY Details : redonline

18. Sparkles and Silvers Take the Cake

Sparkles and Silvers Take the Cake

Excuse a more than glorious Christmas table setting that this one is if it makes the guests totally envy your space and decor! Combine dark grey of wooden textures with loads of white and luxurious silvers to take the cake. The table is decorated with shining star sprinkles and a wreath hangs above, while silver placemats, crackers, vases and tea-lights complete the look.

DIY Details : redonline

19. Minimalism is King

Minimalism is King

Minimalism comes into play yet again, making an impact for those get togethers when you really don’t have any time to get the decorations done. One of the simplest Christmas table settings, this one adds few green sprigs to the cutlery sets for each of the plates, tying them around with a thin black ribbon, while the china dishes are kept white with marble-texture coasters.

DIY Details : cocolapinedesign

20. Scandinavian Christmas Tablescape

Scandinavian Christmas Tablescape

If you are in love with all things Scandinavian and want to go for Less is More, this tablescape is going to win your heart with those Nordic sea plates inspired by the Northern shores, the copper-golden cutlery and that tiny shiny golden wrap that is used to work as the napkin rings. The white napkins and that huge leafy branch for the decor deserves a special mention.

DIY Details : cocolapinedesign

Throwing in a few pinecones to go for the idea of rustic, or decorating the table with lots of colorful, glittery ornaments, each of the Christmas table settings above integrate a dose of love into the making.

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