42 Stunning Christmas Table Decorations Making Your Celebrations A Treat To Remember!

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Preparing things for that grand Christmas dinner with friends and family? Nothing can match that joy of accomplishment when you’re able to create something and appreciate your own handy work and scream, "I Have Made That". Well, that’s what will be going down when you discover these super easy and utterly beautiful inspirations and tutorials for putting together gorgeous table settings and centerpieces for the holiday gatherings all by yourself. Take a look at the below 42 Breathtakingly Stunning DIY Christmas Table Decorations To Make Your Festive Celebrations A Treat To Remember.

40+ Stunning Christmas Table Decorations Making Your Celebrations A Treat To Remember!

1. How To : Make Modern Perforated Tabletop Christmas Trees

How To : Make Modern Perforated Tabletop Christmas Trees

Enchant your Christmas dinner table with these pieces of decoration that form a whole forest of DIY Christmas Trees when assembled together. A little bit of drilling and spray painting of Papier-mache cones can work wonders when it comes to transforming them into miniature Christmas Trees glowing with holiday cheer, when fitted with bright LED lights. What’s great is that it doesn’t take more than a dollar to bring each piece to life. All you need is some Papier-mache cones, an electric drill, some assorted drill bits, fine-grit sandpaper, a rotary tool, a grinding bit, and a matte white spray paint.

DIY Details : curbly

2. DIY Neon Pine Cone Place Card Holder

DIY Neon Pine Cone Place Card Holder

Here is a superb way of adding a contemporary touch to your Christmas treat table and letting the members know their respective seats in the most beautiful manner ever, that too in the light of X’Mas. A lovely pine cone painted with touches of a gorgeous neon pink shade, gracefully holding the place cards for everyone is worthy enough of winning their hearts. The needed supplies for working out a DIY Neon Pine Cone Place Card Holder within minutes is a pine cone, a paint brush, some acrylic paint, and a paper plate. Gain a better insight into the instructions for making your very own place card holders almost effortlessly at the below tutorial by Camille Styles.

DIY Details : camillestyles

3. Faux Mercury Glass Vases

Faux Mercury Glass Vases

What if you could get those expensive, but utterly pretty mercury glass vases costing heaps of dollars for just a deal of a handful of bucks? This Christmas, transform all that old glassware lying around the house into your very own homemade Faux Mercury Glass Vases holding gorgeous flowers, ideal for becoming a significant element of your Christmas table decorations. All you need is Krylon looking glass mirror-like paint spray, a spray bottle, a mixture of white Vinegar and water, some paper towels, a drop cloth, a respirator mask, a pair of gloves, and of course, lots of discarded glassware to get going with whipping up your very own Glass Vases.

DIY Details : thepapermama

4. Ombre Dip Dyed Napkins

Ombre Dip Dyed Napkins

So easy to create even the night before your festive season party, and making your table settings look truly charming, these napkins are just about some color and some dipping, while being perfectly reusable. You need to gather some white linen napkins, fabric dye, a bucket, a bowl, and a sheet of white paper. It won’t take you more than an hour and just a matter of three dollars to put these Ombre Dip Dyed Napkins, following the easy-to-follow instructions explained in the below tutorial by Confetti Pop. Even if you are not that creatively inclined, this DIY is just a piece of cake for you. Sporting subtle colors blending into each other, these napkins are going to bring a glow into your eyes.

DIY Details : confettipop

5. Christmas Dining Table Decoration Cheap and Easy

Christmas Dining Table Decoration Cheap and Easy

Make your guests indulge in the Christmas spirit the moment they enter the dining hall with this incredible idea that is worthy enough of taking your special day dinner to new heights of beauty. The key is just a little innovative and creative use and placement of a few wine glasses, some bright colorful candles and some twigs. Interior Designing Blog takes you through this amazingly cheap and easy christmas table decoration in the great guide below. As the name suggests, with that long list of decorations and preparations, you don’t need to devote a lot of time and loads of dollars to pull off this lovely inspiration for real.

DIY Details : interiordesigningblog

6. Candle Lit Wineglasses Christmas Table Decorations

Candle Lit Wineglasses Christmas Table Decorations

Welcome Christmas to your dining space this year in the most magical ways ever with these inverted wineglasses on the dinner table assembled in a gorgeous manner with lots of bright, colorful ornaments sitting inside, while some lovely lit candles rest on the top, flaunting their subtle glow all around, ideal for a perfect Christmas candle light dinner. What’s amazing is that putting this decor together doesn’t require any crafting at all, instead, it’s all about some clever arrangement. These quick Christmas centerpieces coming to life in just a few steps are going to be a sight to wonder and please all your loved ones this holiday season.

