25 Incredibly Easy & Awesome Knitting Projects

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Needless to mention, knitting is an absolute art that reflects your creative mind. Knitting is not that hard as it seems to be and with a bit of practice, you can also prepare beautiful knitting patterns so easily.

Whether you want to spend your leisure time in a more creative way, or you simply want to learn brilliant knitting patterns or even you’re an experienced knitter who just needs some magnificent knitting designs, then these “25 knitting projects” will be just apt for you.

The best part is – the entire project (25 knitting projects) is an excellent collection of a myriad of incredibly beautiful knitting designs. Also, the project is equally handy for both knitting newbies and knitting experts.

25 Incredibly Easy & Awesome Knitting Projects

1. Puff Daddy

Puff Daddy

Puff is the Norwegian word for stool. This is a simple pattern for one kind of knitted stool that has much thinner yarn. The overall cost is too cheap and affordable. You can try this at your home and your kids will be pleased with this amazing knitting craft.

DIY Details : pickles

2. Malabrigo weave scarf

Malabrigo weave scarf

If you want to knit a perfect and beautiful scarf (for this upcoming winter), you can now follow this tutorial in order to weave a sumptuous scarf that goes perfectly well with your winter apparel.

DIY Details : coco-knits

3. Knitted Baby Bow Hat

Knitted Baby Bow Hat

This knitting project modifies a simple hat pattern while giving it a cute and pretty look. This one is just perfect for any 0-3 months old infant. Also, you can apply your own creative knitting patterns to give it more classy and exquisite look.

DIY Details : twentysomethinggranny

4. Bitty Baby Booties

Bitty Baby Booties

If you want to celebrate a baby shower or you simply wish to welcome an expectant baby in a more grand and creative way – then this knitting project will be ideal for you. The tiny baby booties seem to be an appropriate congrats gift for any expectant mother. Plus, it’s a super quick & easy project.

DIY Details : smallfriendly

5. DIY Knit Pumpkins

DIY Knit Pumpkins

If you’re actively looking for some super quick & easy knitting projects, then look no further. You can now follow this in-depth tutorial in order to knit these beautiful artificial pumpkins which will be an incredibly attractive addition to your decor.

DIY Details : livedan330

6. Knitted Chevron Blanket

Knitted Chevron Blanket

Use some colorful yarns and prepare this beautiful chevron blanket for your baby. The entire project doesn’t take much time to complete. Follow this tutorial for more details.

DIY Details : madeeveryday

7. Toft Alpaca Beehive Hats

Toft Alpaca Beehive Hats

TOFT is a British Alpaca wool company who sells a myriad of beautiful ready-made knitted products. This “Toft Alpaca Beehive Hat” is perfectly gorgeous and goes pretty well with any urban outfits.

DIY Details : thenewcrafthouse

8. Knitted Coasters

Knitted Coasters

If you are just looking for some decent handmade gift ideas with a minimal budget, then try this knitting project at your home. This project will also help you to brush up your sewing skills.

DIY Details : evermine

9. Knit Coffee and Tea Cozies

Knit Coffee and Tea Cozies

If you are a knitting newbie, then this knitting project will be just apt for you. Follow this incredibly easy tutorial and prepare these colorful knitted items for your home.

DIY Details : centsationalgirl

10. Beautiful knitted Scarf

Beautiful knitted Scarf

Knitting projects are great gift options. Aren’t they? Are you looking for an easy knitting project to prepare gifts for your near and dear ones? Try this project and knit these attractive knitted scarfs for this festive winter.

DIY Details : inspirednest

11. A Perfectly Knitted Pattern

A Perfectly Knitted Pattern

This knitting project will help you to craft a fashionable accessory that goes well with your winter apparels. If you don’t believe, simply follow this tutorial. It won’t take much time to complete.

DIY Details : craftsnob

12. A Basic Blanket

Follow this tutorial in order to create a super simple and super cozy blanket from knitted squares. The entire project isn’t that costly too.

DIY Details : woolandthegang

13. Little Lamb Hat

Little Lamb Hat

Knit a sweet and cute little lamb hat with great yet colorful texture following this knitting pattern! The hat really has a dense and incredibly soft texture which will be both nice and warm for your little baby.

DIY Details : littleredwindow

14. Chunky Arm Blanket Pattern

Chunky Arm Blanket Pattern

This is another fabulous knitting project – “Chunky Arm Blanket Pattern”. There is also a huge bonus; this knitting project takes only 2 hours to make!

DIY Details : flaxandtwine

15. Cocoon Hanging Seat Pattern

Cocoon Hanging Seat Pattern

This is a completely unique knitting project which you can try to make during this upcoming winter or in your leisure time. This Cocoon Hanging Seat is around 28-inch wide and it has a height of 82-inch. Plus, its length is also extendable with added knitted loops.

DIY Details : craftpassion

16. Giant Arm Knit Bunny

Giant Arm Knit Bunny

This stunning and oversized bunny is a beautiful knitting project. The best part is this bunny can be prepared within a matter of few hours, simply by knitting it on your arms.

DIY Details : sweetpaulmag

17. Knitted cactus

Knitted cactus

This wonderful wooly cactus will last even much longer than the real ones – and they are perfectly prickle-free. Try this tutorial today!

DIY Details : theyarnloop

18. Popcorn baby blanket

Popcorn baby blanket

Do you love knitting baby blankets? In general, these knitting projects are easy and simple knitting patterns. Also, it’s fun to watch them develop as you continually knit up the entire blanket. Check the tutorial below for detailed steps.

DIY Details : peacebutnotquiet

19. Snowflake blanket

Snowflake blanket

If you are looking for another easy and quick knitting project, then look no further. This knitting pattern is simple and it has a little style as well. Follow the in-depth guidelines below.

DIY Details : peacebutnotquiet

20. Posy Hat

Posy Hat

This posy hat is an excellent example of perfect knitting art. It’s simple, pretty, cute, girly, and nice. Also, this knitting project allows you to add your own knitting style and make a subtle posy hat.

DIY Details : peacebutnotquiet

21. Knitted Hobo Bag

Knitted Hobo Bag

Ever wondered to knit a perfect hobo bag from scratch? Well, this tutorial will help you to prepare a stunningly beautiful hobo bag with minimal supplies and tools.

DIY Details : joann

22. Pretty Kitty Cat Hat

Pretty Kitty Cat Hat

Knit an adorable and lovely “Pretty Kitty Cat Hat” for your little baby with this easy knitting pattern! For more details, check the tutorial carefully.

DIY Details : littleredwindow

23. Baby Snuggle Wrap

Baby Snuggle Wrap

Baby things are always a pleasure to knit. This knitting project is also not an exceptional. This can be a deliciously satisfying knitting project, especially if you have a little one on the way.

DIY Details : stitchmesoftly

24. Knitted Teddy Bear

Knitted Teddy Bear

This is a quick & easy knitting project which is pretty suitable for beginners. Each part of this cute knitted bear needs to be made separately. Then, the different parts are sewn together and properly stuffed.

DIY Details : theknittingspace

25. Shoulder Cozy for Mom

Shoulder Cozy for Mom

Do you want to knit a perfect shoulder warming cozy? This tutorial will help you to easily knit a shoulder cozy. In fact, this knitted item is a season-spanning style that is eye-catching and well comfortable to wear.

DIY Details : redheart

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