25+ Lovely DIY Valentine’s Day Cards and Gifts

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February 14 is a very important day on the Love Calendar’. This is the special day designated for loved ones to mark their continuing affection, and there is no better way of doing this than gracing the occasion with arty handmade valentine cards. Here are some of the best ideas on Valentine’s Day Cards:

25+ Lovely DIY Valentine’s Day Cards and Gifts

1. Printable Butterfly Valentine

Printable Butterfly Valentine

If you are looking for some quick and easy design for the idealist valentine card, Printable Butterfly Valentine is the way to go. What you do is download the Butterfly Valentine, print it on a textured or colored card, cut out using a pair of scissors, add some decorations such as glitter, and insert sucker and wiggly eyes; now you have your butterfly.

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2. 14 Days of Valentine

14 Days of Valentine

Give your loved one 14 days of valentine through 14 simple folded cards, labeled starting from, February 1, 2, 3,… ending on the V-Day’, February 14. You can write about what you love about that person, or choose to write a memorable moment that you both shared.

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3. Valentine Candy Box

Valentine Candy Box

Spare 25 minutes of your time and come up with a special gift for your Valentine. A pair of scissors, sponge brush, glue, bone folder, patterned paper, mini pom poms, ink, stamps and a box, are the inexpensive supplies you need to achieve the sweet Valentine Candy Box.

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4. DIY Message-In Bottle

DIY Message-In Bottle

I couldn’t think of anything more romantic than the thought of my man finding a message in a bottle, not a random one via sea but a romantic love note directly from me. The process is effortless but the impression more than anything you could ever imagine.

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5. Spool of Love

Spool of Love

Give your man, friend or colleague a Spool of Love and discover the remarkable influence that the coils have. You can come up with a few lovely patterned papers and turn them into spools, each possessing a little message of love – even the little things matter in life.

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6. DIY Date Idea Arrows

DIY Date Idea Arrows

Date Idea Arrows are not the usual arrows you would find at a hunting ground. Instead, they are arrows used to hunt for love, and trust me they don’t disappoint. You don’t require the skills of Pablo Picasso to craft the arrows, all you need is great motivation, some supplies, which may be lying in your house, and you are good to go.

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7. DIY Valentine Stamps W/ Printable

DIY Valentine Stamps W/ Printable

Stamp your love to your man’s heart by learning and creating these simple valentine stamps. The requirements are; pen or pencil, a pair of scissors, wood blocks, wood glue, craft foam sheets, and printable designs.

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8. Origami Heart Cards

Origami Heart Cards

Ever wondered of the sweetest way to express your solid love this Valentine’s? Origami Heart Cards are not only sweet but also very easy to design, and the fact that it brings two hearts together makes it a darling to many.

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9. Handmade Valentine Play-Doh

Handmade Valentine Play-Doh

Valentine Play-Doh is quite fascinating if you offer it to your spouse, friend or family. All you need to do is download the fun printable files, print them, and cut out the circle from each card. This is what you’ll use to come up with an inspiring Valentine’s Day cards.

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10. A Red Hot Valentine

A Red Hot Valentine

Keep the fire burning until it is a Red Hot Valentine. This is a very simple treat perfect for lovebirds. The materials are easy to get since all you need is; red hots, chalk, match boxes, and chalkboard paint.

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11. Free Printable Heads-or-Tails Valentine’s


Printable Valentine designs are super simple! Provided you have an internet connection, you can download these printable designs. You will also have to get hold of card stock paper, coins, glue, scissors and a small cellophane bag.

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12. Secret Message in Bottle Valentine

Secret Message in Bottle Valentine

If by any chance you are looking for the most delightful Valentine’s token, take a time travel to the 18th century by owning the rare chance of crafting the straight-forward vintage Secret Message Bottle.

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13. Valentine Envelope

Valentine Envelope

The Valentine Envelop is a trouble-free project and the best part is that you can customize your own designs. Materials are cheap and each envelope will probably take you less than 10 minutes to complete.

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