30 Enchanting Farmhouse Christmas Decoration Ideas Screaming with Festive Joy

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Talk about Christmas decor and everyone out there seems to go for lavish and sparkling decorations that are all about glam and glitz. Simple, rustic, farmhouse-inspired decor ideas come like a breath of fresh air amidst such festive home makeovers and make your Christmas so much more heartwarming. These farmhouse Christmas decoration ideas enchant your home with a dose of simplicity.

16. DIY Mason Jar Lid Christmas Ornaments

DIY Mason Jar Lid Christmas Ornaments

If you are looking for a totally mess-free homemade Xmas tree ornaments projects, these DIY mason jar lid pretties are your one-stop destination. Colored scrapbook paper is installed in the lids that hang with twine and berries.

DIY Details : hometalk

17. Awesome Christmas Sign

Awesome Christmas Sign

Whether you place it above the mantel or simply hang on the wall, a Christmas sign as awesome as this one won’t fail to make a mark. Those sweet brightly-lit trees in different sizes make the sideboard so much more special and glowy.

DIY Details : pin.it

18. Luxurious Farmhouse Christmas Tree

Luxurious Farmhouse Christmas Tree

Enchanting is the word for this luxurious Christmas tree loaded with a spectrum of rustic, farmhouse-inspired ornaments and bright golden lights. Letters spelling Joy and gift boxes wrapped in brown paper complete the look of the installation.

DIY Details : pin.it

19. Christmas on The Front Porch

Christmas on The Front Porch

Keeping things minimalistic is surely not everyone’s cup of tea. And that’s what makes this front porch decor extraordinary. A believe sign, a fresh green wreath and small pine trees dominate the decor, while red berries add color.

DIY Details : littlevintagenest

20. Christmas Mantel Decorating

Christmas Mantel Decorating

What an elegant way to dress up the mantel for Christmas! A paper mache deer head lies in the center of a bright green wreath coupled up with a large red ribbon bow. Candlesticks sit on the table, while berry and bead garlands decorate the fireplace.

DIY Details : themagicbrushinc

21. DIY Snow Globe Jars

DIY Snow Globe Jars

Capture a whole winter scene inside a glass jar, wherein vintage car ornaments form the show-stealers of the assembly. Lots of fake snow fills the bottom of the globes that have got mini trees, pinecones and Xmas ornaments accompanying the cars.

DIY Details : lizmarieblog

22. Cozy Farmhouse Christmas Bedroom

Cozy Farmhouse Christmas Bedroom

Red and white pillows signify Xmas spirit at their best in this festive farmhouse bedroom. Antique elements, such as home-painted nightstands make those bright green twisty wreaths and a Good Night sign even more precious.

DIY Details : lizmarieblog

23. How to Wrap Gifts With Textiles

How to Wrap Gifts With Textiles

Ditch the traditional idea of wrapping Xmas gifts with paper and ribbons, instead employ interesting fabrics and textiles to get the magic going this season. The below guide teaches you how to pull off cheerful plaids of fabric gift wraps.

DIY Details : thekimsixfix

24. Wood Plank Sign

Wood Plank Sign

Synonymous to Vintage, this slatted wood plank looks oh so heartwarming with its distressed natural finish and a painted leafy, berrylicious wreath. Inside the wreath, it sports a phrase ‘Glory to the Newborn King’ in green and red.

DIY Details : t.kirklands

25. Wood Slice Deer Head Silhouette Pallet Art

Wood Slice Deer Head Silhouette Pallet Art

Collage work takes a whole new twist when lots of little wood slices are arranged on a pallet board to bring out a Christmas silhouette art. The slices are glued on the board after tracing the shape of a reindeer head with a pencil.

DIY Details : thekimsixfix

26. Ornaments from Broken Furniture

Ornaments from Broken Furniture

Best out of Waste comes into play yet again with this inspiration shared by The Cottage Market. Loads of broken furniture pieces from the thrift store when painted with vibrant colors and tied to strings work wonders as Xmas tree ornaments.

DIY Details : thecottagemarket

27. White Birch Log Farmhouse Christmas Decor

White Birch Log Farmhouse Christmas Decor

There’s so much you can do with a bunch of white birch logs! Place them inside a wooden crate along with lots of fresh greens and faux berries, assemble them as a large rustic snowflake, or simply stand them in plastic or galvanized buckets.

DIY Details : pin.it

28. DIY Wood Clock Christmas Advent Calendar

DIY Wood Clock Christmas Advent Calendar

Who wouldn’t love a wood clock that doubles up as a Christmas advent calendar with number and snowflake prints. You need board, clock hand, wooden cut pieces, wood glue, nail gun, sander, stain, paint, number cut outs, Mod podge, felt, hot glue, paper pieces and D-ring hook.

DIY Details : thriftyandchic

29. Farmhouse Christmas Village Mantel

Farmhouse Christmas Village Mantel

Create a mini village charmed up with tiny huts and trees atop the mantel, ending up in a breathtakingly beautiful farmhouse Christmas village mantel. Finish the look with pine garlands, a pine tree, and a snow branches wreath.

DIY Details : lizmarieblog

30. DIY Rustic Felt Christmas Trees

DIY Rustic Felt Christmas Trees

Christmas trees that replace natural greens with super cozy felt branches are surely a rare-to-find prettiness. Some wood slice bottoms work as the tree stands, using plant sticks to form the stems of the faux trees.

DIY Details : littlehouseoffour

Each of the aforesaid farmhouse Christmas decoration ideas explain it very well how you can make things look oh so celebration-worthy with a balanced dash of splendour even with the most natural and simple decor elements.

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