Crafting Roly-Poly Santa at Home Doesn’t Call for Waiting for a Christmas Miracle Anymore!

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Making everyone have their share of faith on magic in the present world too, Santa is perhaps, the most mystical thing about the whole Christmas season. And we all somewhere have little corners of our hearts waiting for Santa to pay us a visit on the occasion of Xmas, specially the kiddos. And this little craftastic project building little roly-poly Santa from the very scratch is going to do just that.

DIY Roly-Poly Santa Claus

With his huge white beard and the joy filled Ho Ho Ho, Santa seems to be so heartwarming and the idea that he brings Christmas gifts for all makes our 25th December a day to wait for. No matter if real Santa steps in or not, bringing him to your home doesn’t call for waiting for a miracle to happen as long as you let your creative juices flowing.

In this YouTube video, Creative Mom builds a winsome roly-poly Santa all at home, and the best part – it costs surprisingly budget-friendly of a deal for the stunning end results it yields.

Just a handful of magical supplies and craft tools is all you need to work up this ultra-adorable Santa-inspired piece. You need to gather a good modelling clay, preferably Das modelling material, a tin foil, some watercolors, bright acrylic paints, a hot glue gun, a ball, a fruit carving knife, and a plastic bottle.

Why wait to get your hands on this insanely awesome yet easy to follow tutorial by Creative Mom wherein she teaches you to make the roly-poly Santa Claus for your home decor this Christmas season, or simply present it as a gift to your friends and family.

DIY Roly-Poly Santa Claus

(Video and pictures via Kreatív Anya )

To begin with the process, you need to tape a huge ball to a scotch tape roll, further bringing out the basic shape of Santa’s beard and hands by taping some tin foil to the ball. Everything needs now to be covered with a sufficiently thick coat of paper clay and allowed to dry. Once dry, simply deflate the ball and pull it out of the clay structure. Also, take out the pieces of tin foil that were used, so that the final piece is as light as it can be.

The interesting part is to work up Santa’s head and his cute little features, including the nose, that thick moustache and that pointy magical hat. To get this done, you are going to use some more tin foil and a plastic bottle that’ll form the head.

While you allow the head covered with paper clay to dry, model Santa’s eyes. moustache, nose and cheeks after adding a few stones at the bottom to add weight, making the structure stand up right. This will also bring out a fun effect when you push it and it balances itself, creating an impression of Santa bouncing back to his original upright position.

Get those inner artists hidden inside out and add splashes of paint!! Shiny-looking acrylics and watercolors are going to come handy to achieve a fine paint job on the structure, but ofcourse, you can always go for your choice of paints to get it done. The key is to begin with base colors, further adding details and shades using watercolors. Use acrylic paints and different paintbrush sizes for the bright sides of the piece and to bring out the effect of natural light.

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