10 Simple Yet Awesome DIY Photography Gifts That Are No Less Than Magic!

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The festive season often lefts you with a huge list of gifts to purchase for the special ones, but we couldn't agree more to the fact that turning your favorite photographs into personalized gifts can outshadow just about any pre-made present. And that's why these 10 simple yet awesome DIY Photography Gifts by Cooph deserve a mention!

10 Simple Yet Awesome DIY Photography Gifts That Are No Less Than Magic!

The first project shared in this wonderful video is a DIY Photo Rubik’s cube, wherein lovely photographs replace the traditional color coded sides of the cube. Simply cut the pictures into smaller squares and glue them to a rubix cube, applying a final layer of glue on top and voila!

Turn the most special memories into a gorgeous display with a hanging-photo installation made in a large old photo frame. Fix horizontal strings in the frame, hanging up the images using clothespins and the frame is wall-ready.

Items as simple as wood logs and slices form the most unique photo holders. All you need to do is cut them into different shapes and saw lines into the wood, sliding your images into place. Another awesome inspiration shared by COOPH is DIY photo bookmarks for a friend who loves reading. Once you laminate the photos and cut them out, attach them to a string and the bookmark comes to life!

10 Simple DIY Photography Gifts (Perfect for Christmas)

(Video and pictures via COOPH)

It surely can’t get any easier than a photo frame that’s made with some colorful lolly sticks glued together into a square-shape, installing the picture at the back of the frame, making it all set for a table top decor. On the other hand, a picture ladder showcases a bunch of photos on the wall with a dash of style. Adhere the pictures on colored cardstock paper and connect them in your desired order using pins, lastly, hanging them using a string.

You are going to fall in love with a photo-loaded idea that spruces up the kitchen with some not-to-forget-worthy moments. Fridge magnets sporting photographs call for nothing more than printing the pictures on thick card, cutting them out in interesting shapes and placing magnets at the back. Color the edges and install the pretties on the refrigerator.

You have got a photo wheel making a true statement when it displays your pictures with an industrial, chic appeal. Grab an old bike wheel, further coating it with your choice of spray paint, pegging images to the spokes of the wheel and hanging it on the wall. Adorn it with your choice of colors by coating it with spray paints.

As if the above mentioned ideas weren’t magical enough, the video also teaches you to make a glorious candle holder at home that will enlighten a photograph installed on the holder with utmost grace when you place a candle inside. Plus, Cooph also cracks the code to building Infinity Photos all by yourself, creating that illusion of never-ending series of pictures captured in one single frame.

Work up them all or choose a few that inspired you the most, making this festive gifting season a sureshot memorable one!

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