DIY Details : buzzfeed

7. Vintage Themed Christmas Table Centerpiece

Vintage Themed Christmas Table Centerpiece

Not only it is quite memorable to get a vintage themed Christmas decoration for your home, but is also something that saves those huge bucks spent on store-bought stuff. Being extremely unique, elegant and stylish, all at the same time, this gorgeous dining table centerpiece is a mix-and-match combination of a spectrum of your old and new decors. While the mercury glass balls give it a little touch of sparkle, the natural pine cones add a little bit more to the overall vintage look of the decor, just by using a wooden dough bowl and a bit of clever assembling. Take a look at the below pin and get inspired to reflect your creativity with this Vintage Themed Christmas Table Centerpiece with mercury glass balls.

DIY Details : pinterest

8. Fresh and Glowing Centerpieces

Fresh and Glowing Centerpieces

Built using some super fresh elements like cranberries and freshly cut branches of juniper from your yard or the grocery store, this centerpiece is surely going to turn your favorite element of all the Christmas decorations. Mason jars filled with Epsom Salt as the bottom layer, and topped with the berries look simply stunning and festive when lined up in a row, coupled with smaller jars holding Epsom Salt and candles. Some little elements like twine wrapped napkins and Santa themed plates enhance the overall charm of the decor. So, this one os perfect to get a little bit of rustic, a little classic, and a little bit of glamour to your home.

DIY Details : yellowblissroad

9. Five Dollar Holiday Centerpieces

Five Dollar Holiday Centerpieces

Here’s a perfect Holiday Centerpiece for the last minute procrastinators, that too with the total price of supplies coming no more than dollar five per arrangement. The whole pieces give an aura of peace and serenity. arrangements go, it doesn’t get much easier than this. filling the vases with cranberries and adding water to keep them fresh. In the below guide by Ocean Front Shack, explains in great detail how they created these winsome Five Dollar Holiday Centerpieces for their Christmas table decorations with utmost effortlessness, giving their tabletop something truly appealing and soothing to the eyes.

DIY Details : oceanfrontshack

10. Glass Jar : Easy Holiday Centerpiece

Glass Jar : Easy Holiday Centerpiece

Creating a charming focal point in your dining room for a memorable Christmas dinner, this centerpiece is a great blend of elegant and glamour. A variety of decor elements all stuffed together in a huge glass jar can look simply stunning when placed on the table without putting things at a risk of getting overdone. With the help of a great video tutorial, Bon Bon Rose Girls explains how you can make your very own Christmas Centerpiece using a glass jar, pine cones, some bright ornaments, and a few shiny ornament bunches in just a matter of few easy-to-follow steps, without the need of being a connoisseur at crafts or decoration projects.

DIY Details : bonbonrosegirls

11. White and Gold Holiday Party

White and Gold Holiday Party

If you are all about glam, glitter and shimmer for your festive season decor, this White and Gold Holiday party is surely your cup of tea. The gold sequin place mats, gold little pumpkins, cute turkey place cards, pine cones, mini trees, and baby deer combined with a delicious arrangement of desserts and festive dishes, is surely something that can make a get together an event to be remembered for years to come. Take a look at these amazing Christmas table decoration ideas shared by Inspired By This that are actually very inspiring when it comes to building a sparkly bright dinner table with surprising simplicity at a shoestring budget.

DIY Details : inspiredbythis

12. Rustically Wintertime Christmas Tablescape

Rustically Wintertime Christmas Tablescape

Taking a glimpse at how fanciable these Christmas table centerpieces at this year’s celebrations turn out to be, your festive guests wouldn’t be waiting to head towards the dining table ! Nothing can beat the essence of winter being reflected by a homemade creation as Christmas is all about winters, snow and coziness. To introduce that festive warmth to your table, this wintery tablescape works just like magic with a rustic and cozy feel that is enhanced even more with little snow-covered accents and a few pinecones and candles that are placed in a beautiful manner to complete the centerpiece.

DIY Details : homedit

13. Bright Party Time Christmas Tablescape

Bright Party Time Christmas Tablescape

No matter if it’s the kids, the young or the old, a bright party scheme is loved by all when the Christmas season strikes the door. Blending some style with beauty, this amazing Christmas Tablescape celebrates the day with a bright color scheme of aqua blue and cherry reds. Whether it’s the party poppers, the little place cards sporting the photographs of the dinner table members, the glasses housing a bold ornament each, or simply the napkins, everything about these Christmas table decorations flaunts this lovingly bright combination of colors, as showcased beautifully by this inspiration shared by Homed It.

