30 DIY Christmas Wall Decor Ideas Adding Holiday Cheers to Your Home’s Walls!

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The most wonderful time of the year is here, and sprucing up the home with decorations, festive signs and Christmas cheers is all in! And what can be better than making the walls of the house itself greet a Merry Christmas to the friends and family? Here are 30 DIY Christmas wall decor ideas adding holiday charm to your home’s walls!  

Best 30 DIY Christmas Wall Decor Ideas

DIY Christmas Wall Decor Ideas Adding Holiday Cheers to Your Home’s Walls!

1. Wreath Wall Decor

Wreath Wall Decor

Turn festive wreaths into a fabulous wall art by working up an installation of 5 different-sized wreaths on a natural tree branch hooked onto the wall. Hang the wreaths using white ribbons and the rustic, Scandinavian decor comes to life with effortlessness.

DIY Details : 101recycledcrafts

2. Christmas Entryway Gallery Wall

Christmas Entryway Gallery Wall

This entryway wall has got just about everything that signifies Christmas! Right from snow globes made of mason jars, beautiful mini Xmas trees, wall signs saying ‘Merry Christmas‘, a luscious green wreath and berry branch vase, it has you covered.

DIY Details : littlehouseoffour

3. Christmas Tree Array

Christmas Tree Array

Dress up a whole wall or a focal point section of the room with a super cute array of Christmas trees adhered to the wall. You can go for paper cutouts in a monochrome theme or put the trees together in a vivid color scheme.

DIY Details : 45walldesign.blogspot

4. Gifts on the Wall

Gifts on the Wall

Are paintings and canvases the only things supposed to be hanging on the wall? These glorious gift wraps adorned with large green ribbon bows are here to make a difference, wrapping old paintings in colored paper.

DIY Details : prettyjoys.blogspot

5. Pottery Barn Inspired Noel Sign

Pottery Barn Inspired Noel Sign

What’s even better than a wall installation packed with style? It’s an installation that combines style with meaning – exactly like this Noel sign inspired by pottery barn made out of MDF letters from Michael’s.

DIY Details : homestoriesatoz

6. Rustic White Wooden Christmas Tree Signs

Rustic White Wooden Christmas Tree Signs

Hanging on the wall with brass-plated tooth hangers at the back, these Christmas tree signs sport hand-painted trees on gorgeous wooden boards. The signs come with a walnut stain, adding golden glitter on two.

DIY Details : etsy

7. Festive Foam Boards

Festive Foam Boards

A printed fabric that goes with the theme of the occasion can be disguised into an ubercool wall decoration in a jiffy. You are going to need some holiday fabric, a piece of foam board, a raffia or string, glue gun and glue sticks.

DIY Details : pensandneedles-by-amy.blogspot

8. Plaid Christmas Wall Decor

Plaid Christmas Wall Decor

Flat ornaments adhere to the wall with so much ease, taking the cake with a lovely snowflake shape. The other special elements about this decor is those two wreaths placed on either sides of a winter sign.

DIY Details : fourgenerationsoneroof

9. Spread the Joy

Spread the Joy

Joy signs are nothing new to Christmas, but a huge wooden board holding the letters of ‘JOY’ with a gloriously rich, bright green wreath replacing the O in the word is surely going to make this one standout.

DIY Details : diyshacks

10. Joy Letters

Joy Letters

This Joy sign creates the illusion of a group of three letters wearing the most delicate and luxurious kinda jewelry to combine elegance with festive. The wooden letters are decorated with pearl bead garlands.

DIY Details : bloominghomestead

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