DIY Details : homedit

14. Modern And Youthful Christmas Table Centerpieces

Modern And Youthful Christmas Table Centerpieces

To let yourself and your visitors enjoy the charm of the festival, add a bit of that Santa element to your Christmas table decorations this year by constructing this Modern and Youthful Centerpiece that sits in the middle of the table in the most adorable manner. All you need to collect is some yummy candy canes, some Santa hats, a few glasses, and some cotton to bring this amazing tablescape to life. Just by looking at this inspiration by Homed It, you won’t even feel the need to get any instructions to pull off this chic and sleek centerpiece, that’s also a great dessert all your loved ones can cherish after the dinner.

DIY Details : homedit

15. Family And Adventure Christmas Tablescape

Family And Adventure Christmas Tablescape

How about building a Christmas tablescape that’s also a fun-filled, edible treat for the whole family and friends? These gingerbread houses adorning every single place setting are not only a wonderful sight to watch, but equally sumptuous to taste. Everyone can enjoy this homemade decor snack while they wait for the dinner, or simply when they are done with a delicious X’Mas dining experience. Homed It takes you through this absolute adorable one of all the Christmas table decoration ideas in the below inspiration as a truly easy, simple and unique way to decorate your party table for the big day.

DIY Details : homedit

16. DIY Glass Vase Reindeer Centerpiece

DIY Glass Vase Reindeer Centerpiece

Love to keep things subtle yet fresh for your holiday table settings? Allow this DIY Glass Vase Reindeer Centerpiece to introduce that element of minimalism and rustic to X’Mas, all with the help of a handful of supplies, including a vase, artificial snow, some manzanita branches, wet floral foam brick, natural jute cord, a red jingle bell and LED lights. Inexpensive and exceptionally easy to create, this one takes no more than half an hour, while not requiring you to be an expert at art and crafts. Everyday dishes explains how you can spiffy up your Christmas table decorations with this Reindeer Centerpiece in just eight simple steps.

DIY Details : everydaydishes

17. “Kiss”-mas Tree Centerpieces

“Kiss”-mas Tree Centerpieces

Create a cute little edible Christmas tree flaunting bright shades of red, white and green, that are actually nothing but lots of Hershey’s Kisses Chocolates. These homemade trees, perfect to make with the kids, can heighten the festive charm of your dinner table, impressing everyone at the celebration. All you need for this quick and easy project are some cone-shaped pieces of foam, bags of Hershey’s Kisses Chocolates, some toothpicks, and a cute tree topper. Head to the below tutorial to gain an insight into the whole process of working out these lovely Kiss-Mas Tree Centerpieces with the help of easy-to-follow steps.

DIY Details : kitchenmeetsgirl

18. Decorating For the Holidays On A Budget

Decorating For the Holidays On A Budget

Costing you a fraction of the expensive Christmas table centerpieces available out there, these DIY beauties are going to astonish you of what they end up looking like. Mystical glass vases housing lots of glittery Christmas ornaments, and decorated with a bright red ribbon look simply stunning sprucing up your dinner table settings for the festival get together. One of those Christmas ideas that’s perfect to be pulled off even in the last-minute, this one can never fail to make your party a smash hit with all its color and grace, as showcased in the below guide by Frugal Wife Wealthy Life.

DIY Details : frugalwifewealthylife

19. Holiday Table Centerpiece

Holiday Table Centerpiece

Decking your Christmas dinner table with a huge, rustic log of wood, adorned with bunches of berries, lots of pinecones, fresh greenery, and branches this Centerpiece makes sure Santa knows you are celebrating his day at its best. While the bright decorative ornaments charm this centerpiece, the inserted tea lights add that final touch of glow to your dinner table. Jenna Burger show you how she made this lovely vintage-inspired Holiday Table Centerpiece in just a few simple steps, making it all set to increase the appeal of all those tempting festive goodies you serve for the party.

DIY Details : jennaburger

20. Sleigh Ride Centerpiece

Sleigh Ride Centerpiece

No matter what you plan to use as the centerpiece for your Christmas table decoration ideas, elevating your creation with an adorable Vintage Sled that’s topped with colorful ornaments, greenery and a variety of cloches truly makes it work as a great reflection of the spirit of X’Mas. Take a look at this quick inspiration shared by BHG that explains how amazing things can look when they are coupled with a lovely sleigh ride. After all, who isn’t reminded of their childhood festival games they played to cherish the winter season during the festive holidays when they get a glimpse of a sled?

DIY Details : bhg

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